DIY Rice Scrub + Mask

Singing koala son greenfile oh say hey book money how do you say er Dickman um my happy Lunar New Year what a great excuse to try a rice scrub and mask ready to get your carbs on on your face I mean get a bag of rice white brown whatevs I don’t discriminate you’re going to need your bowl and half a cup of rice I’m going to show you how to make a basic rice scrub you can either use the good old fashioned mortar and pestle or the trusty old rolling hen or my personal fave the blender what can I say I’m all about efficiency let’s start Berlin it might take a while but it’ll get the job done if you have a mortar and pestle just start grinding away grind up the rice until the grains are smaller and smaller as if you’re making rice flour but don’t make it too powdery we still need small rounded grains that will act like exfoliating beads something like this and if you’re like me and you love instant gratification a blender will do the job faster just fill er up as I always say blend away rice has a lot of nutrients that your skin can really benefit from this is going to be your scrub for a simple rice scrub just use it alone activate it with water and exfoliate your skin a lot of white rice has been refined so if you want more added benefits use organic brown rice it’s packed with more nutrients like vitamin E now I’ll show you how to make a skin brightening scrub all you need is a lemon mother nature’s skin brightener cut the lemon in half and you just need one side for today save the other half for the next use so you guessed it just dip the lemon half in the rye scrub and here you have it you can scrub it on your body to brighten your skin and rinse off in the shower or you can exfoliate your face to brighten your complexion for those who are battling acne you just need a little bit of honey in your life pour the rice on the honey and mix it in now your scrub is ready this is great for the face and body and I recommend using this in your shower honey has a lot of healing properties it’s an antibiotic now let me show you how to make a rice mask I have here rice paper wrappers or in Vietnamese bun-chan these are edible Vietnamese rice papers they’re pretty sturdy and flexible my mother and I used to make spring rolls together delicious and healthy get your scissors ready we’re basically going to cut out a face shape the first piece will be your forehead make a cut here and there snippety-snip and here we have the piece for the forehead so now you’re left with this just cut it in half and make two cuts here and here and now we have two pieces for your cheeks here’s what we have so far a jacked-up pokeball if you want to take the extra time to trim each piece so that it fits your face perfectly as I go for it when the mask is custom tailored for your face it’s going to feel so much more comfortable cutting this piece out so that it fits right under my mouth and not over it here it is the complete rice mask now just take out a dish pan or bowl and if you want to get a little fancy schmancy add green tea to the mix pour the warm water in your pan or bowl and again the green tea is optional green tea contains antioxidants giving your skin a boost of radiance all right now very quickly place your mask in the water 30 seconds is all you need the rice paper will be soft and stretchy but don’t be fooled it’s still strong but gentle enough for the skin now it’s time to start placing each piece on your face I’m going to start with my cheeks get the other side too ooh perfect fit now for the forehead this piece goes on the lower part of the face make sure it’s nice and snug last piece is for the nose and there you have it this mask has a natural cooling sensation so it’s gonna feel really good so just wait around 10 to 15 minutes until the cooling sensation is gone it’s dry and ready to be peeled off tada best part it’s biodegradable and if you want to be mean dare someone to eat it just kidding let’s give our skin more love this year this is the New Year special actually this is Korean BBQ beef burger actually sold on the food truck on that show cream are back by popular demand these little suckers right here going very well so cream BBQ beef burgers say hey bub my knee pad you say oh happy Lunar New Year good luck my blog at Michelle Phan comm and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram love you

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