5kg Weight Loss in 30 Days? Nadia Khan Diet Plan For Lose Weight Fast

It’s not yo-yo dieting. But there are some factors in my life which prompt me to gain weight. This is the battle of 3-4 kg which I have been fighting from childhood up til now. Due to the gain of 3-4 kg..Suddenly I starts to look bad and as soon as I lost those 3-4 kg felt like my whole face changed completely. That confidence along with a very nice feeling that comes with it.

When I signed for the drama called “comsarf” I had to play the role of the sister of Junaid, Ali and sumera. Role of a elder sister. It took me about two months. I gain five kg by eating delicious food. For three months.. I put on the extra five kg and there the end of the drama. I thought I should shed the extra weight. I did the keto. Whenever I do keto..it does not suit me at all. I get so bad-tempered. get angry easily. and I get irritated with the meal that I have to eat after long day work After gaining weight.. I have the pressure to lose the weight. My Next project was Dolly Darling, and I had to look smart.

And in the game show. I was not liking my extra weight. I was waiting for the drama to finish soon. but five kg was proving to be very difficult to get rid of. and in the end I was left with only one month and that five kg which was a huge problem for me. and I know that.. the normal diet.. which was already on very low calories. and I knew it will not make much difference to me. One month was left.. I thought..its time to do something very drastic. so that when I go for the shoot. I look slim So, I design a new plan for me. What did I do? I will tell you now. There are many things like boiled chickpeas.potato things that you take in your normal diet. These just won’t work for me I had to be on a very strict diet..which some just by looking it starts to cry. They are like “Such strict diet”, There was nothing else that I could eat. which does not make me feel hungry. I had to lose weight with the food only.

And my routine was hectic. I also needed the energy to carry on. I always experience a little bit of weakness when I am on a diet. so before the project, I had to pass this phase of weakness. What I did was. What I did the rest of the time? Some of them I am going to show you. The one I like personally is the Nutri-diet. I will show you how to make it.


along with it lot of ice. I prefer summer.. I put a lot of ice. Take the blender which can crush ice easily. It should have slush-type consistency. After that, you can add vegetables of your choice. and the combination of these with chocolate is so good. you can add banana also. I don’t feel any weakness. This box has 15 sachet. Nowadays. there’s a promotion going on Out style. This is slightly heavy packaging but we will deliver to you. In Pakistan, I brought some of the slim fast products. but they were horrible in taste. I was sure that somebody changed the expire date.

This is a huge problem, because its taste better here. and this is quite cheap too. I normally take 2-3 shakes.. if you want you can take even more in a day. Those who want drastic change they usually go with 100 g chicken. as long as you are not eating anything else. I have two bananas along with I was having tea and half digestive biscuits I also did have jujube what is this? I got it from global village..it is quite expensive. You just wont get the authentic jasmine tea in Rs 100-200 because it is not cheap.. then how can you get it so cheaply. that is usually old..pathetic..dry green tea. and I am also against the green tea which comes in sachet. You just try this one which I am drinking now. It has pure jasmine in it. it has jasmine leaves. Just like the silver tip green tea. I am sure this one is very different and you have not try it before. and if you don’t have weight loss or the soothing feeling .

Its just not possible. it has such a great taste. and whoever tasted this said that they have no idea that green tea can be this good in taste. You should definitely order this. I will recommend this also but you can get it from somewhere else. Put the leaves here at the top and with hot water turn it upside down. and when the water reaches here. take hot water not from the dispenser but should be little hot than that. you keep it like this for one minute. You have to take very little amount of it, you can use this four times. When I went to Pakistan..lot of people like this and they place so many orders for it. You can use this for two years. It helped me a lot in my weight loss journey. Normally, green tea taste very bad.. but with this.. there was no need to add anything.. I did not add lemons..or mint or anything else How big difference gain of 5 kg appear on face.

One of the good thing was the Hifu treatment my face get more thinner with that also. my jawline is more prominent now. Watch my videos on it.. and try it Click on the bell icon so that you can get notification whenever Outstyle put on a new video. .

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