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I’m Antonio Centeno I’m the founder of real men real style today gentlemen I’m going to talk about nine factors that affect hair loss in men this is based on a 2013 study out of plastic reconstructive surgery Journal yes.

There is a journal called that and what they found is they brought it’s a pretty cool study they brought in ninety-two identical sets of twins and they went through and they identified the nine factors, in addition, they gave six things six steps that you can take to help prevent hair loss.

Now before I get into this too deep guys I want to be very clear that correlation does not equal causation and if that doesn’t make any sense to you go check in the comments I’m sure we’ve got some scientific scientists or some people that have a science background that understand that but the basis is you have to take this with a grain of salt even though there were people with 20-pound brains doing this type of research.

I really like the fact they had 92 identical twins which help to offset a lot of the genetic stuff but you’ve got to say okay this is you know it’s almost the individual basis so go check out the article.

I’m going to link over to the research I’ll link to the article as well down in the comments down below and if you enjoy this if you want more let’s say studies or you want more information about how you can understand the science of style to control your personal image.

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I’ve got that for you over there as well go check it out the personal image system I’m going to link to it down below but now let me get into those nine points so the nine factors that affect hair loss in men number one should be no surprise that’s genetics so these what they discovered is the biggest factor again.

If you had someone in your family and I’ll let you guys answer in the comments do you think it’s on your father’s side or on your mother’s side we’ll talk about that in the article but I will say that if you have family history of hair loss most likely you’re going to experience that’s point number one now factor.

Number two is going to be your age yes as you get older hair loss becomes a bigger issue that was no surprise it didn’t matter what said you know what twin it was depending on the age they both saw hair loss.

Number three children now I’ve got four kids so I guess I am in trouble because more kids that you have more hair loss you will experience and that makes sense usually more kids equal more stress.

Number four diet and so if you have a lot of caffeine you’re drinking a lot of coffee you are most likely going to experience some hair loss if you are a heavy alcohol drinker meaning more than four drinks a day then you will experience hair loss but here’s where it gets interesting if you abstain from alcohol you also experienced hair loss so we’ll talk about that a little bit later.

Now let’s talk about smoking so this is factor number five yes if you smoke that would affect your you would have more likelihood of hair loss.

As well when it came to disease especially skin disease if you had suffered from any type of that you were going to experience a higher level of hair loss.

So number seven clothing this is where it gets interesting everything else I just talked about a lot of you guys is like oh I’m not going to stop drinking my coffee but here’s a lot of us have heard that wearing a hat can cause us to have a receding hairline or to have hair loss but what they discovered is that’s not true actually wearing a hat actually meant that you were going to keep your more your hair and they in tribute this to possible damage from the Sun.

So if you want to keep your hair consider wearing hat that’s not just a ball cap you can also bring it I’m a big fan of Sun hats especially whenever I travel down south or go to an airshow I love wearing a nice straw Sun Hat which keeps us off my head keeps me cooler now apparently is going to prevent or help reduce the chance that I’m going to be losing all my hair on top of my head so we talked about clothing that’s factor number seven.

Factor number eight is going to be stress I talked about this earlier about with kids but if you can reduce your stress levels then you are more likely to keep the hair on your head.

Factor number nine hormones so a higher level of testosterone also meant that you are going to keep the hair on your head now how can you increase your testosterone.

I’ll just say the things that a lot of men need to be eating I know some of you guys are vegetarians so let’s go ahead and there are other things you can introduce in your diet to increase levels of testosterone the key is to pay attention to this and try to keep those levels up so again correlation does not equal causation.

But let’s talk about the six things that you can do to help prevent hair loss number one reduce stress notice how it’s directly related to the nine factors we just talked about number two is to cut back on the caffeine number three is to quit smoking number four is to drink moderately so we’ve noted that one’s interesting because if you don’t drink at all or if you drink more than four drinks but what they found is men that drank alcohol moderately meaning between one and four drinks.

So a glass of wine perhaps in the evening all of a sudden actually that did have an effect and they were less likely to have there basically to lose their hair we also have a point number five where a hat when you can maybe get into the habit doesn’t have to be a baseball cap you can look at Sun Hat you can look at four doors you can look at something just bring back the Hat and part number six is actually increase your levels of testosterone as I said.

I’m going to link over to an article where we’re going to go into that in more detail that could be a video in honour of itself so let me know what you guys think did you enjoy this video did you find out anything new what did you think about the Hat thing have you heard that old wives tale that supposedly hats cause balding I’d like to hear from you guys in the comments and if you want more information like this you know where to go not only at realmenrealstyle.com where I’ve got tons of free articles free content if you want more interaction than go check out my personal image system take care guys see in the next video bye bye you

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