Long vs. Short Skin-Care Routine

– Whenever I put it on, my husband is like, you look funky so he just stay away from me. (upbeat music) Today we’re doing long vs. short skin care routines. – So I’ll do three things in the shower and then several things outside of the shower. – I just use a little soap and a little bit of acne cream. – I kinda keep it very fast. – There’s some certain steps you, kinda of gonna like put it on and then relax for 5 minutes. – Oh wow! – How long does your skincare routine take you? – I would say mine takes about 2 minutes. – Probably 5 minutes. – I feel like it’s like 10 minutes, it’s just incorporated into my daily routine at this point. – About 30 minutes. – So I guess we can try out our skin care routine and if you want, feel free to help yourself to whatever it is I have and I might do the same. – That’ll be great, I don’t know if you will. – It looks like a spa.


– This is a lot yeah. – I mean, you have some stuff here. – Oh, okay. – I just have a serum. – Oh. – And this is actually a firming massage mask. – Accidentally broke the top, that’s why I started using my hand soap. – Got like a very specialized acne medication that I can use on the problem spots. – What’s your spin skin type? – I finally came to learn that I have combination skin.

– I wake up really oily and then I wash my face and then it gets super dry. – Yeah, same here. – I have a mix between dry and oily skin, that’s why sometimes I use lotion and sometimes I use don’t. – Totally, mine like, like a little bit of a desert, it sucks everything in. – This one I use it for like, really, really light day. I use this one to like exfoliate and this one, it got like camomile, I guess. – This is from my doctor and so is that. – Yeah. – This is, this is for my eyelid eczema and this one’s for acne but the rest of the stuff is from Soko Glam. – Did you wash your face this morning? – I guess I did part one. – Okay. – I used LA tap water. – I like get really dry, after washing my face, so this is just calming it down. So I’m just gonna go ahead and do a little bit.


– Okay so when I start, I put this cleansing oil just like over my face, only need like one to two pumps, and it kind of like soaks in and then I get in the shower and wash it off. After it washes off, I mix this Clarisonic thing for dry skin and just a little bit of this benzoyl peroxide wash. So I’ll put this Clarisonic brush, and scrub it all over my face. After I rinse that off, I finally move on to this water cleanser, also from Soko Glam, it’s really mild.

Then two days out of the week, I will use as exfoliator. – I just have the serum and just two little pumps. – I use this, it’s a actually diluted Dr. Bronner’s. So I just get some warm water and I rub my face. I just, do this. (laughs) – My next step is actually your second step, so this is like a tumeric oil. Actually, would you wanna to try some of this? Yay! – That’s cute though, smells so good.

– As soon as I get out of the actual shower I move on to the Clindamycin gel and then I just kind of, everywhere, everywhere. – Next step is my gel for my under eye area and you just feel like you’re putting ocean on your eye. – You’re like Bob Rossing your face. – Yeah, because when I was a child, my Mom who’s always say, that your face it’s not the table. – This is skincare toner, so I only put on like a couple drops, and then I just, boop, it feel like it really just kinda prepares your skin for the rest of the layers. – So this is avocado eye treatment, I use on top of the gel, just to get it a little extra nutrition. So just tiny bit. – This is an essence, it’s really light, it feels like water. – Oh, I’m shiny and creamy. – It makes you, it makes you very glowy, that’s for sure. Think it helps with your complexion. – So since I have so, all these stuff, I don’t use ’em on a daily basis.

When I have more time, I’ll add this oil. This is super fun. So you just like, scoop one up and put it under your eye. – Oh – Whenever I put it on my huband, my husband is like you look funky and funny and ridiculous, so he just stay away from me. – I don’t know how this is pronounced, A-M-P-O-U-L-E, it sounds fancy, it was feels fancy. So what I do, is I mix it with this moisturizer there you go, and then all over my face and neck, I can’t emphasize the neck enough. – Honestly it does feel a little bit like oily. – It might be, it might be too much for you. – So the next step I’m going to use is a actual lotion it give you a cool matte look. – This is all I do at the end of the day, they, it doesn’t work, when the sun hits it, so like, you just use it once a day, at night before bed. It’s doctor prescribed and it works really well, I just the problem areas right here.


– This is actually a firming massage mask – and all I use is like, really this, that much. – Okay. – Leave it on your face and then leave it there for a couple of minutes, and then you swipe it off. – Nice and spongy. – I have two final steps, this is for my full face, this is the sunscreen, it’s SPF 50. – It feels really light. – Right? It doesn’t smell. – So I have two last steps, one is the face cream. – What’s the difference between face cream and lotion? – I just don’t like to apply face cream directly because it feels really, thick, there, I don’t have a real theory behind it but that’s just mine, all mine feelings. They say like, if you massage your face this way, – Yeah upwards. – It keeps your muscle going upwards. – This is the last thing, this is for people with eczema. It’s honestly just Hydrocortisone cream at 2.5 a little higher than regular and it’s for my left eyelid which is currently experiencing some sort of flare up and I don’t know why, so. – Okay.

– But that’s the last, last thing I put on because I don’t want it being mixing into anything else. I just want it to say concentrated. – Yeah, that why I put this, this is the last thing I do too. – Yeah. – The last step is sunscreen. – Yeah usually I wear sunblock too, I forgot that one as well. – Here use mine. – Okay. Thank you. – I love sharing. – So this is the dry skin lotion that I use from time to time and it’s also got SPF-18. I especially use it if I know it’s gonna be a really sunny day. As you can see, I just put a little bit on my nose and my cheeks, it’s not as good as yours. – Well thank you so much for showing me everything that you do, I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

– I don’t know, my interests are peeked now, and now I’m like, okay so maybe I should look into this because, I don’t know, you’re skin is, beautiful. I’m also really kind of lazy. – I felt inspired from your routine as well. I need to be more efficient about things. – It is something I would like to look more into you know, and then I can maybe feel confident not wearing makeup one of these days. – You should feel confident anyway. – Yeah. – Don’t even worry about it. – Empowering. So would you ever consider shortening your routine? – Honestly, maybe if there’s a, the right combination of products, this is just like me, trying to fight aging and skin changes and all the stuff that’s gonna happen. – It’s important to know self-care, everybody has their own routines. – Have you gone to a dermatologist? – Not yet. – You should check it out, I mean, – Yeah. – I haven’t done that either, but like, I’ve heard really good things, especially as your textures are changing because of your hormones, I feel like it’s helpful to go to someone and explain what’s going on.

– All in all it’s being able to take care of yourself and understand your skin, which is what, I feel like all these products are and all the routines. (upbeat music).

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