Bleaching my hair ? & seeing Phony Ppl live!


I started that we’re going to come together to go I think there are a lot of people who are here already I took a peek inside they will be standing oh and I just got home from the concert I had so much fun I was dancing the whole time my feet are like numb right now cuz I was talking morons and I haven’t broken them and yet but seriously that was one of the best concerts I’ve been to it’s like the only concert that I was smiling throughout the entire show from beginning to end I loved their energy.


I just loved it so much funny people you guys are the best and please come back to Seoul somewhere that some of you guys we’ve been familiar with for those of you who follow Joe Romeo Beauty house and today I came to get my hair done here as well it’s my first time ever but I saw how good he was at coloring hair that I just wanted to get my hair done by him I’m really excited but nervous at the same time because I’m planning on bleaching my hair which I haven’t done since like pretty pretty era so I’m pretty nervous about that I’m just going to ask him what would look good on me cuz I don’t know I have no idea that he’s a professional he did say it was going to take around 4 hours so I’m here it is 1 p.m.


Right now I’m going to miss you around here maybe just a little I love this Barbie so many interesting things here they said I got to bleach my hair at least twice maybe three times it still doesn’t come out well I haven’t done this in forever kind of nervous but excited hello together yeah listen concussion dr. Pavone elicited very combative the girl [Applause] after bleaching once really light really looks sky-blue.


I’m blond what that’s going to be darker on the top and it’s going to be like silverish on the bottom I like this color right now too though just look so funny today [Music] this is how it looks when it’s all wet and then I cut my hair a little bit I’m a little inside because I have way too much hair and you could see how it falls like very heavy but I wanted to look like flowy and effortless but so too much hair that ends around the same length that people got to do or not do music well ah sing about your experiences for now looks blue here blue gray.


I really like it was like depending on the lighting it looks sometimes it looks great incidental though sometimes it looks Brown so excited to see how it looks once it starts fading away I feel like it makes me look a little white or – I just got home for the video and I just have to quickly sit down and talk about my hair because I’m so happy with the way it came out my gosh I can’t get over it I feel so bad like not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good you know I was originally going to go for like the blonde but he set the gray fades really quickly – blonde in like a matter of two weeks so I was like okay why not start off with gray if it’s going to fade to blonde anyways I did leech my hair twice so yeah this is going to eventually fade.


I’m excited to see what it would look like after every wash as well I love it my captain he’s really nice or he goes by the name of Jose he’s super friendly and one of the other workers there was telling me how the hair salon has their own hair dye and treatment stuff but captain he buys these like special hair dyes from Japan and hair treatment out of his own pocket money because he just believes in you know using the best products for his clients thank you for making me look like this bad bad girl

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