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Since we are on this journey of discovering how yogic wisdom differs from the conventional wisdom about nutrition or weight loss let me bring out this very very distinct or a standing out coin five-six o’clock time where you’re just craving something.


You know lunch is over and then I was a long way ahead who has a great option and you can put a lot of machines it then we do reach out but I earned on and like ma how you tell us you know they put lots of vegetables in it so kind of it.


Makes it even a healthier option so even I love eating all that and so you don’t feel deprived you don’t feel that oh I can eat that Leah me Indian snacks and everything so it’s not just boiled down to eating.


God your cookie sticks and you know being very like prim and proper you can just eat every normal household normal stuff but still kind of lose weight and maintain your weight.


I lost 25 kilos because of you eating fish curry and rice every night you know when I tell my friends and I tell people they’re like oh you’re lying how is it possible how can you eat carbs at night and lose weight.


I think the amazing thing is that I mean rules that you’ve taught me how to eat right and eat what I like or eat carbs and who’s with the correct way and I think now it’s become a way of life for me.


I kind of endorse it like wherever I go I tell people please don’t starve yourself finding the Mopani and some petals and kind of think you’re going to lose weight because it’ll all come back you know banana so often chiku you let us have.


So it’s not that we’re open Anna has too many calories in it and it’s sweet it acts actually really nutritious and gives you great energy levels you know when we’re working or a bit stressed out and have a busy day or you’re taking a flight is such a great option do like you know it fills you up and you still get all your nutrients to feel energetic.

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So don’t just feed your children with food but teach them to value respect and practice our ancient food wisdom.

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