Beet Root Powder: Benefits & Uses

The health benefits and uses of beetroot powder.

1. Beetroot is a root vegetable which is grown all over the world. It is commonly used in cooking delicious meals and as natural medicine.

2. The powder form is available online and in health food stores. This has been made by slowly heating and drying the beetroot, before being ground into a fine powder.

3. This powder is excellent for detoxing the body, as it contains some powerful phytonutrients which help to cleanse the liver. Rare phytonutrients called betaines help to reduce fatty liver.

A healthy liver is very important for healing all kinds of bodily problems.

4. These phytonutrients also have a positive effect on the heart and cardiovascular system. They relax the arteries and increase blood flow. This balances blood pressure in the process.

5. Simply adding beetroot powder into your diet will help your body to flush out toxins and purify the blood. Mix a little powder into your smoothies, juices and soups.

6. Beetroot powder contains a high amount of natural sugars, however, the fibre causes the body to process this sugar properly, unlike refined white sugar.

7. It is a rich source of nutrients including potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, B and C.

8. Adding this to your diet also balances oestrogen and testosterone hormones in the body, giving you more energy and better exercise workouts.

Beet Root Capsules alternative to beet powder.

Beet Root Powder: Benefits & Uses

9. Beets have been shown to balance pH levels in the blood, which naturally helps the immune system to protect itself from invaders.

10. It is recommended to take around 4-6 teaspoons of beetroot powder, spread out throughout the day for the best effects.

11. Men who suffer with erectile dysfunction may find that taking this powder helps them to gain erections, as blood flow will be increased.

12. The high concentration of antioxidants and minerals prevents free radical damage in the body and slows down the effects of ageing on the organs and skin.

13. When buying beetroot powder, look for organic products which contain no additives or sweeteners for the best possible health benefits. You can also purchase beetroot juice powder.

This has the same effects but is more potent and doesn’t have as much fibre.

14. Beetroot comes in different colours, the most common being purple, but you may find alternatives such as yellow or red.

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