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Somewhere along the way, convenience became more important than integrity like microwaves and processed food. There’s something wrong with that but I think that people are realizing that more too What you eat definitely affects how you feel.

You can do this, you can buy locally, you can eat healthily and I think small businesses are a really good gateway to push people in doing it. This is the dressing for the slaw. I was a meat cutter at a grocery store but, for years, my husband and I talked about doing a food truck.

My nephew, he’s gluten intolerant so we needed something he could eat and paleo became the best option for us. I think the way that people our age look at food is closer to how our grandparents saw it than how our parents did.

So for myself, I have set standards. I won’t source from a farm that doesn’t let me on their land. You won’t let me come see your product, I don’t want it.

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That half-wild hog uh, she had babies a red one, a black one, a white one. Gwen is adamant about supporting the small farms that supply her.

She’s intimately involved in working out here. I mean, she comes out anytime we’re processing chickens or turkeys. She wants to be involved in it.

She plays it straight, is what she does and that’s where it comes down to in the food that you’re producing and why is that different. We get that question a lot Why is your chicken tastier? Why does your pork taste different? I’m fully convinced because it’s the lack of stress on the animals.

How can they dig? Just let a pig be a pig. Put them in the environment they’re set up to succeed in. It’s what they’re made for. This is what we love doing but it’s hard I mean, it’s really, really hard.

It’s like any small business, you have to be good at a lot of things.

I think that small businesses are more connected to their community because we depend on our community a lot more. I depend on my farmers. It matters to them that I know their name. (Mitch) In farming, you got every end of the spectrum as far as political views.

I mean, the extreme is wide and there is a coming together, a bonding.

A lot of that is, hey, we’re all in it together and if we don’t help each other we’re probably not gonna make it. It’s a network of small growers and farmers that come together like, Felder Farm is directly across the road from my house.

So I can walk across the road and pick what I need for that day and at the end of the month we tally up and I pay them. It’s things like that, it’s small farmers helping small farmers and small growers helping food trucks. I’m definitely a niche market.

There are a few other places that can make paleo food but there’s nowhere else that makes it their business. We were looking for places to set up, we were like “We’re gonna do paleo which goes with CrossFit” so we talked with the gym owner and they were like the first people to support us and they love having us there because it’s great to come out from a serious workout and just have your protein and everything ready.

Alright, you guys know what you want? (Kate) It’s nice having someone on your side We own Goat River’s Farms and we met Gwen through working at the farmer’s market She always puts on her board and on her facebook page where she gets her stuff from People who wanna know exactly where their food started, went through, and ended trucks like the Beast allow them to follow that process.

I can introduce you to who grew your food and that matters. (Bo) She really has built this network of connections and farmers. Everyone loves to support her and would bend over backwards for anything she needed. (Bo) She really has built this network of connections and farmers.

Everyone loves to support her and would bend over backwards for anything she needed.

It’s almost like a paint supplier to an artist in a way know like she’s an artist and she’s very particular about her media so it’s always a pleasure. The people I work with and the people that I’ve surrounded myself with are a lot of like-minded people I enjoy these people and that’s super rewarding for me Because, when it comes down to this, Beast is mine and I’m the one accountable for it I own this, I have people who help me, I have farmers who believe in me, I need my food truck to be something I’m proud of.

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