Fenugreek for Thicker Hair Growth | Simple DIY Hair Growth Oil

Hey loves today, I’m sharing another simple DIY video on how I use fenugreek to grow my hair in this video. I show you how I make and use my fenugreek growth oils, so if you’re interested keep watching, but first, please don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and share, because it really helps me out.

Alright, let’s jump into this video, so first we’re gon na start with 2/3. A cup of fenugreek seeds because fenugreek seeds are the stars of this, show they help with promoting hair growth. So that’s what I’m doing here. The next thing that I’m gon na do is I’m gon na add 3/4 a cup of extra virgin olive oil because it helps penetrate the hair shaft to seal in moisture. It stimulates growth and it blocks DHT, which causes hair loss.

Next, I’m gon na add 1/3. A cup of sweet almond oil, because my hair loves this stuff. It really helps soft in my hair and it helps with sealing in all the moisture. Next, I’m gon na add 1/3 a cup of Jamaican black, castor oil because it helps with thickening your hair and it also promotes hair growth.

Next, I’m adding some pure vitamin E oil because it stimulates capillary growth, which supports hair growth and boost your hair elasticity and shine. Last but not least, I’ll be adding some peppermint oil to this mix, which stimulates your hair follicles results in in healthy new hair growth.

Okay, so I’m gon na top this fenugreek seed concoction off with a little bit more extra virgin olive oil. I’M going to shake it up and then let everything infuse in a dark place for six weeks and then this vinegar exceed growth. Oil will be ready to use six weeks. I use this oil in three different ways. The first way is as a pre-poo treatment or hot oil treatment, .

I start off with using my fenugreek spray, which I talked about in my previous video. I layer. Some conditioner on and then I apply the oil to fill in the moisture, and I do this to every single section of my hair and once I have done that, I will apply just a little bit more of conditioner and a little bit more oil. I put my hair in a plastic cap and then sit under a hair dryer for about 30 to 45 minutes so that all of this good stuff could penetrate my hair strands.

The second way that I use this is as a sealant during my moisturizing sill process. I use rose water, I use it as I am leave-in conditioner and I also use the Shea Moisture leave-in milk I like to lay on my products, because I use a lot of protein heavy products during the week.

So I want to make sure that I’m keeping my hair hydrated and moisturized, so I don’t experience any unnecessary damage unnecessary damage when is damage necessary anyway. So that’s what I’m doing here and then the last way that I use this oil, a stout stimulant as you can see here.

I just take a dropper and I apply it directly to my scalp and then I use my handy dandy vanity planet scout massager. To give myself a nice long massage for about let’s say 10 to 15 minutes and that’s all, let me know how you make your fenugreek seed oils down below. Thank you. So much for watching I’ll, see you in the next one deuces