Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial Health

“Vitamin B12 – a necessity for healthy arteries” This is not the only study to study the condition of arterial walls in humans consuming plant food. For example, this new study from China found that compared to people on the mixed diet people on a diet free of meat and eggs they indeed had all the typical benefits of increased plant food consumption.

Examples include lower body mass index, lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, lower total and bad cholesterol, as well as less free radicals. Maybe even better kidney function and blood sugar control and the like. However, all these results will be felt on arterial health? Yes, people on a mixed diet really did reinforced lining of arteries, all this suggests that they have about three times the risk of development of cardiovascular disease.

Experts therefore recommend people to eat more vegetables and less meat. It’s never too late to improve our diet. This is true, but if people on the plant diet do not take enough vitamin B12, homocysteine levels, arterial damaging compounds, they can start to grow in the bloodstream, and, as a result, they resume part of the benefits of a healthy diet. In this study from Taiwan, the arteries of vegetarians were the same as tough as people on a mixed diet. Their carotid arteries were equally reinforced, probably due to increased blood levels of homocysteine.

Adverse findings from these studies should not be considered as proof of neutral influence of vegetarianism on health of the circulatory system. However, they indicate that we urgently need adjusting vegan food to to always include vitamin B12 in the form of fortified foods or food supplements. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a very serious problem which eventually leads to anemia, neuropsychiatric disorders, irreversible nerve damage and these high levels of arterial damaging homocysteine in the blood. Reasonable vegans should add to their diet include sources of vitamin B12.

One study on vegetarians whose B12 levels were really dangerously low, they showed that they were even more intense and worse functioning arteries than people on a mixed diet. How do we know that B12 deficiency is the culprit? Because their condition has improved, once they got the B12 supplement.

The lining of their arteries began to shrink and the arterial function returned to normal. Without foods enriched with B12 or dietary supplements with B12 take in humans after switching to a vegan diet develops vitamin B12 deficiency.

Yes, typical manifestations of B12 deficiency, such as anemia, may only manifest after they have dropped to about 150 picomoles per liter, when the spinal cord even begins to decompose, but much earlier we may experience problems. Such problems include an increased risk of decreased cognitive abilities, brain shrinkage, stroke, depression and nerve and bone damage. Add to that very high homocysteine levels.

This can suppress the beneficial effects vegetarian diet for heart and blood vessel health. The beneficial effects of vegetarian diet blood cholesterol and sugar levels should definitely be further disseminated, but at the same time we should never underestimate efforts to correct vitamin B12 deficiency in a vegetarian diet.


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