Don’t cut your hair before you do what?


I had to amp it up a little bit for you Again, thank you for watching I’m happy to have you and thank You… oh, my goodness. I asked you last time to help me do translations, and you guys have been helping me Thank you. Thank you so much for that the translation Helps me connect with every single person Around the world and even for you and people like you who tonight would enjoy the video more in your language because I know being bilingual I’m not going to see it to say I’m a polyglot but I am not really fluent in the other languages a polyglot by the way is someone who speaks like three or more languages So I feel like I know a little bit some some and the other one’s a little bit some That was another one about four of them, but I wouldn’t consider myself a polyglot.


I’m really mostly bilingual But I would get around it I Would pick in my way around if I was lost in France or Spain or something like that but I know a little bit of French and Spanish But I was saying Help me translate my videos in your language and so that when people watch them they can Watch the caption in their language in case English is my primary language, or it’s not the strongest language That’s very helpful, and you guys have been doing that so thank you guys for helping me, and thank you again come together and I hope you guys took those gift ideas that I gave you I Gave you I think our last video.


I posted four extra ones the fourth one is a surprise and I posted Before that I’ve been posting so if you need gift ideas last-minute gift ideas Inexpensive gift ideas go ahead and just look at my other videos So let’s see and I gave you the gift ideas for your family members and your friends and your loved ones Happy holidays to you guys So I don’t forget Happy Holidays Merry Christmas happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and if you don’t celebrate the holidays That’s okay. Good vibes to you I hope all of you guys enjoy the time because it’s really festive And if you’re not into the holidays like that you can’t deny having a good time and having fun with family friends So, but I’m not going to ring ramble Anymore, so I’m going to get into today’s subject, which is Should you consult your boyfriend or significant other If you want to cut your hair This is the situation so the new year is coming up, and we know people are always making New Year’s resolutions And one of the things that this young lady wants to do is just Completely cut off all her hair I think Or maybe most of it just for like a fresh start because you know what a woman cuts up her hair she means business Okay, and so she’s contemplating that. Should she consulted her boyfriend or whoever she’s dating? For me I think it really Depends on how long you’ve been talking to this person.


Because, if you’ve been talking to this person 3 weeks, They don’t even know why you sleep on the left side of the bed and not the right so you guys are not involved at deeply to Have to consult him on You know whether or not you should cut your hair, but if you guys have been dating. Let’s say for about four five years or three years or two years, I don’t think it’s something as needing permission, per say.


I think that’s a conversation that should happen naturally Because your significant other is the person you turn to Every day and tell them who pissed you off today, who you flipped off Who at work is getting on your nerves even though it clearly sounds like you are the one that’s in the wrong But they don’t tell you about that, but yeah like if you are in a happy healthy relationship Communication should be like everyday part of everyday life for you, and it should automatically come up like hey I’m thinking about kind of on fire What do you think should I do this one or that one and I’ll let you know their opinions So I think maybe you guys depending on how long you’ve been dating you need to work on your communication skills a bit because that’s a bigger issue for me and Congrats on wanting to cut your hair! You are very very bold, I’m not that brave. I’ve been thinking about cutting off my hair for like the past four years but I’m too chicken I’m a big chicken, but what I really really want though is dreads.


I think girls with dreads are so so cute but I’m always scared. I like to change up my hair I like to wear different wigs like to do afros I like to get braids And I’m just scared to cut my hairs come on Sandra. I can’t cut my hair, but, so, big ups to you on that and the other thing is I’ve settled for like the faux locs at the hair store Remember when they used to be $1.99 and now they are like $7.99 and twelve dollars for a pack that belly has six to seven branches.


It’s a ripoff Everybody trying to get down with the get-down I guess chile, but yeah If you want to cut your hair if it’s something that happened like Simultaneously you were having a day you’re like you know what I’m cutting it off that that’s it’s self-explanatory Cuz you didn’t know you were gonna Do it yourself, so how could you have mentioned it, but I think like it’s something that should come naturally And if you want to cut your hair cut your hair off it’s your hair and It will grow back your hair is a part of you so if you want it long if you want to show it if you want it gone, that’s you do you boo-boo so I mean top you can talk to your partner about it and Maybe that change your mind Maybe that’s if you want to change your mind if you don’t want to change your mind you want to go forward with it Your partner is gonna Love you regardless if you have long hair short hair – bald if you got a little TWA if you got an afro if you got faux hair fake hair.


If you got fake hair whatever it is your partner is gonna understand regardless so again you guys that was my take on it I wish you guys a happy healthy holiday, and happy healthy new year And I hope to see you guys again again Please help me translate my video and your language and make the content more enjoyable for all of you And you can translate it in English I believe I mentioned that in the last video not this one you can help me translate it in English and if you want to See how the caption comes up all you have to do is click on the caption Like it says CC while you’re watching the video and then the captions are automatically gonna come up in the language that you have YouTube on the other thing a lot of people keep telling me you guys haven’t been getting my Notifications when I post please make sure that you see the little bell, I think by where the subscribe is That’s your notification if that is not activated if that’s turned off you won’t be able to see my notifications you have to turn on the notification so you can see When I post until you can watch my videos because I get that a lot people are like hey have you been posting? What’s going on? I have been posting I have been very active so if you don’t see a video for me at least on a Saturday Just know probably your notification is off so you’re not receiving that okay, so I will talk to you guys very soon.


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