Select proper food preparations tools before cooking

Select proper food preparations tools before cooking

food preparations tools ?

The following is a list of equipment the cook should become familiar with if he wishes to develop in the culinary trade. In many cases, unless he is familiar with certain pieces of this equipment, he will be unable to prepare the recipes. A description and an illustration of each piece of equipment are given.

Cutting implements food preparations tools

Boning knife

Boning knife food preprations tools
A short, thin knife with a pointed blade used to remove bone from raw meat with minimal waste. It may be either stiff or flexible. Popular lengths run 6 to 8 inches.

Butcher knife

Butcher knife food preprations tools
A slightly curved, pointed, heavy blade knife used in sectioning raw meat and cutting steaks.

Butcher’s steel

Butcher's steel food preprations tools
A round steel rod, approximately 11/2 feet long with a wooden handle, used to maintain an edge on a
knife. It does not sharpen the edge but merely straightens it and breaks off the burrs after sharpening. It is magnetized to remove burrs.

Clam knife

Clam knife food preprations tools
A short, flat blade, round-tipped knife used to open clams.


Cleaver food preprations tools
An extra wide, carbon steel, heavy, square blade knife used to chop bones.

French knife

French knife food preprations tools
The most used piece of equipment. Near the handle, the blade is wide and generally a bolster is present; the blade tapers to a point. It is used for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing. The most popular blade lengths are 8, 10, and 12 inches.

Ham slicer

Ham slicer food preprations tools
A narrow, long, flexible carbon steel blade about 12 inches long, so named because it is used to slice ham.

Hand meat saw

Hand meat saw food preprations tools
A thin, fine-toothed blade. attached to a bow-shaped metal frame with a wooden handle, used to saw through bone structure of edible animals. Hand meat saws are available in two or three sizes.

Paring knife or vegetable knife

Paring knife food preprations tools
A short, pointed blade knife, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long. used for paring fruits and vegetables. The point is used to remove eyes and blemishes in the fruits and vegetables.

Pastry wheel

Pastry wheel food preprations tools
A round stainless steel disc with cutting edge and mounted handle used to cut all type of pastry.
Pie or cake knives

Pie or cake knives food preprations tools

An offset knife with a wide, flat blade tapered to a point, shaped like a wedge of cake or pie, and used to cut and serve pies and cakes without breaking the pieces.A round stainless steel disc with cutting edge and mounted handle used to cut all type of pastry.

Potato or vegetable peeler

vegetable peeler food preprations tools

It is a cutting tool with a metal blade attached to a metal hand. The blade is in the form of low, with sharpened edges, formed over a pin or axis attached to the handle. The blade will shift from side to side, so peeling may be done in two different directions.

Oyster knife

Oyster knife food preprations tools
A short. slightly thin, dull-edged knife, with a tapered point. It is used to open oysters.

Roasted beef slicer

Roasted beef slicer food preprations tools
A round nosed, long blade knife (14 inches) used to slice any size beef roast.


Food handling implements


Food tongs

Food tongs food preprations tools
Spring type metal consist of two limbs shaped like a U with a saw-tooth grip on each end. They are used to pick up and serve foods without the hands.

Hot-cake or meat turner

meat turner food preprations tools
A wide, flat, offset chisel-edged blade with a wooden handle. it is used to slip under and turn hot cakes, hamburgers, and so forth while grilling, broiling, etc.

Kitchen fork

Kitchen fork food preprations tools
A large, two-pronged fork used for holding meat while slicing. turning roasts, and broiling steaks.


Stirring, serving, scraping, and spreading implements food preparations tools


 Ladle food preprations tools
A stainless steel cup, solid or perforated, attached to a long handle used to stir, mix, and dip. It is also used to serve sauces, dressing, and other liquids when portion control is desired. Ladles are available in many sizes. Table I relates ladle size to the approximate weight of the portion in ounces.

Melon ball or parisienne scoop
A stainless steel blade from into a round half-ball cup attached to a handle. It is used for cutting various fruits and vegetables into small balls.

Pierced kitchen spoon

Pierced kitchen spoon food preprations tools
A large stainless steel spoon. pierced with holes so liquid will run off, used to serve small cut vegetables.
Plastic scraper

Plastic scraper food preprations tools
A flexible piece of plastic approximately 4 inches wide and 6 inches long, used to scrape down bowls when mixing batters so that all ingredients will be incorporated into the mixture.

Scraper or dough cutter

dough cutter food preprations tools
A wide, rectangular metal blade, mounted with a wooden handle, used for scraping meat blocks and cutting doughs.


 Skimmer food preprations tools
A flat, stainless steel perforated disc, connected to a long handle. It is used to skim grease or food particles from soups, stocks or sauces.

Slotted kitchen spoon

Slotted kitchen spoon food preprations tools
A large stainless steel spoon with three to four slots cut into the base of the spoon so the liquid will drain of. It is used to serve large, cut vegetables or whole items without its liquid.
Solid kitchen spoon

Solid kitchen spoon food preprations tools
A large stainless steel spoon, holding about 3 ounces, used to perform the task of folding, stirring and serving.

Wood or metal paddles

wood or metal paddles food preprations tools
They come in various lengths and sizes and are used to stir foods in deep posts or steam kettles.


Food Preparations Tools  Implements

Box grater

Box grater food preprations tools
A metal box with various sized grids used to rub or wear food into small particles.

China cap

China cap food preprations tools
A pointed extra strong strainer, shaped like a chinaman’s cap. It has a long handle and hook for hanging on side of pots and is used to strain gravies, soups, sauces, and other liquids or semi-liquids.



Strainer food preprations tools
A perforated metal bowl with a fairly long handle and hook for placing across pot. It is mostly used to strain and drain all types of foods.

Wire whips

Wire whips food preprations tools
There are two types of wire whips that mostly used in kitchen. One is French whips – it is more steady. Another kind is piano whips – it is more delicate and flexible. Both of these are used for whipping eggs,cream, gravies, sauces etc.

Hand meat tenderizer

Hand meat tenderizer food preprations tools
It is solid square block of cast aluminium attached to a wooden handle. The aluminum block is cast with two chopping grids. It is mostly used for pound an break the muscle fibers of tough cuts of meat. It make the meat more tender.


Cooking utensils food preparations tools

Bake pan

Bake pan food preparations tools
A rectangular, aluminum pan with straight or sloped medium-high walls and loop handles. Bake pans are used for baking apples, macaroni, and certain meat and vegetable items.

Roasting pan

Roasting pan food preparations tools
A generally large, rectangular, medium to high-walled metal pan. Roasting pans can be purchased with or without covers and come in various sizes to fit any size oven. They are used for roasting beef, pork, veal, etc.


Braiser food preparations tools
A shallow-walled, large round pot. It has a large surface that comes in contact with the heat for quicker heating, has loop handles for easy lifting, and is very heavy to resist warping under high heat. It is used for braising, stewing, and searing meats. Braisers are available in sizes from 15 to 28 quarts.

Double boiler

Double boiler food preparations tools
Consist of two containers. The bottom part resembles a stock pot and holds the boiling water, the upper section is suspended in the boiling water, thus preventing contact with direct heat. A double boiler is used to prepare items that will scorch quickly if they come in contact with direct heat. Items such as cream pie fillings pudding. etc. are prepared in a double boiler. Double boilers are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 40 quarts.

Frying or saute pan

saute pan food preparations tools
A round, sloped, shallow-walled pan with a long handle and a hole in the end for easy hanging. They are generally made of aluminum and range from 7 to 16 inches in the top diameter. Frying or saute pans are used to saute vegetables and some meat items. They are very useful food preparations tools.
Steel skillet

Steel skillet food preparations tools
It made of thick, heavy iron. They hold heat well and are used for pan-broiling and rising such items as chicken, pork chops. veal cutlets.

Sauce pot

Sauce pot food preparations tools
A fairly large, round, slightly deep pot with loop handles for easy lifting. It is used for cooking on top of the range when stirring and whipping is necessary. They are very useful food preparations tools.

Sheet pan

Sheet pan  food preparations tools
A very shallow, rectangular, metal pan used for baking cookies,sweet cakes, and sheet pies. Sheet pans are available in various sizes.


Skewer food preparations tools
A pin of wood or metal used to hold foods together or in shape while broiling or sautéing them.

Stock pot

Stock pot food preparations tools


A large, round, high-walled pot made of either heavy or light metal. It has loop handles for easy lifting and in some cases, is equipped with a faucet for drawing off contents. It is used for is ailing and simmering items, such as turkeys, homes for stock. ham.


Baking implements food preparations tools


Bench brush

Bench brush food preparations tools
A long, thin brush with long black or white bristles set in vulcanized rubber with a wooden handle. A bench brush is used to brush excess flour from the bench when working with pastry Toughs.

Flour sifter

Flour sifter food preparations tools
A round metal container varying in height and diameter, with a sieve or screen stretched across the bottom. A device, such as a paddle wheel, is installed to help work the material being sifted through the sieve. The purpose of the sifting is to make products light and fluffy.

Pastry brush

Pastry brush food preparations tools
Similar to a paint brush. A narrow shaped implement made of bristles or other material fixed to a plastic, metal or wooden handle. They are used to brush on icing or egg wash (a mixture of egg and milk) when working with certain types of pastry.

Pastry tubes

Pastry tubes  food preparations tools
It is the metal canister with metal tips with various shaped openings used to decorate cakes, canapes,cookies etc.

Rolling pin

food preparations tools Rolling pin

A roller, made of wood, tenon and of her materials, ranging in size from 10 1/2 to 25 inches. Handles are attached on each side of the roller rolling pin is used to roll pie dough, dough. biscuit dough, etc.


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