2021 Hairstyle: Death Of The Skin Fade Trend

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If you like men’s hair product reviews, grooming, skincare, fragrance and videos like this very one, then press subscribe right now. (bell dings) You’re gonna love it right here. Okay. I had a comment from John. Hi, John.

(bell dings) Asking if skin fades were now out of fashion. Now, I should be clear, if you’re new to this channel then hi, you are most welcome. This is not a channel where I’m gonna say, “Hey guys, seven reasons why your hairstyle sucks.

That isn’t me. That’s not what I’m about, but I will give you some for’s and some against the skin fade to help you make up your own decision.

This year has been like a year of either guy growing their hair out like me, and there have always been guys that have gone for the buzz cut.

So going like, super short. Now, what is the skin fade, as you say. Now, the skin fade is a type of fade. A fade is where your hair goes from one length, gradually up to a longer length.

The skin fade is when their shortest length is your skin. So it’s gonna be straight onto the skin. And then it’s gonna come up just by millimetres with those grades. I have been on YouTube for almost eight years and I started with slightly longer hair. And then I moved into the skin fade and it was one of those sorts of things that me, like every other guy on YouTube, did.

(bubbles popping) And it was just one of those things where the skin fade works.

Think of a sort of military cuts. Where I think that the trend comes in is when you’ve got loads and loads of length on the top. And then you’ve got a skin fade. So you’ve got the juxtaposition of the length and the skin fade.

And I very much did that. I had the huge cartoon character quiff. I was a lot younger. I am 33 and I don’t think it suits me anymore. I chose to go for this more sort of classic style.

It was classic. It was longer on the sides because I felt like that suited me more.

It suited my own personal style which is slightly more classic. You know, I just wear navy jumpers and shirts. I would say if you are someone who enjoys having a skin fade, you like this sort of maintenance, it being pretty low on the sides and you enjoy having that and how it makes you feel, stick with it, honestly.

Grooming in terms of skincare, fragrance, hair, should be how it makes you feel. And if you feel good about yourself then you’re gonna put that out to other people around you. If you are someone that is following trends and you want to be with the fashion, then I would say this 2021 is less about the skin fade, but we still have faded.

Hairstyles are, as trends go, and I’m not a worshipper of trends, but as the trends go, coroners are softer, Corners and edges are softer, which basically means that they’re still fades, but they’re less harsh. So there’s less of a juxtaposition of the length on the top and the length on the sides.

And it’s more about sort of keeping that gradual. So you might have it slightly shorter on the top and slightly longer on the sides, or you could still have it fairly longer on the top, but you might just have something which is slightly more classic.

The comments I often get from guys on Instagram, about me and my hair, tend to be from younger guys who say, “Oh, you look so much better with the fade.” I don’t think I looked better. I just looked different and we all evolve.

Grooming should be fun. It should be about experimenting. So stick with what you want. So have I answered that? Is the skin fade out of fashion for 2021?

Are we talking fashion and trends?


Then the skin fade is out. But does it suit you? Is it something that suits your own style?

Yes. Keep going with it, honestly. So there you go.

Longer styles and medium-length styles. Styles for curly hair, styles for like, buzz cuts. So go there, check it out. It’ll tell you what you need, what you need to tell your barber, some sort of inspirational pictures. And there’ll be the products that I would say to use.

So that should be able to help you. Thank you so much for watching. Really hope you’ve enjoyed this one. If you have, and you’ve still not pressed subscribed then please do hit subscribe right now. The button is there.

So let’s (indistinct) watch them. Head to the hairstyle directory, loads of hairstyles right there. And I’ll put some more videos and some tutorials up in the cards there. Until my next new video, buh-bye. (button clicking) (typing) (upbeat music).

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