5 Effective And Yummy Weight Gain Recipes

5 Effective And Yummy Weight Gain Recipes

weight gain recipes

 Weight gain recipes is a term taken too lightly. When people think about weight gain food or recipes they don’t think about eating healthy or food rich in nutrition. They think about feeding their stomach because it’s more about gaining weight than being conscious about your health.

Many people trying to gain weight abuse their stomach with anything they can get their hands on. You can gain weight on a diet of healthy food that is just as delicious and effective for your weight gain propaganda.

We have also added a list of foods that you can consume for gaining weight after the recipes so that you shan’t have any shortage of variety.


# Food Dishes:

1. Omelet.

weight gain recipes omelet


Eggs (2), Grated Potato, chopped onion, Grated carrots (2), Cumin seeds (1 tsp), Finely chopped Coriander leaves (1 tbsp),  Salt and pepper powder to taste and melted butter (2 tbsp).


  • You need to heat a frying pan on medium heat and then add butter (1 tbsp) to it and let it melt.
  • Now add cumin seeds and fry them. Next, add onions and fry them till they turn golden brown.
  • After that add the grated potato to the pan and fry it till it turns golden brown as well.
  • You’ll need a mixing bowl to beat the eggs until they are mixed properly.
  • Next, add fried potato and onion, coriander leaves, carrots, salt, and spices. And gently combine the ingredients to form a mixture.
  • Heat up a large omelet pan on medium heat. Now pour the eggs mixture on the pan and sprinkle 1 tbsp butter on it.
  • Flip the omelet when its bottom part turns a brown color and cook it for few more seconds.
  • That’s it. A healthy calorie rich omelet is ready to be served.


2. Cookies (Oatmeal).

weight gain recipes oatmeal cookies


An egg, Oats (2 cups), Protein powder ( 2 scoops), Unsweetened applesauce ( ¼ cup), Melted butter (1 tsp), Toasted shredded coconut ( 1 tbsp), honey (1 tbsp), and ground almonds (3 tbsp).


  • Heat up your oven to 180° C. Then add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and combine them.
  • The next step is to grease the cookie sheet.
  • Use a tablespoon to place cookie scoops on the greased cookie sheet with a 1-inch distance between each scoop.
  • Bake it for 20 minutes. After that cool it down before you try to gobble it up.

# Smoothie:

These are much easier to prepare as compared to the two food dishes we have seen as all you need are the ingredients and a decent blender.

1. Strawberry and banana shake:

weight gain recipes banana and strawberry


Large strawberries (5), A banana, Peanut butter ( 2 tbsp), Plain yogurt ( ¾ cup), and Full-fat milk ( 2 tbsp).


First, you have to add the banana, milk, and yogurt to the blender. Blend it till it’s smooth.

Now, add strawberries and peanut butter to that mixture and then blend it till its smooth.

That’s about it. You don’t need to put much effort in this smoothie and still get to have a healthy smoothie that will fill your stomach and help you gain weight.


2. Walnut Smoothie.

weight gain recipes walnut


Walnuts ( 1 cup), A banana, Protein powder (1 scoop ), avocado and apple (½ each), Spinach (1 cup), and coconut oil ( 1 tbsp).


  • Put the walnuts in water and soak them for half an hour. After they are soaked for 30 minutes add all the ingredients, including them to the blender.
  • You might have to blend it a little more than your regular smoothie to ensure that the walnuts are properly blended. This will give you a real walnut smoothie experience. Otherwise, you can always have a smoothie with bits of walnut in it.

3. Oat Smoothie.

weight gain recipes oats


Oatmeal ( 1 ½ cups), Whole milk ( 2 cups), Greek yogurt ( 1 cup), Protein powder ( 2 scoops), A banana, Almond butter (2 tbsp), and coconut oil (1 tbsp).


All you have to do is blend it all together till everything is mixed properly. And your smoothie is ready to be served or drunk, whatever you want to do with it.

# Food List for weight gain.

1. Banana:

We have already used this in at least 3 of our recipes in this post alone. It’s a rich source of energy for your body. You are not limited to just eating a banana.


You can try out various recipes that involve banana. As it covers the trifecta of being delicious, affordable and healthy it is one of the preferred weight gain fruit.

2. Rice:

If you have ever been on a steady diet of rice, you’d never deny that rice is one of the top foods to be consumed for gaining weight.

Not only does it have loads of calories but it even gives you energy. Adding it to your diet won’t make a dent in your budget as it is as affordable as any food can get.

3. Red meat and Salmon Fish:

If your interest is more in the area of building muscles then red meat recipes are the way to gain that weight.

And if that’s not enough it also has loads of calories that could lead to gaining weight.

With salmon fish or oily fish, you’ll have your protein and fats shot.

4. Nuts.

We have already seen a few recipes on this list that covers this particular food. They are a good source of the energy and calories.

Along with that, you can also try nut butter, and you don’t need anyone to tell you how butter always means fat.

5. Milk.

Builds your muscles as well as helps you gain weight. It is a good source of protein as well as fat. So, yeah it is healthy food anyway.

You must have been told to stay away from dairy products when on diet to lose weight. Fortunately, this is about gaining weight.

Let’s not forget all kinds of protein powder that is available in the market today. You can get them in flavors if you are tired of plain old vanilla. They are so many fruits and nuts combinations for you to try.

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