Side Part Hairstyle Tutorial | Classic Men’s Side Part | How I Style My Hair

One of the biggest changes from that video is the product I use. Back then, I was using Brylcreem which I do not recommend anyone use anymore. It’s very greasy. It leaves a lot of residue on your pillowcases. And it also has a very sort of shiny or greasy look. So I don’t use that anymore. I have had the same haircut for about the past six or seven years. That’s a classic side part haircut. So I’m going to show you how I style my hair right now. First thing I do is once I get out of the shower, I don’t use a blow dryer or anything, I just towel my hair off.

So when I do this I like to keep it somewhat damp just so I can move the product around in a little bit, but also dry enough that it will set pretty quickly. So, I have used a lot of different products since that very first video that we did and most recently, I have been using the Imperial Classic Pomade, but I’m out of that right now, so we’re just going to use another one that I have with me right here. And that is the Layrite Original Pomade. It’s pretty good. It does have kind of like a Play-Doh smell to it, but for this style of the haircut that I have, this works pretty well. So the first thing I do is take about a nickel-sized amount and rub that around in my hands. Then I try to get it all the way through my hair. I work it all the way through. And I do have a really bad colic in the back of my hair, back in my head, so I always put a little bit extra there, just so it stays down.

Make sure we get the side a little bit too. And I really make sure to get it all the way from the tips of my hair all the way to the roots as well. Once I’ve got that, I will, actually want to put a little bit of extra right here because that has trouble laying down sometimes. Once I’m done with that I will take my comb and just comb it into place. Comb it over to the side and then the front is kind of the key. And everyone’s hair is different. Mine tends to want to go back like that, so that is what I do.

And that is pretty much it! It’s very simple to do. Throughout the day as this dries, if I want to, one thing I like about this product as well as the Imperial pomade, is that it’s as it dries, if I want to get rid of some of the comb marks in my hair, I can run my comb through it again and it looks a little bit more natural and matte finished. So that’s how I style my hair. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. Be sure to subscribe to the channel, And until next time, thanks for watching and stay tailored..

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