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Hi this is Kim here. Welcome to this recording which is a hypnosis session for weight loss and mindful eating. It is a re-released recording of my 2013 hypnosis for weight loss and mindful eating. This session should be listened to as you are going to sleep, lying in your bed preferably on your back with your arms and legs uncrossed Should you need to get up either during this session or during the night, you’re able to do so, tend to whatever is needed and drift off naturally back into sleep just by bringing your attention to your body. Please only listen to this hypnotherapy recording when you can take some time for yourself and relax undisturbed.

Please do not listen to this recording when you are driving or in any place of responsibility for yourself or the well-being of others. So making yourself as comfortable as you can and you may wish to move around to find a comfortable position and when you’re ready take a deep breath in and as you breathe out close your eyes and begin to relax. If thoughts enter your mind, you simply acknowledge them and return your attention to the sound of my voice, as you focus all of your attention, your thoughts and concentration on your breathing, following each and every breath you take.

Breathing deeply in and slowly out. Allowing your breathing to become more and more relaxed. And your breathing will find a steady and even rhythm, with each breath, relax more and more. Releasing, letting go, feeling increasingly relaxed, calm, at ease and you know that this feeling is so good for you. A relaxing, pleasurable, wonderful experience. And you know that you’re in a safe and comfortable place, as you allow yourself to become more and more at ease, as you continue to focus your attention on your breathing.

Follow each breath in and each breath out. Feeling, experiencing a sense of calm, of letting go. And whatever you hear from now on, will only help you to relax deeper and deeper. You may find the sound of my voice, the rhythm of the music, more and more soothing. Helping you to relax deeper and deeper. So comforting and peaceful. And you will follow and respond to my voice, which becomes the most important sound you hear. Each and every word, taking you deeper down into blissful relaxation. Feeling so relaxed, so peaceful. The pleasurable feeling of peace and calm. And the sound of my voice goes with you and remains the most important sound you hear.

As you feel yourself relax more and more deeply, you know that this is a special time for you. A time for you to relax and enjoy away from the outside world. Aware as you begin to relax more and more, with each breath you take, with each word you hear. Knowing that this feeling is so good for you. Releasing, letting go. Relaxing deeper and deeper. And now beginning to feel this deep feeling of relaxation, I’d like you to continue to focus your awareness on your breathing. And as you do, your level of relaxation increases. With every breath your body relaxes more deeply. Breathing in calmness and tranquility. Feeling the relaxation spread to every part of your body, as you breathe in slowly and evenly, notice your breathing.

How it’s steady and even rhythm, begins to relax your body, to still your mind. And as you breathe in, you feel the relaxation of your breath begin to travel from the top of your head, down to the tips of your toes. Breathe in and breathe out. And as you do, you feel the muscles of your forehead ease and relax. Aware of those muscles in your forehead and around your eyes, as they begin to smooth and relax. You continue to breathe in relaxation. The sensation travels down your face, relaxing the muscles of your jaw, you find your jaw feels loose and relaxed. And you part your teeth just a little, letting the relaxation smooth over, soften all of your facial muscles. Now, breathing in and breathing out, you feel, experience this relaxation traveling down the back of your neck, spread across your shoulders. So that your neck shoulders and back feel relaxed and loose. And the warmth, the ease of the relaxation, travels down your body. A calm, comfortable experience, as this relaxing breath, breathing slowly in, and slowly out. As the easiness, the tranquility, continue to travel down down, down to your lower back.

You feel your muscles letting go. As the looseness and the relaxation spread through every part of your body. And as your body feels more and more at ease, you can begin now to let your mind drift. To drift to a deeper level of relaxation. Deeper and deeper. As you feel, experience your relaxing breath travel over your shoulders, and course gently down your arms, down to your hands, to your fingertips. You find your arms feel so relaxed. Drifting into deeper relaxation, as the sense of well-being, of ease and tranquility, your gentle in-breath travels across your chest and you feel the muscles easing and relaxing.

Your breathing is slower and deeper. Feeling your chest gently rising and falling, with each breath in and each breath out. Feel, experience this relaxation travel down over your stomach. And the muscles of your stomach smooth and relax, as your relaxing breath continues now to travel down through your legs. You feel the muscles of your thighs smooth and relax. Your body feeling so light and tranquil. So comfortable. So very relaxed and comfortable. You feel a wonderful sense of well-being, as you feel and experience the gentle relaxation, your slow and steady breath, traveling down to your knees, down to the muscles of your calves, down to your ankles, to your feet, to the very tips of your toes.

Your entire body is feeling so very relaxed and tranquil. Drifting and floating in blissful relaxation. And as your body feels so completely relaxed, you also relax your mind. Your mind can drift and enjoy this total relaxation. And I would like you to continue this relaxation to deepen. So that your mind clears totally. Very soon now, all concerns will be completely lifted from you. So you feel more relaxed and calm than you have ever felt before. In a moment, I’m going to say the word “relax” and when I say the word “relax”, you double your relaxation. Double your state of hypnosis. I will count backwards from three to one and say the word “relax”. And your mind and body become twice as relaxed, at ease, safe, so very tranquil. As a gentle wave of relaxation, spreads down your entire body, on three, two, one, “Relax”. Feeling so relaxed, so peaceful, so very relaxed and peaceful.

A deep, safe state of hypnosis. Drifting deeper and deeper. Three, two, one, “relax”. Now lying there, feeling so very, very calm, I’d like you to imagine yourself in a beautiful sunlit garden. A city park perhaps. And you’re all alone. It is the most peaceful and tranquil garden you have ever experienced. And the sun is shining warmly on your skin. You can hear the gentle sounds of the birds chirping in the trees and water tinkling from a nearby fountain. You look about you and you see the birds flitting here and there.

Between the tall and beautiful trees. A deep sense of peace fills your being. A wonderful connection with the peace of nature all about you. You can feel, experience a gentle breeze playing softly about you, bringing the warm fragrance of the flowers. You hear the rustle of the trees leaves as the wind blows gently through the treetops. You notice the color of the blossoming plants and flowers about you. The many different shades of green, the scent of the flowers borne to you in the gentlest of breezes. The warmth of the sun, the gentle chirping of the birds, the sight of nature’s colors and life filling you with a deep sense of peace. A deep sense of tranquility and you walk easily and lazily through the garden, continuing to experience deeper and deeper tranquility. Feeling so very, very relaxed now, your mind still and thoughts quiet. And just ahead of you, you notice, as if it has appeared out of nowhere, a wonderful, grand old building. Perhaps a magnificent and ornate old hotel, just there ahead of you now in the grounds of the park.

And you continue to walk slowly and easily towards the hotel. You enter the hotel through the splendid doors and you find yourself in a luxurious and very beautiful lobby. Richly decorated; the stunning chandelier hanging from the tall ceiling, you walk across this very beautiful and resplendent lobby to the elevator and its doors been open, you step inside.

The inside of the elevator is as elegant as you found the entrance to the hotel. And as the door of the elevator silently closes, you notice above you the numbers of the floors from 10 to 0. And as the elevator begins to move, you allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper down. With each passing number, as the elevator descends each floor, you feel yourself relax more than more deeply. As you let your mind and body relax deeper and deeper down. 10, relaxing even deeper. 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 So very, very completely relaxed. And now the elevator doors open and you find yourself in luxurious private cinema. You take a seat noticing how comfortable the seat is the luxurious feel of the fabric. Feeling a deep sense of peace and calm, you look up towards the cinema screen, and as you do, the screen flickers on and you see yourself. You see yourself in the near future. See yourself slimmer and trimmer, relaxed and happy. Feeling so comfortable and at ease. Slimmer and trimmer. Relaxed and happy. And because you are feeling so very relaxed now, you know that you will reach your goal. You’ll lose the amount of weight you want to lose.

You lose the correct amount of weight you wish to lose and you’re able to do so easily and naturally, through mindful eating healthy and nutritious food. You see yourself feeling very proud, reflecting on all the positive things in your life. And you know that you will create the most healthy and positive life for yourself. And see yourself now on the screen. Your stomach is flat, your hips and thighs slim and trim, your legs slim. You look great and feels so good. You’re relaxed and happy. Your subconscious mind knows of a time when you only ate to satisfy hunger. And you return now, from this moment on to only eat when you are truly hungry. Because your subconscious mind knows exactly how this feels and that this is the best and healthiest way of eating. That you will only eat when you are truly physically hungry. You only eat when you feel an actual physical hunger in your body.

And when you feel this true physical hunger, you eat healthy vital food that you know is good for your mind, good for your emotions, good for your body and your soul. And you know when you are truly hungry because it is a hunger that comes on gradually. True physical hunger is felt below the neck, perhaps starting in your throat, but then ending in a feeling that your stomach is empty, perhaps rumbling. And from this moment on, you will only eat when you feel this true physical hunger. And you know that eating only when you are truly physically hungry is most satisfying to your emotions, to your well-being, to your confidence. Your subconscious mind will take you back now to only eat when you are truly hungry. To only eat when you feel true physical hunger. And as you eat smaller portions to satisfy your physical hunger, your stomach shrinks to a small size, perhaps the size of your clenched fist. And you know that this means that you are more easily satisfied with smaller portions of food.

As you eat smaller portions to satisfy your true physical hunger, your stomach shrinks and you are more easily satisfied with smaller portions of food. And being aware of true physical hunger enables you to eat only when your body needs nourishment. And this in turn engenders greater confidence in your ability to experience emotion. To experience feelings as if you are spectating and observing your thoughts and emotions. You’re able to observe your thoughts and emotions with an awareness, a sense of space, that enables you to understand, with increasing clarity, that you can let your emotions and your thoughts just drift through, as you remain aware of the present moment. Of your bodily sensations in the present moment. Of the sights, sounds and sensations of each and every unfolding moment. You give your awareness to the present moment. Each and every moment, as it unfolds, bringing with it the sense of discovery. The sense of inquisitiveness.

Of newness and excitement. Your awareness of the present moment and how the present moment is always the best moment, is awakened. The present moment is the best time. The only time when growth and change can be experienced. The more awareness you maintain of the present moment, the more confident and positive you become. As your awareness of presence increases you become increasingly able to observe your thoughts and emotions and let them drift through. Leaving you feeling free and light. Your emotions and feelings can drift by like small passing clouds.

Leaving you feeling free, calm and relaxed. A deep sense of peace and calmness. A sense of stillness of your mind and your body. And your increasing practice of mindfulness, of your ability for non-judgmental, present moment awareness, enables you to eat slowly. Eating slowly, you are totally aware of the amount you’re eating. And also by eating slowly and enjoying every mouthful, you feel more satisfied more easily. You take your time to chew slowly and swallow. Eating modest portions and then stop.

And that feels perfectly fine, Perfectly fulfilling. As you eat correct and reasonable amounts and you are totally satisfied from one meal to the next. Feeling completely satisfied having a refreshing drink between meals to keep yourself hydrated. You enjoy having a refreshing drink of water or tea between meals. And you also have a refreshing glass of water before every meal, so that you’re easily satisfied one meal to the next. And you continue to lose weight steadily and safely, perhaps 2 pounds or 1 kg a week. Losing weight steadily and safely, until you reach your goal weight. And you do this easily and naturally, maintaining close awareness to your body and how you eat. Maintaining awareness of eating slowly and enjoying fully, the nourishing food you are eating. Enjoying the healthy changes you are making, which increase feelings of confidence and calmness.

Confidence in the way you look and feel. Confidence in clarity in the choices you make, improving daily your emotions and more positive about the way you look. So see yourself now as you know you truly are. See yourself walking outside. It is a bright, sunny day. Perhaps you’re at the beach, or maybe in the countryside. You feel bright and energetic. Full of life. Full of energy. You know that the choices you make to eat healthily and exercise, increase your feelings of well-being, so that you natural beauty shines and sparkles.

You radiate energy and vitality. You feel lighter, slim and fit. Feel, see, experience how great you feel about yourself. How relaxed, calm and confident you feel about the healthy choices you make. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, you feel so at ease, so comfortable and happy in your skin. You feel a stronger sense of confidence that grows day by day and night by night. An increasing sense of how good you feel about your self-image. An increasing enlightenment about how good you feel living in the present moment, knowing that others see your natural sparkling beauty, your clarity of presence, but more importantly, that you feel and see it yourself.

And your choice to eat healthily and exercise continues. Continues to increase your feelings of vitality, energy and health. And so now, it’s time to bring the session to an end. So you drift into a deep and restorative sleep. And should you need to wake during the night, you do so and you are easily able to drift back into sleep. Just by bringing your attention to your body, sinking more deeply down into your bed. So that you wake only at a time that you set for yourself, feeling positive and radiant. The growing ease in your body, your mind, your spirit. Honoring life with respect and care. So drifting now into a deep and healing sleep. So tranquil, serene, content. Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

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