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( music playing ) Real cowboy
just got here, boy. Y'all been playing around
with these horses all day. Heel.
( clicking tongue ) I'm going out here
and do what I do. – All right.
– You actually look good with a horse, Boss. ( horse whinnies ) All right, guys, what we love to do here
on "What the Fit" is give the people,
the people is you, we love to give you guys
some tips, – some jewels.
– Yeah. Some jewels that you can
put in your back pocket and use to work out
on your own time. My name is Kevin Hart,
this is my trainer. Ron Boss Everline. Honestly, we're taking
physical fitness to another level
and we're having fun while doing it,
simplifying it. Makes sense to me,
I'm here. Howdy. I'm from Texas. – I like that. I like that.
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So we're gonna show you
how to work out cowboy style, but we're gonna switch
it up a little bit. – Okay.
– The first move is these box jumps, okay? I love it.
You know, Boss, – Boss is from
Houston, Texas, so…
– I'm from Houston.

– this is his thing.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So box jump.
( grunts ) See, you never seen nobody
do a box jump with a hat on, cowboy hat at that,
see what I'm saying? So, Kev, let me see
you get up here so I want,
what I wanna see you do, I wanna see you squat and extend
at the top, okay? I know your jeans
is tight but squat… – No, no, no, no, huh?
– ( whispering indistinctly ) Okay. Them pants
are kind of tight so I'm gonna give you
good five box jumps… – Yeah. Yeah.
– …that you can do at home, you can use a table,
you're just gonna jump.

That's one.
I like that. Okay. Tell me if I'm doing
something wrong, okay? That's two,
that's three. See the cowboy hat
stay in place – when I jump. That's four
– Get to five. That's four. I like that,
get to five. Five. – Now, Boss, do me a favor.
– That's five. – Okay.
– Tell the people the importance of a box jumping,
what it actually does. Well, box jumping
is so important 'cause it's cardio vascular,
you're working your legs, you're working your heart,
get your heart rate pumping and get you going good,
make you feel good. – See, don't complicate it,
– A box jump is simple, and, like you said, it could be
done anywhere on anything. These are simple tools that you can use to get
yourself in better shape. Boss, let's go
to the next thing. I'm out of "bref." Well, it's breath. – I'm out of "bref."
– No.

– I'm from Texas.
– I know that. I'm in my element,
I'm country. – Okay.
– I don't say things the way – you say things.
– You're right. Can you do these
push-ups with me? – Let me see.
– So we're gonna do push-ups, – right? Clap.
– Oh, I like that. – I can do those.
– Cross and clap. There you go,
give me 10, Kev. ( Kevin grunting ) – Kev, looks amazing.
– I like that. Now, give me– give me
just an explanation of what those push-ups
are actually working on, Boss, – for the people.
– Your push-ups are working – your pectoral.
– Okay. You understand
what that is? – That's your chest.
– Chest muscles, okay? – I got it.
– So you're working your chest muscles,
you're keeping – your core engaged.
– Yes, sir.

See, your boy got
a nice little ab, I didn't expect to
feel that like that. – I've been working.
– You're working your triceps a little bit, you're putting
your whole body in action, it's something
you can do every day, um, you don't have
to complicate it. – I like that.
– Again, we just
want y'all to move – at home and just
keep it simple.
– Simplicity is key here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– I like it, Boss, – What's the next thing?
– Okay. The next thing is we're gonna go through
some whatchamacallits. – We're gonna do some
– You don't got to call it, but just for
the people at home, we're gonna do
some cross mountain climbers,
right here, – working your core.
– Cardio core.

There you go,
I know your jeans is tight,
but good form. – Good form, boy. Ha.
– Let me take my hat off. – You're a real cowboy.
– I'm a cowboy, – you got to take your hat off.
– Real cowboy. Uh, if this is the time
where you wanna be at a close-up
on my tricep, feel free. And you got on
a nice belt.

– Did you earn the belt buckle?
– Yes, I did. I'll tell you what else
I just earned, myself a nice ass wedgie. – Brother, everything
is riding up.
– Nah, them pants tight. – Everything is riding up.
– Nah, them pants is tight. So look, Kev.
I challenge you, this is the last thing
we're gonna do. – Okay.
– I challenge you to flip – this thing eight times.
– Flip it? Yeah.
Flipping eight. – Okay.
– With a lateral hop each side. So you're gonna
go flip, see I told you,
we can use anything – for a workout, Kev.
– Yeah. But I don't think
you got eight in you. I challenge you
to eight.

– Well, let me–
– Come on. Yeah, come on, you got to
bend at hip, hands. – Got to get
your hands up under.
– Oh, God. Come on, come on,
give me eight. Get them boots over,
there you go, that's one. Okay. You look like
a real cowboy. Well, I'll tell you
what else look crazy. – My ass…
– Come on.

– in these jeans.
– Come on, man. Hmm? Okay. It's real. ( groaning ) I'm gonna help you out
little man, There you go, come on. There you go. The boy athletic.
See, y'all can do this at home, this is good cardio and its muscles
building as well. No, no, no,
they got an example – of what that was.
– No, no, no, Kev, – I challenged you to eight.
– I know what you did, – I know what you said.
– I challenge you to eight. – What I'm gonna do–
– When do we not – fulfill our challenges?
– Never. Okay. So what–
when are we starting? We're gonna start… when I got on
a pair of jean tights.

All right, guys,
here at "What the Fit" we love to make
people better. We love to do what you don't
expect yourself to do. And all we're doing
is giving you examples of it and simplicity is key. All right?
So with that being said, guys, this has been
an amazing episode, and you got some keys and tools to put
in your pocket. – My name is Kevin Hart.
– I'm Ron Boss Everline. This another great episode
of "What the Fit." We gonna get
our workout in. We're gonna inspire
to inspire. And we gonna move
and we gonna train. – I heard that.
– Hey, boy, hey, hey, hey, You got to get the– you got
to get out them pants ASAP, – I'm sick of it.
– ( horse whinny ) Your cousin
just called you. That's not my cousin,
Kev, I'm a human, – that's a horse.
– Oh, well…

– ( horse whinnies)
– That's a horse. And you call me
that little pony shit– you call me again,
you may not be found. Kevin:
This is Kevin Hart.
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that was funny
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