How to Burn Loose Incense Blends with Charcoal

hi I’m Andrea from a Roma head Institute and in this video I want to show you how to burn loose resin incense and you will find another video on my youtube channel that shows you how to make this resin incense so if you’ve never made it before check that out too okay here is the blend that I made it has frankincense resin it has rosemary powder and pinyon essential oil pinyon pine so beautiful and I have this great little burner I actually got this burner when I was visiting Morocco but you can find similar kinds of burners lots of different really fun incense burners and this is bamboo charcoal charcoal made from bamboo and I like burning this because it doesn’t have anything in it that’s concerning to me nothing toxic no toxic fumes so it comes in these strips and then you can just break it like that and then you can just break a piece of it like that so all you need is a piece and I have these handy little holders so I’ll pick it up and hold it like that with half of it exposed and then I’ll use my lighter to get it lit now it takes a while for these little taps to ignite and get going because I don’t have any lighter fluid in them or anything like that so I just sit here for a little bit and keep the flame right on the charcoal and then eventually I’ll start to see this redness on the end of the charcoal and that will indicate to me that it’s going and let’s see oh yeah can you see that that’s hot okay so I’m going to take this and I’m going to place it right inside of this burner and like I mentioned there are all kinds of different burners and then I’m just going to take a little bit of my blend and I’m going to put it right on top of the charcoal now even if it falls to the side which it will as long as it’s touching the charcoal it will burn you can already see it’s going and it smells incredible I love it and then I’m going to close this it’s got nice holes in the top so it’ll reduce the amount of smoke pouring out but it will allow the smoke to come out isn’t that easy it’s so lovely and then if you want you can get a burner like this which is something that you can walk around with and so if you wanted to walk around the house and just you know spread the beautiful aroma throughout the house or even around the outside of your house you could use something like this that has a handle and that’s really nice too it’s that simple to burn the resin and it’s really simple to make resin blends and you can make all different kinds and really experiment so I hope you have fun with it right and let me know what you’ve made and how it turns out okay bye for now

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