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hi guys in today's video I'm showing a
very easy weight loss drink using flaxseed powder with which you'll be
able to lose up to 5 to 10 kilos in a month. Flax seeds also known as Linseeds
are the small brown seeds from the flax plant. Whole flax seeds are easily
available and so is the flaxseed powder In this video I'm using ready-made
flaxseed powder which is also known as ground flaxseed or flaxseed meal and
it's from new Nutriwish brand. Nutriwish flaxseed is cold-milled flaxseed. Cold
milling chops the seeds without heating the mill blades so the essential fatty
acids remain intact this cannot be achieved in the home as a grinder blades
get hot, therefore I always prefer buying milled flax seeds rather making at home
however, if you still wish to make it at home then simply grind the flax seeds
place them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge or freezer. I
use a lot of flax seeds in my recipes and weight loss plans because these
seeds are one of the best superfoods when it comes to weight loss flax seeds
are high in fiber and keep us full for longer it also stabilizes blood sugar
and keeps our digestion intact they are a good source of omega-3 acids an
omega-3 makes losing weight easier they also reduce inflammation and help fight
autoimmune diseases flaxseed is also a good source of lignin which reduces
blood pressure and weight now that we have some idea on flax seeds it's time
to make a flaxseed weight-loss drink Take 1 cup or 250 ml of hot water in a
glass To this add, one teaspoon of ground
flaxseeds Stir well and then add the juice of one
lemon or one lemon wedge depending on how big the lemon is.

I'm using one wedge as the lemon I'm using is quite big. Lemon juice in this drink will give some
flavor and boost of vitamin C. Vitamin C will increase body fat oxidation and
help in weight and fat loss. It also boosts your immunity regulate blood
sugar levels and gives you energy but if you are allergic to lemons or are citrus
or histamine intolerant then you may skip adding the same. The color of the
the drink would turn milky white, the moment lemon juice is added but don't worry as
it's normal. Stir again and our ground flaxseed weight-loss drink is ready. Flax
seeds are rich in proteins and dietary fiber so when you consume flax seeds the
protein in it suppresses your appetite this prevents you from overeating and
thereby helping you lose weight Do ensure to drink sufficient water in a
day to avoid getting bloated or constipated. Follow a balanced and
a healthy diet and have this drink once a day either first thing in the morning on
an empty stomach or after breakfast and before lunch or 1/r before you go to
sleep choose the time that suits you and you will start observing changes like
better metabolism improve digestion you will feel satiated for a longer time
and see reduction in body fat and weight Flax seeds can jump-start or speed up
your weight loss process so people with stagnant weight or on a diet should
definitely give this a try.

This drink is safe for all except for pregnant mothers,
people with blood pressure issues especially low BP patients as the
levels can get too low and the ones taking blood thinning medications. This
drink will also lower cholesterol levels help with hormonal imbalance and make
skin and hair healthy. Flax seed powder is easily available on Amazon and the buying links are mentioned in the description box. If you wish to know more about flax
seeds and it's dosege etc. then do refer to my previous videos on the same
Just type "Flax Seeds Versatile Vicky" on YouTube and youl'll
find it. Hope you liked this easy weight-loss drink that works. Do hit like,
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notifications and I will see you soon with a new video till then change your
lifestyle slowly and lose weight steadily…

bye bye.

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