7 Ways To Keep Your Groceries Clean During Covid-19

Greetings, everyone! Coronavirus has had a massive impact across
the globe. Especially in the United States, where over
700,000 cases have been confirmed at the time of this recording. Not going out isn’t good enough, we also
have to make sure things we’re bringing in are clean, like our groceries. From cleaning and wiping them, to storing
them in the proper places, there are many ways to sanitize groceries during this pandemic. In this video, we’re talking all that and
more. #1 Proper Packaging By now this should be mandatory. Whatever you wish to buy as a grocery item
should first be placed in a proper package.

We suggest the usage of airtight containers. This way, the virus won’t come in contact
with your food. You will have to make sure that you get rid
of the original packaging also. The grocery item that you have inside may
be protected, but you don’t want to take chances with the outside. The package may have come in contact with
the virus, which may stay attached for hours or even days. Keeping that indoors isn’t a good idea at
all. So throw it away after getting home and wash
your hands immediately. Smart packaging systems are known to be very
effective against viruses and other microorganisms.

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our latest content. #2 Wash Before Storing This is another obvious one. Before you put your food or container in the
refrigerator or storage, make sure to wipe them with a cloth. If your items are fruits and vegetables, you
have a better option to keep them clean. You can wash them and keep them in your fridge. Just make sure your hands are clean before
you wash the vegetables and fruits. You should also wash your hands after the
process is finished. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Washing cleanses the viruses from the surface
of the food. Since you can’t do the same with things
like sugar, salt and grains, you can at least wipe their packets.

#3 Wear Gloves When you’re living in a world where over
2 million cases have been confirmed so far, it’s better to play safe. Washing food is good, but not good enough. What if when you went out, the virus came
in contact with your hand and infected you? Then you’d be carrying the virus home with
you… Just wear gloves while you’re buying grocery
items. This way your skin will not come in contact
with the air, and you won’t have to worry about being exposed to the virus. Just make sure you are using washable gloves. Let’s discuss another important method. #4 Use Hand Sanitizer We have mentioned that it’s important to
wash your hands. Let’s elaborate on that. While soaps are very useful, they are often
handled by different people. While cleaning your hands, some germs stick
to it. Those who are quarantined with others, take

It doesn’t matter that these people are
family. Imagine this scenario. You come home from grocery shopping and begin
washing your hands. Some of the germs that you washed off are
still on the soap. When your family members go to wash their
hands, they will be exposed to the germs you left on the soap. Either that or you’ll be exposed to them
again. Therefore, they will end up doing the opposite
of what they are supposed to. Soap is supposed to protect your hands. Not corrupt them further. This is why sanitizers are better options
than soaps. They have generally been observed to be more
effective. So make sure to use them before and after
you purchase groceries. Speaking of which, here at Bestie, we have
many different types of videos. Check out our recent video on the link between
lifestyle and profession. #5 Opt For Home Deliveries Look, we understand you want to save money. That doesn’t mean that you should look for
opportunities to go out. Even if you’re not yet infected, you may
come in contact with the virus by touching something outside. More importantly, the food you’re carrying
might be infected by the germs you are unknowingly holding on your hands.

The more time you spend indoors, the less
chances you have of coming in contact with the Coronavirus. The same way it passes from one person to
another, it CAN also pass from you to the grocery items. This is why it would be better if you ask
for home deliveries instead of leaving the house. Keep in mind, you will still have to do all
the necessary cleaning and washing before placing your items in storage. These tips seem pretty simple so far, right? Well for many, staying in doors for days on
end isn’t an option.

Try the next method. #6 Go Cashless and Cardless When giving change to someone, your hands
are infested with germs. Germs you are undoubtedly passing on to others. This goes for Coronavirus. Sound scary? Try going cashless. We are living in a world of google pay, use
it. You may think it’s safe to swipe a card. Sadly, that is not the case. If it was safe to swipe a card, it would have
been safe to do a cash transaction as well. Use digital transactions and save yourself
the trouble. You will also save a lot of time. There is one thing that we absolutely have
to talk about. You are putting in so much effort to make
sure your groceries are clean. What if the problem isn’t outside, but inside? What if your refrigerator or kitchen aren’t
clean themselves? #7 Clean Your Kitchen and Food Storage You have done all the hard work. You got the food delivered to your house. It was fully packaged on all corners.

Then you got rid of the package, washed the
food and kept it in a clean container stored in your fridge. You feel like nothing can go wrong from here,
right? Wrong, your kitchen or your refrigerator may
not be as clean as you think. The virus can find itself in a lot of places. Your kitchen is one of them. This is why you must make sure that your kitchen
and fridge are wiped. If you plan to store your food elsewhere,
you need to clean it beforehand. The idea is to keep yourself safe during this
pandemic. There is a reason why most people are in quarantine
and a lot of countries have called for a lockdown. If you want to keep yourself and your groceries
clean, it is important to keep your kitchen clean as well.

Otherwise, all the effort you’ve put into
this point will be for nothing. Are you taking the proper steps to keep your
food clean? Are you taking any of these tips into consideration? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!.

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