SodaStream Penguin Review and Buying guides

SodaStream Penguin Review and Buying guides 

Fresh fountain sodas are always enjoyable, and with the Sodastream Penguin you can enjoy those amazing drinks anytime. Add interest, style and whimsy to your kitchen with a SodaStream Penguin that will provide a cool centerpiece, a fun conversation start and the best soda you’ve ever had all in one product.

Save Money

Everyone cares about saving money, and one of the easiest ways to save large sums is to make your own sodas at home with the SodaStream reviews. This system does not require batteries, electricity or plumbing to operate, so it can grace any corner or island in your kitchen. The syrup and carbonator are affordable. The cost winds up being about 25 cents for a can, a substantial savings over grocery store prices for canned and bottled drinks.

SodaStream Penguin


The other SodaStream systems make soda in plastic containers that can be reused. While this is great for traveling, the SodaStream Penguin brings class to the equation by mixing soda in dishwasher safe glass carafes. Imagine your guests delight when they are no merely presented with a can of cola but are handed a tasteful glass bottle filled with cola fresh from the fountain right there in your kitchen.

Sleek Design

This is no chubby little penguin. The SodaStream Penguin features a sleek black and stainless steel design. The penguin motif is understated so that it actually takes a moment to realize the machine resembles an animal. This makes for a clever design that you will enjoy and your guests will find delightful.

Save the Environment

Being green is in and the SodaStream Penguin is about as green as soda can get. Less plastic is created for the use, and very little plastic hits the landfills. One container of syrup will yield the equivalent of 33 cans of soda, making a huge difference in the amount of waste your home creates. The glass carafes can be reused indefinitely and even the plastic containers for traveling can be reused for an impressive two years.

Save Storage Space

Why dedicate cabinets and space to stacks of cans or bottles when you can choose a space-saving system like the SodaStream Penguin? Using less space to store your soda ingredients means that you have more room for the other foods you really love.

Setting the Example

Even as we age we look to our friends to see what they are doing. Some things, like recycling, are contagious. As we see our friends and relatives making smart choices for the environment, we feel compelled to also make those same choices. Be a trendsetter among your friends by proudly choosing the SodaStream Penguin. When friends notice it ask about it, you can offer to make them a refreshing soda that they are sure to love, and they’ll be impressed with how environmentally conscious you are.


There are many flavors available with the SodaStream Penguin. Choose from traditional cola or ginger ale as well as newer flavors like lemonade, cranberry-raspberry and energy. Most flavors are available in diet versions as well, and there is a healthy selection of caffeine free options.

Order your SodaStream Penguin today so you can enjoy fresh fountain drinks anytime. Grace your kitchen with the penguin that’s sleek and sharp with his jet black body and stainless steel highlights. Grace the earth with your green attitude and grace your wallet with the savings.


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