Types Of People In The Salon

I want a haircut do you want a skinny Italian Studies of the jr. salad of course being here I’ll Katie decide to be $88 Sally I want Sally oh okay now it’ll be $68 maybe junior salaries oh yeah give chance to people to Roma talk about the girl well junior how is this okay miss key remove effect okay so today.

we’d want to this line up sorry this let’s yeah okay Kim okay Kim key remove your connection today we want Street or your uncle ah sorry in place she um straight up Austria can you remove a sec you know yeah okay um there’s no you can just be like me the magazine ah huh okay again we hope to put a wife on me oh yeah so slim as usual oh wait anyway what do you want I got mocha cappuccino or green tea I remember you like green tea ok .

I’ll be finger green tea just relax ok we come me often okay so you just know that customer damn have a vision or what no camera no dream oppa let is how we urged you why history Bubba man slow what we wanted a no color no firm decision oh good choice I want to dye my hair brown cut fries brown no for you fringe maybe got it then how customer take photo you will sirs know hey so dry very very very dry.

I’ve never seen such damage high before you know hey so dry it BA home because cheap mud is for your hair like this one we got a good one and we got a cheap one now your head check one [Music] whatever thought you won also can lie show me I want to look like her nonsense sometimes about the face are not so much about the hair okay wash the cult’s very nice yeah very thank you yeah thank you all the calls oh okay how are you Benna say over this video is sponsored by open your world and just in case you get on original you can now in some cash all you can start by filling out the surveys with the link in the description box below and I’m often some cash you guys a quick one banana showing what showing up sure lots of short lot

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