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Hi, guys welcome back to my channel Vibrant Varsha. I am Varsha Anthony and in today’s video I am going to share with you – Idli Diet Plan. This Idli diet plan is a Full Day Idli Diet Plan. If you are new to my channel, then please subscribe and press the bell icon for all my latest video updates. You must have seen my previous Idli diet plan video?

If you haven’t seen that then definitely see. Many people have liked it and have got more than 1, 00,000+ views. In that diet plan, I have shared with you parboiled rice and split & skinned black gram’s idlis.

And its recipe I have shared with you. In today’s video I am going to share with you Idli Diet Plan with different types of idlis we are going to use and most important this we are going to do – Idli Diet Plan in the Intermittent Fasting Pattern.

So you must watch this video till the end. And according to this if you follow the diet, then you can lose weight up to 2 kgs per week. But it all depends on how many days you do this diet plan. It all depends on that. I get lots of comments – that Idlis only contains carbs?

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No, not at all, Idlis also contains protein. In this diet plan, – we are going to use idlis like Moong Dal Idli, Moong dal contains protein.

It has a lot of protein, you can have it. And we are also going to include Oats idli, Oats contain a lot of fibre. You can also add vegetables to the idlis.

You will get lots of fibre, vitamins… We are also going to use curd in idlis. And our third type of idli is either you can have Suji Ki Idli (Semolina Idli) or parboiled rice & split & skinned black gram’s idli. How to do this diet plan? What should be the timings? All the videos and all the recipes, you watch it well and accordingly, you make the idlis.

Now we will start today’s Idli Diet Plan Look very carefully, guys! And you do it accordingly. I get lots of comments… When should I take detox water? When should we eat all these things? If you watch this diet plan till the end, then all your doubts can be solved easily.

Because I have taken care of all the smallest things in this diet plan. At what time to eat and when to eat. Whatever your time will be, you do according to that. either keep 8 hours or 9 hours of eating window. Follow according to your schedule.

So let’s start Idli Diet Plan Start your day with detox water. My diet plans start with detox water. I have made a lot of videos on detox water, do watch it. In this diet plan, we are going to include detox tea instead of detox water. So, have fat cutter detox tea, The video link is shared with you in the description below.

Do watch that video till the end. Drink detox water empty stomach I have always said this in my diet plans.

So, drink detox water empty stomach. I also get a lot of messages like – Can I drink detox water in the fasting window? Can I drink detox water in the eating window?

Detox water is always taken in the fasting window. And you can take it comfortably in the fasting window. Do not add any sugar, etc. So you can take detox water in the fasting window. So empty stomach you have to take Fat Cutter Detox Tea.

Then comes our First Meal of the Day – Whatever will be your timing for the first meal either 8 am or 9 am, whatever may be. Normally my first meal timing is between 9:30 – 10 am. So I will tell you accordingly, if your first meal timing is between 9:30 – 10 am then your Last Meal timing should be 5:30 – 6:00 pm. But, a lot of people because of their office timing or other things they are not able to follow the 8 hours eating window.

See here: Idli Diet Plan to To Lose Weight Fast

No problem!

You maintain 9-10 hours eating window. No problem, you will still get the weight loss result. So in this diet plan, we are considering 8 hours eating window. If I have taken my first meal in the morning at 10 am then my last meal should be in the evening before 6 pm. So in the first meal, which idlis you should have?

Oats Idlis! Either eat Oats idli or Suji ki Idli (Semolina Idli). How much you should eat (quantity)? 4 quantity. Homemade Idlis, not at all from outside.

So have homemade 4 idlis in the first meal.

Along with the idlis, have 1 bowl sambar. Add lots of vegetables in sambar. What can you add to sambar? You can add pumpkin, bottle gourd (Lauki), drum sticks, etc.

in the sambar. whatever things you can add in sambar, add it. After adding all these vegetables, you take 1 bowl of sambar. Along with sambar, you can take green chutney. All these will be enough to make you full – these complete – 1 bowl sambar, with Green Chutney, and 4 idlis will make you full.

And if you make oats idlis? Then in oats idli or suji ki idli (semolina idli) you can also add vegetables if you like it. And in this, we are going to use curd, which should be low-fat curd. Then comes mid-break – In mid-break, what should you have? In mid-break i.

e. 2-2:30 hours after the first meal take 1 glass of buttermilk or else take almonds – 5 nos + Walnut – 1 no. Then come mid-noon – What does mid-noon mean? The time between the first meal & last meal is what called mid-noon.

In mid-noon, what can you have?

Once again you eat idlis, this is our full day idli diet plan, so here I will once again suggest taking 4 idlis. So, which 4 idlis you will eat? Have Moong Dal idli or repeat oats idli or have parboiled rice & split & skinned black gram’s idlis. But remember idlis should be homemade only. Then comes evening tea break.

In tea break, have any of this tea, like green tea or masala tea or golden tea or milky tea. Whichever tea you take, it should be sugar-free. Instead of sugar, you can add little jaggery. If it is not to be used either? The best alternate is Stevia.

So then use stevia, it is the best alternative. Then comes the last meal of the day In the last meal once again you have to take 4 idlis. What all idlis options you have now In the first meal if you have taken oats idli or suji ki idli (semolina idli) then have Moong Dal idlis.

I will give four types of idli options From those, the one you like the most you can take that. you can take anyone idlis – 4 quantity.

Either you take Moong dal idli or oats idli or Suji ki idli (Semolina Idli) or else have parboiled rice & split & skinned black gram’s idlis. Friends watch, throughout the day how many idlis we have to eat? Total 12 idlis you to eat. Along with idlis, throughout the day you can take 3 bowls of Sambar and 3 small Katori Chutney. Not coconut chutney, but it should be Green Chutney.

I have shared all the recipes, please check the description box below. I have given all the recipe video links. So plan your diet accordingly. And you should also take some efforts, I know after this, what comments I will get I know the comments will be – Can I make one type of Idli for throughout the day? and eat the same idlis (a total of 12 nos)?

Little efforts you also will have to take, so take some effort and make different varieties of idli for each meal.

Our body needs protein, carbs… Do not eat the same semolina idlis throughout the day or throughout the day do not eat only one variety of idlis. Minimum make two varieties of idlis for the day and do this diet plan. All the recipes are very tasty, healthy & nutritious. I have taken care of all the essential things in it.

And it will be very effective in your weight loss.

Try it! So how did you find this video? Do share your comments with me. For the best results, along with the Intermittent Fasting Idli Diet Plan, do a minimum of 45 minutes of any workouts.

You can do any Cardio activities, or Yoga or Gym or any physical activities for a minimum of 45 minutes. Consume at least 3-4 litres of water throughout the day. If you love this video, then give me thumbs up and don’t forget to share my video. If you are new to my channel, then please subscribed & click on Bell Icon, so that you can get my latest video updates. Thank You!


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