Hair Transplant Experience: Afro-American Guest from Los Angeles

I have done a lot of research before coming here about hair transplantation I was disturbed by my hairline, because it was too much backwards I am Ethiopian And that’s up to my genetics Also my hair is curly and grows very quickly – thanks dad To compensate for the free space in my hair, I started looking for the best place to do a hair transplant And to improve this form that affects my appearance and gives me a stronger confidence myself Above all, I started researching the places where they are doing my hair transplant Beverly Hills, Los Angeles And by the way I’m from La, Pasadena Almost searched in most cities in America The clinics I found gave me some information about the operation But honestly The results I saw on their patients were not published Able to achieve what I want The cost of the operation is very high It reached 30 thousand or 40 thousand US dollars The results are not satisfactory, fees are too high What I decided to do was research the capital of hair transplantation in the world .

So I arrived here Istanbul, Turkey Starting from the Hair of Istanbul And with how many other companies I preferred the Hair of Istanbul For all clinics and being higher than other clinics In addition, the results were the best of the best for all clinics in the world That’s really what I care about I’m interested in the outcome And based on 1.2 million followers on their account in Instagram And Facebook and YouTube They received tremendous feedback from patients who had already undergone the procedure Great reviews I am also talking about the celebrities who come here and the daily operations From the first moment of meeting at the airport to a year or two And people who share their amazing changes And I loved this very much After that, she communicated with Hair of Istanbul and sent them a message via Instagram – Call me immediately, they are very accurate at work And I shared with them my contact information via WhatsApp, and I sent them pictures of my head from behind and a picture of the front line and from both sides – via email They told me how many possible bulbs I needed to cover the area I mentioned .

And I started looking for flights in Turkey, they give better results. I bought my ticket As America reported, the cost is $ 30- $ 40- $ 50,000 – and the results will not be as spectacular as the results here in Turkey They arranged from the hotel stone, transfer from the airport at the time they mentioned, worked on very specific dates as well as daily transfers from the clinic to the hotel. The first day of my arrival here They greeted me from the airport and took me to the Crowne Plaza, by the way, a great hotel with great views, good food and a 5-star sea view. The first day they took me to the clinic for my examination At that time they drew the front line that I want, which the Sov is the process of transplanting and adjusting my beard While drawing the line, they drew it a little low to fit my face, taking into account my directions, then laser measurements were made to ensure symmetry (right and left identical) on the face After completing all the procedures, I went from here to the hospital to complete the operation Wright Everyone is waiting for me – at the same time, everyone is set to meet your needs of everyone Nothing less than perfect The difference here is that everything is saved about the hair transplant you need On the other hand, they provide you not only my beautiful hair but also very excellent hospitality They’re family – I didn’t feel for a moment that I was far from home and I was really at home Very relaxed, there was no tension, so much attention and love they give me feel very good It took 8 hours.

It was a little long, because I am Ethiopian, my hair is really curly. Not only from the outer shape, but the hair follicles grow creased. There are very few experts who work with this type of hair in general they work with people with straight hair However, they succeeded in extracting as many follicles as possible from the donor area (behind the head). Significantly reducing the damage to the donor area. Really cool At the end of the video, I’m going to share my photos before and after the hair transplant After the process ends. They brought me to my hotel room – and put the bandage on From now on it’s been two days since my first shampoo was done in the clinic If you want to have a hair transplant, Please don’t go anywhere else. So as not to cross the door of another clinic No matter if you are white – African American – Mexican – Chinese – Indian – here you will find experts in this field – Come here.

Perform the operation. Come to Hair of Istanbul Not only the hospitality and quality, but the experience in this place is very high They are not looking for money, nor writing more appointments They show interest to each individual client For high quality work I don’t read them from a book. And all people share their wonderful experiences – as happened with me Come to Hear of Istanbul, they master their work well – and your life will change Thanks

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