As you can see this is the whole pot of okra hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tastes a mukbang taste mukbang tasting mukbang doing her thing yo well I am here doing the okra challenge today this okra challenge was started by G mamas world and she challenged myself Rico L 2 5 6 and a whole bunch of other people to do the okra challenge y’all Rico LD his challenge today but I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet because when I went in his life he was already through and I was getting ready to fix myself something to eat I’m on the 6th day of my cabbage soup diet and I didn’t realize I could eat vegetables today and it was like you could eat all the vegetables you want so this is a vegetable yeah so I couldn’t fit everything on my platter because it’s not deep enough I didn’t have a bowl that was deep enough that you guys could see through so I do have the rest of the okra in the pot over here this is not all of it this is the rest of it so once I get through I want to go ahead and see if I can eat the rest so yeah this is very hot I don’t know if y’all can see the steam coming out of here it’s very hot and steamy I’m gonna say my grace and give another shout out to G mama for tagging me in this despicable challenge for some people it’s despicable we’ll find out if it’s gonna be despicable for me because I say I am thee let me put on my crown I am going to be the vegetable challenge Queen I’m gonna be the vegetable challenge Queen and I’m y’all got any vegetable or fruit challenges out there I am promoting healthiness on this channel I am promoting fighting cancer with food I am promoting obesity and teaching your children how to eat healthy so you know y’all got some vegetable challenges come in fruits and vegetable challenges you know be sure to tag me in them and do some of my vegetable and fruit challenges I do have a new challenge coming up starting this Monday tomorrow is Sunday it is going to be the last day of my cabbage soup diet and Monday I am starting another challenge and it’s going to be called I haven’t quite got the name together all the way but whatever the title is going to be in that challenge on Monday that’s gonna be the title if you decide to do that challenge alongside with me even if you started a little late it’s okay make sure you tag me in it make sure you use the same exact title that I use make sure you come to one of my videos and let me know that you are doing my challenge and if you make a little short video and put it on Instagram tag me on Instagram as well and I’m gonna give you a shout out in one of my future videos I’m also going to put your video in one of my playlists where other people can see it as well so let’s say grace father God I thank you for this food that we’re about to receive I thank you for your love your kindness your mercy and your grace I thank you for giving me the strength to continue to do this cabbage soup diet for the past six days dear lord I thank you precious Heavenly Father for all your provisions all your love all your kindness all your mercy and all your grace in Jesus name I pray I thank you amen and again this is a shout-out to G mama G Mama’s world for the okra challenge he created this challenge so if you do this challenge make sure you put in the title okra okra challenge Bhaiji Mama’s world go to her channel and let her know that you did her challenge and I’m sure she will put you in her playlist as well also I don’t know who to tag in this video if you want to do the okra challenge go ahead and do the okra challenge and select gee mama no that tasty McBain told you to do her challenge of course I always tagged principie because she liked to do challenges I’m gonna tag Tosh fro something Tosh fro eats or something I can’t remember I’m gonna tag whoever wants to do this challenge she already tagged most of the people in our little circle so I don’t have nobody that’s ten y’all but you know anybody that want to do it if you want to do it yaki snacky anybody else wanna do it just do it this is very hot I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat this for quite some time I did not put any butter and my okra I just seasoned it and put some salt some pepper some garlic salt oh and I tagged I would take be loves life y’all go tell be loves life and pretty pea I don’t have anybody else to tag because I don’t know who else do challenges MK bites if you want to do it this diversity anybody that wanna do it do it if you like fruits and vegetables and you think you could do it even if you don’t like fruits and vegetables this is gonna be funny if you can’t so I just I didn’t put any butter the rest of the people bar there’s and butter I feel like the butter is gonna make you get fooled faster so I didn’t put any butter in mine I just put salt pepper garlic salt onion salt I mean garlic garlic powder onion powder a little tumeric a little red pepper and some parsley and then see it’s all y’all see here and let it come to a boil I didn’t put a whole bunch of water this is six bags gee mama so and this is gonna be a delicious feast I read on the bag that this is high in fiber and it does fight some cancers so adding over to your diet it’s hot was very good for you I think it’s going on like 5:00 p.m.


And this is my first meal of the day I did eat three apples earlier this may be a challenge for other people but it’s not a challenge for me I love okra I never had it just by itself now I went to two different stores because the first store I went to dating have not one single bag okhla I couldn’t believe it I went to see Esther I had the kids I’m trying to see the top of the number of buses I had to catch to get home and go to Fiesta I got a ride somewhere and then I had to catch a bus from there then I caught another bus to my other bus stop then I caught a bus from there to Fiesta then when I went in Fiesta and they didn’t have the right thing then I had to come back and catch another bus to another store and then when I left there I had to catch another bus to get home so I caught a total of five buses when I went too fast that they didn’t have one bag of okra no one chopped or hold lady Handan so dinner I had to catch another bus to another store I was gonna get the whole okras cuz that’s what G mama got but I really do like though when I cook okra I like the chopped ones so they only had two bags of the whole okra and two of the other bags of the small okra and then I had to get a bag that was twice the size of the other two to make you six cuz gee mama ate five bags so in order for me to beat G mama in order for me to be G – I got the e-cigs bears but they say it on my diet I can eat as many vegetables as I want today and soup and chicken what I say it beef but I’m going to eat chicken so I my nothing like eating after this yeah this is not hard for me at all I used to eat okra like this when I was a little girl and I’m the oldest of six children and my other sisters and brothers couldn’t stand it and I would just eat theirs with him I was the one in the house to eat all the fruits and vegetables my other sisters and brothers didn’t eat the fruits and vegetables a lot so when they would get a plate they already knew every now and then you mind running to a piece of awkward as horde they already knew to start on the other stuff on a plate I never went to be at home because I always got seconds thirds and fourths and fifths because I just ate my system for people always tell me I always have told me since I’m growing up that I had a beautiful complexion and I had beautiful teeth and I’ll contribute that I never had acne as a channel you guys oh I didn’t have acne as a child I can’t remember of my other system brothers hair Eggman I don’t remember but I contributed to eating my fruits and vegetables y’all see this mmm the slime in the ice machine just the fact that that they say on the bag of the food that it helps fight cancer I would think maybe doesn’t be my thumbnail even though it’s not true there’s no how I feel about it that thumbnail is false advertising because I don’t think okra is disgusting if it wasn’t so hot and then it’s hot up in here I need to turn the arrow I didn’t add that much water in here but I could have added a little less than that I didn’t pour it any other walk up my MIDI ports I’m hot water out but I’m import any of my know cuz I don’t add them which but that much in the pot again there’s no butter I got the lay up off that butter if you don’t use something healthy and good for you you can’t be drinking it darling butter like that defeats the purpose learn how to use your seasonings gotta put some fan and hear some bell pepper some mushrooms it’s hot y’all I’m hot let me turn on my air it’s kind of warm outside today I watched some clothes okay I think I lost a few pounds – yeah excuse me I’m probably gonna have to burp and I might have no hurry you guys cuz gee mama everybody tell a woman to eat fire bags over that’s a lot I mean I got to eat six bags the beater that’s a lot so I’m just gonna take my time I got all day I took my time to eat my purple cabbage I think we coach eat it I think we Cochiti need to go live and do the purple challenge over purple cabbage challenge over t mama say she gon muster up the strength she gonna try to muster up the strength to do the purple cabbage Hamlet y’all go over to G mama channel and tell her if she could pick the nastiest vegetable in the world that mopey more people hate I don’t hate it but a lot of people do then she could do the purple cabbage challenge tell her to shut her mouth and just eat I brought some water over here just in case it got thirsty was already warm in here I don’t know if I got enough room here for the race cuz when he looks like I’m almost done I’m not I think this is actually like six pounds and a half I mean six bags this should have been challenged I thought about gee mama beat me to it was she trying to outdo the vegetable Queen right do you not miss moon for both lovers I just want you to know I will beat your butt long as you need room for me to beat your butt I will beat your butt I told her I’m coming for her so she already know she already said in her video tasting mukbang gonna do six bags yep she knew it the right number of little friendly competition I’m awesome water no see I don’t think I’m gonna be able to eat all this in one time yeah somebody playing some loud music I might have to meet this this is a lot I have a little stomach gee mommy you should’ve did three days you shouldn’t be a five yeah I’m getting four I don’t eat that much yeah this is definitely a lot and gee mom wanted me to go live but she didn’t go like I do mommy you got to do what you want people to do cuz who knows gee mom economy you drive it over i’m always timely everybody cheap this video gonna stop before I finish this already ha other contestants be cheatin because they videos in a way they banged idiot you

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