7 Skin Care Tips for Women

We all want to age gracefully Part of that process should include taking care of your skin from head to toe You don’t want to have a glowing face and have the rest of your body looking like it needs to be ironed.

So here are seven easy tips to care for your skin First cleanse your face at least twice a day use a mild cleanser only at night if your skin is excessively dry Use toner to tighten up your pores.

Second moisturize Start with a facial serum and top with a cream moisturizer use it all over your face Around the back of your ears and down your neck add a body cream for the rest of your body.

Third use sunscreen Protect your skin from the Sun with Sun hats and long sleeve tops.

Fourth Exfoliate once a week use cream based exfoliate for dry skin a gel scrub for oily skin 5.

If you smoke quit Sixth Decide and stick to a healthy way of eating stay away from processed foods Take a cooking class to learn how to cook from scratch if you already know how get back to doing it Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your daily food consumption.

Seventh Hydrate hydrate hydrate Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to flush out toxins and replenish any fluids. You’ve lost during the day Follow these simple suggestions faithfully. I promise you’ll feel better when you look in the mirror. Thanks for joining us for Thrive Time Remember, we’re a community together for Maximum Living.

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