How To Lose Weight Fast – 1Kg in 1 Day | 1000 Calories Idli Diet Plan to To Lose Weight Fast

[Title Music] Hello Friends! Welcome to Vibrant Varsha YouTube Channel. I am Varsha Anthony. Today I am going share with you Full Day Idli Diet Plan for Weight Loss. Are you bored eating Oats & Cornflakes? So this Diet Plan is for you! Idli helps in Weight Loss, because Idli is steam food. Steamed foods are low in fat and calories. Idli is a popular South Indian dish, which is popular in every Indian home today.

Those people who don't like cornflakes and oats, for them, Idlis are the best option for diet food. Idlis can be made very easily at home. and are easily available outside also. Idli is healthy food. In which, parboiled rice and urad dal are used. Friends, to make Idli – use parboiled rice, Parboiled rice means ukda rice. Parboiled rice is less processed and is low in calories. They make soft Idlis. Now let me tell you how to make soft Idli, the exact proportion of rice & dal? If you take Parboiled Rice – 3 bowls, then take Black gram (Urad Dal) – 1 bowl and add Fenugreek (Methidana) – 1 teaspoon, You can soak rice & dal together or separately, soak in water minimum for 3 – 4 hours. then make the Idli batter. Keep the batter to ferment overnight. If you plan to ferment the Idli batter during day time, then keep for at least 6 – 7 hours.

Fermented food like – Idli, Dosa & Curd are very good for health. They help boost immunity and improves digestion. Friends, generally the idlis that are made at home their approximate calories are 40-50 Cal, depends on the size. Now I am going to tell you Full Day Idli Diet Plan for Weight Loss. In the morning, at wakeup, empty stomach, drink detox water. Drink any one of the detox water from my Detox Water videos. In morning breakfast, have Idlis – 4 nos with Green Chutney. without coconut. Mid-Morning have any one fruit like – Orange / Apple / Kiwi you can either drink buttermilk – 1 glass.

You can either have green tea. I have shared the Green Tea video link in the description box below. In Lunch, have Idlis – 4 nos with sambhar, with lots of vegetables. Mid-Evening, again drink Greent Tea with 2 crackers. And for Dinner, have Idlis – 2 nos with Sambhar But friends if you have problems with gas and acidity? Then have dinner between 6:30 – 7:30 pm and take Idlis. But if you are late for dinner, then avoid Idlis. Take moong dal dosa instead of Idlis. A lot of people have problems with gases and acidity by eating fermented food at night. Throughout the day if you ever feel hungry, so you take kukumbar or apple. Consume at least 2 liters of Detox Water throughout the day. Do this diet severn days in a row. Limit Tea or Coffee intake to two cups throughout the day. And Avoid Sugar & Junk Food! Along with this diet – perform any physical activities for minimum 45 minutes, like Gym / Yoga / Walk / Swimming If you love this video, then Like It, Share with your friends and Subscribe Vibrant Varsha YouTube Channel.

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