Today I am going to show you how to make a fenugreek hair spray for hair growth and hair loss. I have made a fenugreek hair oil before but today I am going to show you how to make a fenugreek tea rinse for hair to help your hair grow, reduce shedding, reduce breakage I know because I tried it.

Grab a bowl, fenugreek seeds, cool water. Ingredients are in the description box below. Once you have your water and fenugreek seeds setup, stir everything together. Leave this soaking for at least 12 hours overnight. The fenugreek seeds will swell, increase in size. The water that the seeds are soaking in that’s what you will save, add to a spray bottle and apply to your hair.

Apply all over your scalp and strands for gray hair, it will penetrate your strands and strengthen them helping to reduce hair fall and promote stronger, thicker hair. You’re going to smell like maple syrup, fenugreek seeds. I usually use this fenugreek spray as a leave in, you can use it as a tea rinse and I style my hair as usual. What are some fenugreek benefits for hair? It fights hair fall, reduces baldness, hair thinning, it helps replenish hair growth it is a great source of protein for your hair and it is a natural moisturizer that increases shine.

If you are battling with hair loss, feel free to try this natural hairspray out and let me know your results. Let me know in the comments below are you going to try this spray? If you are, please let me know and leave your feedback! I tried this hairspray for one week. This spray lasts 1 week and I used it 3 times in one week, every other day. If you want to store this, keep it in your refrigerator and it lasts for about 1 week. Thank you so much for watching this fenugreek hair spray for natural hair growth video..

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