How to Build An Effective Skincare Routine for Clear Skin: for ALL Skin Types

Hello people! Welcome back! Rolina and Felisha are here. With the thousands of products, tips and routines that exist it can get a little confusing. What are the steps we really need to follow and what are the additional steps? The purpose of every routine is to give us the essential safety features, that ensure the skin functions properly. Another goal is to supplement and help any problems that occur from time to time or across different periods of life. Things like preventing pimples, treating hyperpigmentation, soothing inflammations and rashes are all conditions that can change on a daily basis. Skin care and beautification are an opportunity to notice the external changes in our skin, because most of them are related to what is below the surface. As with all good things, we need to start with the basics so we start changing things, remove and try new products the right way. Otherwise, we will easily go wrong with all the products and we will make a mess. That is all we have mentioned so far: pimples and rashes.

So today we will talk about it what is a healthy skin barrier and why it is important the four main products in the skin care routine, regardless of age or skin type. Products that are not part of the basics but you can include in a more advanced skin care regimen. And breaking the tariffs on product use, when is the time to change the routine and why. Before we start building the basics, let’s talk about the skin barrier first. Sturdy skin barrier. The reason we put anything on our skin is to maintain and build a healthy barrier between us and the outside world.

Our skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin known as the stratum corneum. Because our skin has three main layers, starting with the bottom layer – the hypodermis, which is the deepest skin tissue made from fats and tissues and then follows the dermis, which is the connective tissue. Oily glands, hair follicles, sweat glands and all that. And at the top is the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin and acts as a waterproof shield between us and the environment.

Each layer has an important function in ensuring healthy skin. So today we will focus on the epidermis. The top layer is stratum corneum and helps protect against things like bakery, toxic chemicals, free radicals, ultraviolet rays from the sun and any outward gadorias that enter and injure the lower layers of skin. In addition, this layer helps conserve water in her body the epidermis is made up of a pile of flat cells or horny matter and each one has a thick fat shell, which is known as the lipids that surround it.

Sort of like a wall of bricks that keep the precious water inside the skin to keep it healthy and hydrated and no wrinkles. When it works well, the skin is hydrated, fluffy and healthy. But when it breaks down, so does skin health. So the key to healthy and shiny skin is make the skin barrier or epidermis happy. When the skin barrier weakens, the skin begins to lose water and dry. The brick wall begins to crumble. Humpty Dumpty falls. Then the skin becomes inflamed, dehydrated and flakes outside.

Pimples may appear because the barrier is at risk and bacteria can invade by causing things like premature aging of the skin due to dryness, as well as skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. This is the skin barrier. We now know why we should use all these products. Because we help restore moisture, which protects and provides hydration to our skin, for it to function strong and sound. The basics: Think of your routine as 4 basic steps. The first is cleaning: washing your face, after dava is tonic, hydration, which balances the skin, then moisturizing or hydrating and softening the skin, and sunscreen for protection and prevention. You may be thinking serums, eye creams and oils? We’ll explain these in a bit. But before that, we mentioned which ones are the most important in any basic routine, whether you are 15 or over 60. Okay, let’s start with the cleaning product first. In fact, that’s what we talked about in every video for skin care.

But we will repeat it again because it is really important. All of these steps, the first step is cleaning up, yes remove things like dirt, grease, dead cells that are on our skin and all the gadori that make their way to our pores clogging them and causing pimples. Therefore, cleaning is important for everyone. The difference in people is how often they wash their face and what kind of cleaning product they use. For some types of dry skin, clean with a cotton swab and micellar water is enough in the morning, and then use a cleaning product in the evening to remove it all the dirt and germs of the day. Those with dry skin are good at sticking to milk, gel or cream cleansers. Because they are gentler and will not hurt the skin barrier by removing too much of the natural oils from the face. And for oily skin type, you can use a cleaning product with things like salicylic acid, because it is a really gentle way to make sure your skin does not get oily either will be maintained.

When washing your face, give it a try wash it for about 2 minutes so that the ingredients really get into the pores and get the job done right. If it’s too fast, is unnecessary because we only spray our face with water. And always use light circular motions in each area. Cheeks, forehead and nose. I got home and saw my sister wash her face. and she was literally doing this. I was shocked. She’s like my father. YES! Like a man! Oh, God, it’s not right. This is how you stretch your skin. I like to use cleaning oils before the cleaning product itself, to remove all the makeup because of double cleaning you first use an oil-based product to melt your makeup. Oils attract oils, and so things like the von de ten are easily removed. When you remove them, you can continue with water-based cleaning products that remove debris. It is very important to wash your face well in the evening even if you didn’t wear makeup because moisturizers and sunscreens are mixed with dirt and simple environmental pollutants and things in the air. They will cause you pimples.

So make sure you clean it well before going to bed. Our favorite cleaning products that have passed the time test, that we have been using all these years are Xrave Matcha Hemp Cleaning Product, Indie Lee’s Purifying Face Wash The Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleaning Product La Roche-Posay BHA Cleaning Product and and the 9 Wishes Rice Cleaning product with gentle exfoliating particles Don’t you feel like we’ve talked a lot about these? Yes. In fact, Indie Lee’s is a new addition and the texture is similar to that of Xrave Matcha Hemp. It’s like jelly. It’s not – I think with Xrave, if you do is a little sticky. Indie Lee’s is not. But the feeling is wonderful! It feels like a wet cloud on your skin when you start. It made me excited about cleansing my face in the morning. I wake up! I clean my face! Thank you, Indie! This one is really good and fits all skin types, it’s good during the day and night. He is very gentle and smells really good. Then with the rice scoop on 9 Wishes.

Micro rice grains are extremely tender. You can use it every day and it’s a great physical exfoliant. Then with La Roche-Posay. It is also a new addition for me. It was $ 15 and is one of the best BHA cleaning products in pharmacies, which I have ever tried. It has the same texture and texture as Drunk Elephant. It is colorless, but not like jelly, but gel. So it’s a little more liquid. You can use morning and evening, every day. Although it has 2% BHA, it is gentle enough. For people with oily skin – definitely stay away from it. But for those with the combo it is very good! We move on to Tonics and Hydrators.

The first step to glowing and clear skin is hydration, right? Not just for people with dry skin, and for all skin types. We all need hydration and as mentioned earlier our body and every layer of our skin needs water to function. Hydrating products such as tonics and moisturizers are products made to increase water content. Most tonics are water based, created by specific ingredients such as moisturizing plant extracts and essential oils. Humidifiers have the ability to attract water from the environment through absorption and adsorption. And just to clarify a little these two terms – Absorption and adsorption differ slightly. Absorption is a process when a substance passes and dissolves. So if water gets into your hair, it goes inside and dissolves inside. Adsorption is when an atom or molecules are attracted and attached to a surface or material. So skin and hair moisturizers can do both. Wow! This is what it means to seal water in your skin! Fun fact! Humidifiers such as hyaluronic acid work best in humid environment where there is a lot of moisture in the air, when it is wet or rainy.

Otherwise, they can extract moisture from your skin, which is not effective. Humidifiers can function by formula, but depending on what the skin needs, will not provide the skin with enough hydration. Like her. If only used moisturizer and nothing else the skin will remain dry. It will do nothing. You need a tonic too. We say it because you probably think so “Oh, my moisturizer has moisturizing ingredients and moisturizes pretty well” But the ingredients in your moisturizer they don’t always get deep, because the molecular sizes of these tonics and serums are much smaller compared to humidifiers.

If you have dry skin and only use a moisturizer, chances are you feel like you need to apply it several times a day. Where are my dry skin girls? I think this is a mistake! – Not you! No, certainly not me. People who are smaller and now start with skin care, they may be misled because they may have really dry skin but only use a lightweight moisturizer. In short, since tonics and moisturizers are mostly made of water, they should be absorbed almost immediately into the skin. And don’t forget to apply moisturizers or tonics first. Because then there will be nothing to be sealed by the humidifiers. The ones I use are the essence of Tatcha and the Ling Skincare hydrator And I’m in love with Laneige Skin Refiner Cream. It’s magic! These three products are very moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. The third step is moisturizing. And you might be surprised because we already made two videos about it, but this is one of the main products that everyone should include in their routine.

So come on – moisturizer. The main responsibility of the humidifier is to reduce trans-epidermal water loss building a layer on the surface of the skin. Humidifiers can reduce the risk of evaporation of the existing moisture during the day. Healthy and normal skin is capable of producing lipid cells and these cells cause skin protect against moisture loss. Which communicates with our sebaceous glands to produce soil oils and sebum. Those with a broken lipid barrier often suffer from conditions of dry skin because the skin is not capable of covering the surface of the skin with the necessary amount of sebum, causing loss of hydration. So the moisturizer should help with the adjustment of the lipid barrier so that the skin can regain its balance. And the key word is to help because these products are only part of the solution and they don’t fix everything themselves for every skin condition. The products we like as moisturizers are that of Differin Oil Control with acne prone skin sunblock. I love First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair face cream.

and an alternative to pharmacies is the CeraVe moisturizing lotion. I like Differin’s because it protects from the sun, but it is not greasy or leaves white marks. It is very lightweight and helps to mattify the skin of the face. One day I decided to give it a try and I asked my colleagues: Does my face look different? And she replied “It’s not that fat” because about 11 o’clock it’s already greasy, but this one really helps in this case. And that of First Aid Beauty is a deeply hydrating moisturizer no frills and no scent, nothing was added unnecessarily. He does exactly what he needs to do. And it is very good for sensitive skin.

Now that we have hydrated our skin, we have sealed hydration and moisturizing, the next step is to protect it. Sunscreen! Sunscreens are important for every routine! They are one of the most effective ways, if not the most effective way to keep our skin young. Because most wrinkles, lines and pigments occur when the skin is exposed to the sun without being protected. You may not think much about sunscreen if you are still young.

You think that youth is on your side or if you like skin with tan, this will come back to you because the skin will not recover when you grow up. This is what I struggle with. Things like freckles, traces of acne, hyperpigmentation. It will take a long time to get away. Ultraviolet light directly attacks collagen and elastin in the dermis. This is the necessary protein in the skin to make it look tight, fluffy and young. So sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! There are so many non-greasy types. They are not like the white layer that rescuers put on before. The sunscreens we like are Beet the Sun cows, CosRX Aloe Soothing sunscreen.

These are Korean creams. There is something about Korean products and their formula. I’m a big fan of them. They are quite light. Like silk, but it protects. And they are affordable. We covered the basics, the basis of skin care that everyone and their mothers and their fathers, brothers, sisters, grandmother, grandfather, everyone needs. Let’s move on to products, which we can add to our routine. Once we have established our foundation, what works, these are the ones you can play with. For us personally, sera are part of our basic routine because sera deliver an effective amount of the active ingredients for the skin and enhances hydration after the tonic.

No matter which serum you use, it will hydrate as well as other benefits like clarification with vitamin C. It’s usually like a serum, helps remove acne scars. Fully hydrates and helps control oils with ingredients such as salicylic acid. Skin care is like any other routine in life, whether it’s training mode, eating mode, whatever, nice things happen when you give them enough time and patience. So if starting with a new product we can’t say it doesn’t work after we’ve tried it once or twice or if you don’t see the difference right away. Many products will take at least two to four weeks of use to see any difference even things like Vitamin C and especially Retinol.

Things like these need more time to earn. Check out our Serum video if you want to find out more because we go into detail there for everything related to sera. Moving on to eye creams. We have a whole video about treating the eye area, where we talk about swelling and dark circles. Why are there? How to get rid of them? Can we get rid of them? Mostly it depends on the internal functioning of our body and less on that what we put on our eyes and face. So eye creams are optional, but we know that many people like them. I also like to use them. Just remember that you can use face moisturizer and put very little in the eye area. This will be enough to keep her hydrated. But don’t use a chemical scrub there. I did it for a while. We were shocked! Felicia was shocked.

Stick to simple things like ceramides, all the moisturizers in the pharmacies are good. Night creams. Our body enters nighttime repair mode and repairs any damage while you sleep. We also lose a lot of hydration while sleeping. Night creams are usually thicker and denser, because of the loss of hydration at night and while we sleep, so if it is not sealed, we can wake up with dry and dehydrated skin. You do not need to go to buy night cream. I know a lot of moisturizers that just write a night cream or a mask when sleeping. These masks can also be used during the day, right? At each pampering session. It’s about using a humidifier, which is a little thicker but does not clog the pores.

It may be the same as day cream. I always use day cream in the evening. And after this.. The scrubs! When it comes to scrubs and scrubs, there are physical and chemical. We have a separate video dedicated entirely to this and explaining what the difference is. So if you want a more detailed explanation, watch it. Yes. When it comes to chemical exfoliation, many people are interested, but they are also confused at the same time. A basic rule of thumb is what to avoid.

With physical exfoliators, Avoid coarse pellets and scrubs because they can hurt the skin instead of helping. Focus on it, though it doesn’t sound gentler, the chemical scrub. Like fruit enzymes that are ANA and gently remove to remove glue and oil and also the dead cells that have collected and invaded the pores. ANA and BHA are in many skin products like tonics, serums, moisturizers and even masks. So if you are starting now, we recommend you start with a tonic with ANA or BHA. Look for a small percentage. As soon as your skin gets used to it, you can look for a higher percentage.

Your skin will adapt itself. Always lower is better – like 1% or even less than 1% and then slowly upgrade. These are transitional supplements, that you can add to your routine. We are now on the last ladder where the additional decorations are. The top of the pyramid. Yes. This includes face masks, home peels, retinol and all sorts of gadgets and gadgets. These are definitely not needed in the routine, but it’s a good idea to have one. Like a gloss, it’s something or luxury.

Face masks are serums placed on the face with a cotton sheet, and peeling is an exfoliant. Retinol you’ll need it after 25. Each tool is an additional addition to the method of application, to help. You can shake things up as soon as you build the foundations. Then you will know how and when to include them. For tools, we use Foreo, there is more Clarisonic, Vanity Planet, there are also Jade rollers, Like the charcoal mushrooms you can use, cognac sponge.

They help and assist in doing things like cleaning product and things that are definitely helpful, but not mandatory. We will summarize the basics, additional products and small decorations we can add, so the next question we are left with is probably: How do we know when it’s time to change it? First, I want to mention the myth of routine. A product does not stop working when your skin gets used to it. Rather, it is because your skin, your body and the environment are constantly changing. This will change the condition of your skin over time. It can get colder and then the skin needs more hydration. Or hormones make your skin react, so that the skin is greasy than usual. Which means that the product you usually use, it will also need to change in order to adapt to the change. Other signs you should To change the skin care routine are: If your skin looks red or inflamed. Your products start to burn when you have not changed anything.

Skin rashes and small pimples form on the skin. Having mentioned it, let’s look at the buds and uneven skin. When we say uneven, there are many kinds of irregularities we have in mind. But these are closed comedones, and they come out for many reasons. But if a lot of your cheeks or chin suddenly come out, or wherever, it may be a signal that the product you are using is too oily for your skin. It may be of background or or the primer you started using, or moisturizer, or just something new that doesn’t fit with your routine. This is a sign that something needs to change.

Two days ago I woke up with a huge cheek friend, but in principle things do not go out on my face. There is one huge one on the cheek and five or six smaller ones around it. When you see a purulent pimple on your face something has gone wrong. The big one was full! And after this? What happened? Did you start using something new? I always try products. I think I used Krave Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum I don’t think anything in it will provoke a reaction.

I went swimming so maybe chlorine, it can be very drying. And the next day I went and put something like “natural” in the place there was salicylic acid. But also like oatmeal or something and every time I used this product, my face was starting to itch and get inflamed with small pimples, and that happened again. So these things are an indication from the body that it repels something telling you it doesn’t work. It may be due to the order in which you use them, or something in the ingredients, or the diet or the environment. There was one time I ate a quarter can of SPAM and then I had pimples for two weeks. It was like, “I want SPAM.” It was very tasty with noodles. It was a healthy noodle tree. There was bok choy (Chinese cabbage). It’s a great ingredient to deal with such pimples BHA or salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is soluble in oil so it penetrates easily deep in the pores and kills the bacteria that get stuck and cause things like pimples and irregularities.

Or it may hit you land and suddenly dehydrate. Particularly dry skin. If you use the same product but realize it is already drying, and before he did miracles, there can be three reasons. First – the skin changes. Second – the environment or the change of season. And third – the current products are drying too much. At the first point, our skin goes through phases hormones have been raging since we were teens and our skin looks worse than ever. Then it goes into the 20’s and between 20 and 30 and so on. The skin begins to lose collagen and it gets drier. With all these skin and body changes, the skin will need changes to adapt. Then you usually add or replace some of your products. You add these little decorations to your routine and products like Retinol or heavier creams and chemical scrubs. When it comes to the seasons, we usually have a summer routine and a winter routine. because we need protection and oiling in the winter months, when we lose a lot of hydration by evaporation.

And in the summer, we switch to lighter creams like sweat-fighting gels and moisture as a factor. Another reason why the skin may dry, is because the mix of products we use can be too drying. Which causes the skin barrier to break down. For example, if we use too much ANA and BHA all the time for a long time to fix any problem, it may have helped in the beginning to remove the pimples on the cheeks. But if we continue to use it, is possible to dry too much. When you think your pimples are coming out or your skin is getting clogged, start using BHA or ANA and after 2/3 days you can to see that the skin is recovering and returning to normal. Then go back to the gentler products. Sometimes when you’re bored, you want to spend, watch lots of skin care videos, so we are all excited to see the new products on offer, or hear about them from a friend.

Worry about how cool the product packaging is. Or watch videos one by one and you just want to try something new. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about experimentation and fun, right? Yes, whatever it is, if you get one or two new products and you want to include them in your routine. Do it one by one so you know if something comes up, who is the right product and who is not. I’m careful with what I use on my skin. I read the ingredients and don’t look too crazy. I think there are more at risk of change and less risk.

The ones at higher risk are the products that get into the routine. Like a tonic, moisturizer, serum, because if you change them too much and you use something that makes your skin as new, but then change with something you use for the first time, it can easily become a mess on your face. So it doesn’t matter how much you are excited to try new things, when you have free time, you have no obligation to be somewhere or with someone. In the case of pimples or rashes or whatever, you will have at least a few days to recover.

During this time, stop using chemical scrubs and just stick to the basics of the routine no flavors, because during that time the barrier was dying and should return to normal. This was our clip for essentials or a guide to skin care routine. Because we get a lot of questions from people who want to know how to get started, but they also want to include new products or replace someone. There is always a small risk, but it is not too difficult once as you learn to swap and swap. That’s how you find out the reason why some things don’t work out right. Keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another.

We have video for every step of the routine from cleaning products to oils and face masks. But in this video, we really wanted to talk about the very basics of the routine. Yes, because many people ask, “I’m 15, what products should I use?” You only need the basic ones. You need it, everyone needs it. We hope we have clarified how to modify and add different products, when you need and how they fit into the whole scheme. So that hopefully we make better decisions and we save money. Check out our other videos. See you next time! Bye! .

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