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I really do feel like a roommate this hair is crazy, I’m going to show you how I achieve this hair color without bleaching and what’s my process we have damaging my hair and taking good care of my hair this videos in partnership with the function of beauty that I have it front here so thank you so much for partnering with me I absolutely love this stuff but I’ll tell you guys about it more.

When I get deep into the showering and conditioning but I am very happy like my hair feels super healthy so this is my real hair the one that looks straight and it feels so shiny and so soft and it hasn’t been like that in a long time but anyway let’s get into the process oh my god first of all I just woke up but I have like this horrible face and I’m also doing my monthly um Hannah freckles you guys have no idea what it is and you’re asking why I have like bird poop on my face is because of them I use henna to make my freckles it only lasts for like probably a week.

I would say but anyway so this is what it is I’ve never done this before I’ve always bleached my hair whenever I wanted to use a new color today I’m going to try to use a hair removal which I just got it out of Amazon but we’ll see how it goes it’s this one it comes in this really it’s revolution so we’ll see oh no it’s from color beef or I really hope it works we’re going to make this two first and now we have to shake it for like a minute or so this smells really really bad by the way it smells really bad but I’m just going to quickly put it all over my head I’m trying to go by sections so it makes it easier but it was a very strange feeling um but as I was putting on I was noticing how the color was like fading is starting to go yellow so.

I was like okay this works um but yes it’s best if you do it by section it’s gonna be so much easier so I’m first going to do my green side and then move on to my pink side [Music] okay this is a little bit weird but I don’t know if you guys can see this this is turning purple like put the help I’m always because of all the colors that I had underneath which I think it was only pink but maybe it’s just sort of mixing with me but I’m like what the hell this is so purple okay so the next step is to put it on place like a plastic but I don’t have one of those just I’m trying to not just plastic I see that as I use the plastic love that it came with but oh well so I’m going to try to put a plastic bag that I think I have over here serious I’m giving bill looks it’s currently I’m just so crazy anyway uh it’s currently 144 so I’ll be back at 244 um so in the meantime I’m probably gonna edit I’m trying to edit my Japan to vlog so you see if I can get that done in an hour All Right see you guys were a little bit bye [Music] it is now 2:35.

I already ate my sushi and yes I went to open up the door like this so embarrassing anyway so my hair’s pink I am so confused this side this side was a pink side right and this was a green side so in the green said it worked much better wow this is very strange I’m gonna go ahead and rinse all of this and I’m gonna use the part see so as I mentioned earlier this is in partnership with function of beauty and I wanted to be honest and transparent with you guys I’m doing collaborations that worked for me and that I’m that I really really love and this was one of them there isn’t a while I love it so much is because this shampoo and conditioner they are specific for my type of hair which is very very thin and very damaged especially in the ends from all the bleach that I did and all the heat that I’ve used on my hair and I wanted to grow a healthy hair and it’s been a journey so this has definitely helped me a lot you just take it like a two-minute quiz on their website and you tell them what you want to achieve what are your goals and what type of hair do you have it’s vegan cruelty-free with no parabens or sulfates also they give me a 20% discount code on your first order so please check that out it’s gonna be in the description box and also it comes with a pump which is always always a plus and I really appreciate it hey guys so I’m back.

I just took a shower it feels very nice and as you can see the color of the hair is like Oh honestly your camera looks white but I see green I see a lot of green and yellow but it’s not too too bad for like a first wash so I’m gonna have to run some errands and then I’ll be right back also I know the background is like the messiest thing ever is like half back drop half Halloween stuff my actual room yeah um so I’ll catch you guys in a minute yeah good morning everyone it’s the next day I I just woke up oh my god I’m so sleepy oh but it’s time to say goodbye to the Lucius Malfoy um I say hello to girls night I’m gonna be using this one by arctic fox also I lost like a second nail happened anyways so this is what I’m gonna be using and I don’t think I’m gonna mix it up with a conditioner because it’s already very passel passed out it’s like in my bowl here and I’m just gonna probably everything I also have some extensions sorry I also have some this ensures that I want to die as well so I’m going on end up using the whole bottle I’m a little.

I get a lot of compliments on my ear saying oh my gosh how does it look so good if you know you’ve dyed it so many times the reality is that it’s not good my hair is very very damaged from all the bleach especially in this part because I wanted to do the split hair again I don’t know guys can see this but do you guys see this whole part how short of it it’s the kiss it completely broke and look how short I have them in the back like look at this this is nothing what happened is I think I just put a lot of bleach in it and then it was just a lot it was a lot to take in and my hair is very very thin it’s not the strongest hair at all so that’s a reality and it looks so bad and I’ll show you guys from behind I feel like I look looked like a thank guy you know in Casper when he’s looking in the mirror and then he sees this this dead person that’s what I that’s what I look like so yeah I didn’t have much hair to start with and now I have even less but I’m trying to grow it out I’m not gonna bleach it and I just really want take care of it I’ve been trying to like use dry shampoo that’s why I’m using a function of Vito right now this is gonna take a while so you might want to watch some YouTube videos or some Netflix in the mean time which is what I’m gonna do right now.

I think also that’s why in every photo that you see my hair from behind is either in a ponytail or just hold up by Clips bobby pins or just kind of like just doing like this just kind of hiding it yeah I was a little bit self-conscious all right so here’s a final result I hope you guys like the color is this beautiful baby purple or like I like I would say um I still have some highlights that are not covered and dying but and it feels incredibly soft and it feels so shiny sorry about that it felt super super shiny I haven’t had this softness in a very very long time so that is a good sign um as I mentioned this is the partnership with functional beauty I told him that my hair was like medium to long that it was dry that it was very thin that it was damaged from bleach so this is what they sent me which by the way is mess so pretty good this Mel’s like mango oh it’s so so nice it’s a function of him Annette over there the thing that was pretty pretty sweet I I also colored my extensions so I’m gonna go ahead and put them on yes.

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