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Skin health is a top priority for many of us and while there’s plenty of external products to help us out, it’s equally important to boost your skin from the inside out. Jackie’s meeting up with an expert to learn what we should be reaching for to help make it all happen. – Hey guys, it’s Jackie and I am here with registered dietician, Jessica Doggert, and we are talking today about foods that are healthy for your skin.

We’re going to start today with these ones over here which are high in vitamin A. That’s great for glowing skin. – Orange produce like pumpkin, and sweet potatoes, and carrots and also dark, leafy greens like kale and spinach. Studies show that eating fruits and vegetables can help make your skin color look more attractive than a suntan.

And that’s really a much healthier alternative to suntanning options. – Oh exactly, I feel like the more you’re in the sun, the more wrinkles, the more dry skin you have. Whereas if you have more of that natural glow you have more soft, supple skin. – Okay and speaking of wrinkles we have more foods you can eat to prevent them.

These foods here are rich in collagen. Why is collagen important? – Collagen is protein in the body that really helps with skin elasticity. You can make homemade soups with bone broth as the base or you can use collagen peptides powder and add it to smoothies or your morning cup of coffee. – Foods with vitamin C are really important as well. – Yes so that’s going to be a lot of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges as well as vegetables like broccoli and bell peppers.

So vitamin C plays a major role in collagen synthesis. But it’s also an antioxidant. And antioxidants fight those nasty free radicals that form wrinkles. – We’ve talked about a lot of things that will improve skin’s glow and elasticity. We’ve moving onto a couple categories that really will help with acne in particular, starting with vitamin E.

– One study looked at patients who were recently diagnosed with acne and found that those with severe acne had 30% lower blood levels of vitamin E compared to those who had less severe acne. Vitamin E-rich foods like almonds and sunflower seeds, they can keep you looking pimple-free. – And finally we have some foods that we know are good for our overall health, things like olive oil, probiotics, fatty fish.

Why are each of these important for our skin in particular? – Fatty fish can also fight acne. That’s gonna be things like salmon and sardines and tuna. They contain this healthy omega-3 fat that reduces inflammation in the body. Inflammation is linked to acne. Probiotic-rich foods also keep you pimple-free. Probiotics contain a fermented bacteria and all of these beneficial bacteria is linked to improved complexion.

– Excellent, and finally the olive oil. – A fascinating study looked at over 1,200 women and found that those with a higher consumption of olive oil, greater than two teaspoons a day, actually had less signs of aging and wrinkles compared with those who only consumed one teaspoon a day. That’s likely because olive oil contains a monounsaturated fat which is linked to a youthful boost. – We think so often about the products we put on topically for our skin. But it starts from the inside out.

What you eat is affecting how your skin looks. – Exactly, so beauty foods are definitely hiding in your kitchen. All these foods are going to make your skin look supple and improve complexion and things like that. But really these foods also nourish you from the inside out. When you eat really healthy I think that just makes you glow so much more, too. – Yes absolutely. Thank you so much, Jessica. And for more tips on healthy eating you can head to our website,

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