The Best Source of Resveratrol

The best source of resveratrol

Yes, alcohol is a neurotoxin that can cause brain damage. Yes, alcohol can cause cancer, so maybe consumption alcohol cannot be considered a healthy lifestyle choice, as it is an addictive carcinogen and so on. But cancer is only the number 2 killer. The number one killer is cardiovascular disease, so what about the French paradox? Doesn’t moderate drinking protect against cardiovascular disease?

As I have explained before, there is obviously no French paradox; it all seemed to be a hoax. But this is where the whole resveratrol fiasco started. An episode of “60 minutes”, which suggests that an ingredient in red wine called resveratrol, can explain the French paradox and research has begun. Even after it turns out that there is no French paradox, research continues, reaching 10,000 scientific publications to date. And what did they find? After more than 20 years of well-funded research, resveratrol has no proven effect on humans.

An important issue that constantly arises throughout this vast field of work, Stresses the fact that human research data are extremely insufficient, despite the popularity of resveratrol as a dietary supplement. The noise in the known media regarding resveratrol it may not really be anything more than a light marketing device, which uses non-human research as a cover. When you see graphs like this, you will find that they are based on laboratory animal studies with intake in huge doses, tens of milligrams per 0.5 kg.

So, if you do the calculations, you will see that here are the so-called “experts”. come to the proposal of 1 gram per day for people. Okay, how much red wine will you have to drink to get that amount? Oh, only 5,000 glasses a day or a few thousand liters of white wine a day, or 2268 kg. apples or grapes, maybe 22,680 kg. peanuts, a large sandwich with jelly and peanut butter, several thousand pounds of chocolate.

Start with a million bottles of beer on the wall. Of course, it is not good when the leading researcher on resveratrol was found guilty of 145 fictitious and falsified data, which threw the whole field of research into turmoil. “Wine can only be useful,” it says here, “for those who sell it.” The resveratrol fiasco is not the only case in which dietary supplements they fail to keep their promises.

Known examples include beta carotene pills and fish oil capsules, in which studies from the 90s showed that taking beta carotene in pill form actually increases the risk of cancer. And in 2013 the change regarding fish oil supplements from “No evidence of their effectiveness” to “There is evidence of ineffectiveness”. The main conclusion is that what makes biological sense and acts in tubes and on laboratory rats, not always working in humans.

After all, resveratrol is just one of tens of thousands of identified ingredients. The idea of ​​whole foods may be a better approach in terms of health and disease prevention. As instead of a chemical in the wine extracted from the grapes, how about eating the grapes themselves? For disease prevention grapes as a whole food seem to be the best option.


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