Safety Tips For Use Of Heaters in Home & Apartments

The cold season is approaching and we all, with rare exceptions, like every year, begin to freeze in our apartments. Unfortunately, the heating season begins without taking into account the realities of life. Utility workers are guided by the average air temperature, but they don’t think about the fact that apartment buildings often “freeze through” in USA at the end of December. However, people find ways to escape from the cold in their apartments. Even in the last century, many days did not turn off the gas burners, trying to warm the home. Fortunately, these times are a thing of the past.

Today, in every supermarket, not to mention specialized stores of household appliances, you can buy an inexpensive and stylish heater, powered by electricity. The use of these devices can completely solve the problem and help people, without freezing, to wait for the start of the heating season. But we must not forget that when operating the heaters, you must strictly follow the instructions attached to them and do not forget about the safety rules.

 Remember that each device has its own life, which is on average about 10 years. Use over a specified period can lead to sad consequences;

– Systematically check the health of the electrical wiring, outlets, shields and plugs of the heater;

– Monitor the condition of the heater: repair and replace parts in time if they are out of order;

– Use devices manufactured only by an industrial method; under no circumstances should you use damaged, home-made or “artisanal” electric heaters;

– Avoid overloading the power grid if several powerful energy consumers are turned on at once;

– Do not leave the electric heaters turned on at night, do not use them to dry things;

– Do not let children play with electric heaters;

– Install the device at a safe distance from curtains or furniture;

– Do not use the heater indoors with paintwork materials, solvents, or other flammable liquids. Also, you can not install an electric heater in cluttered and littered rooms;

– Regularly clean the heater of dust – it can also ignite;

– In most apartments, household appliances and computers are connected to network adapters, and not directly to outlets. This is convenient because it can prevent breakdowns that are likely during a sudden power surge or a blackout.

But heaters are not computers or refrigerators; they cannot be connected to surge protectors, especially to those that are already used for other equipment. According to safety requirements, the heater must be plugged directly into a power outlet. In this case, it is important to remember a simple rule – a socket for only one heater. Of course, you can not use a simple household extension cord. Always use best companies heaters or before buying heaters must read buying guides and reviews of best tower heaters.


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