Lawn Fertilization and Health Benefits

Lawn Fertilization

We are part of the Healthy Lawn Care Program (HLCP) for watershed protection. All the products we use contain low-to-zero phosphorus and all granular fertilizers contain slow-release nitrogen. We also offer a great organic-based fertilizer mixture that is safe for your pets and your environment. They give your lawn lots of color and build roots while also helping control fungus.

Here is a look at our program:

1. Early spring fertilizer and crabgrass prevention.
2. Late spring fertilizer plus weed control.
3. Grub control insecticide.
4. June, July and August fertilizers.
5. Fall fertilizer plus weed control.
6. Winter fertilizer.

Weed Control

Weed control is an important part of D&G Nature’s Way Michigan lawn services. In order to have a beautiful lawn we have to make sure weeds aren’t grabbing all the water and nutrients from our grass plants. We treat for all kinds of weeds including broadleaf and grassy weeds, plus sedges or nut grass.
Lawn Care MI – Mole Control
Our experts are dedicated to controlling moles that are tunneling through your lawn and tearing up your grass. Moles are insectivores and baits have to be developed specifically for them. We use only the latest and most-effective moles baits available.
Landscaping Service Jacksonville

Landscaping Service Jacksonville FL Way is dedicated to giving you the best lawn care Detroit Metro by using environmentally-friendly fertilizers and by caring for your lawn with proven methods.

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