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Hi guys, bonjour! Parisianvibe asked me to come here to speak to you about my skincare routine. So my first grandma tip is to… An essential product that I love is… Then, my last essential would be lipbalm. Because it’s 100% natural. Hi guys, bonjour! I’m Charlotte Lemay. I’m a French model. But I used to study law and art history in Paris.

Parisianvibe asked me to come here to speak to you about my skincare routine. Actually, my skincare routine changed a few years ago. Because I was reading a lot, and I realized that I didn’t know what I was putting on my skin. So, I started to buy books about how to make your own mixtures and products. I did it for a few months. It was amazing, but then, I was so happy to realize that so many brands are changing their ingredients, their packagings, their communication and I want to talk to you about these brands today and also my grandmother’s tips, my mother’s tips and yes voilà, I’m gonna show it to you now.

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My three accential accessiore are first an ice cube. You have to rub this ice cube all over your face. It’s really refreshing, any tip of the ice. Also, it brings blood to your face. So, it’s really good to start with this in the morning. I know it looks weird, but it works actually really well. So that’s my first tip. Then, I’m gonna use a reusable pad to put some rose water on my skin. It’s a facial toner. This one is from Officine de Buly. It’s really nice, it’s made in France and I like the packaging. But you can find it everywhere in the world actually, they are opening a lot of new stores. Because, their concept is really nice. So, I’m putting rose water. Then, I don’t have it with me, but there is this tip that I love. Especially during winter when you look really pale.


You put carrot oil on your face. It’s really nice, it makes you look hydrated. But also a bit tan. It’s not weird, it’s just like nice orange. But it’s light. It’s really working well. Then, what I would put, which is really important because this you cannot replace I think. Because the skin of the eyes is really thin, is an eye balm or an eye cream. Right now I am trying this one, it’s Doctor Hauschka. So these days I’m trying it. I really like it, it’s an eyebalm. So, it’s a bit greasy, but I think it’s good. I moisturize a lot, I think it’s the most important in the skincare routine. More important than make-up. So, I would massage at the same time. I also have this really amazing tool that I want to show you. So this one is a massage tool, it’s from China, from Chinese medicine. You can use it just two minutes a day, morning or evening, it doesn’t matter. It tones your skin. It’s really good. You have to do every gesture two times. You just keep your skin like this.


Do a little massage. I think it’s really important in your skincare routine, this massage. I love this one. It’s from Shaling, this one, but you can find it everywhere. They also do some with rose quartz, which I heard are really nice. So, both sides two times. You hold your skin and voilà. Then, because I’m really lazy, I’m using a BB Creame these days. This one is from Couleur Caramel. It’s a French brand that makes organic makeup, it’s really good. Even I am using their mascara, too. The BB Creame is nice. They have a lot of cool products and it’s quite hard to find a good make-up brand for the organic ones and natural ones.


So, I put a few like this. You can put it with you finger or with any tool that you use at home, this doesn’t matter. Voilà. Really nice and easy. Sometimes, before I put this BB Creame or my day cream. I have another one actually for winter which is really good from Weleda. This brand is quite famous for organic products. This creame is good, Cold Cream, especially for the winter. You also have the skin food from their brand, which is really good. But, before your cream, I also really like the serums from Typology. This one is Hyaluronic Acid, almost pure one. They have really natural products, their packaging are amazing it’s always glass packaging. So I recommend you this one. The next thing I would do, and the last before I go out, is to put some lipbalm before I put some make-up sometimes, too. I would put some lipbalm, this one is cool it’s 100% natural.


It’s from Burtsbees. This one, I keep it with me all day. Also, what did I want to show you. So, I love this French brand, it’s called La Rosée. They do these masks. So when I have an important meeting or whenever I have time to do it, I do this mask. It’s white clay, so I think it suits to everyone. It’s five minutes. You just wait until it dries, you don’t let it dry. You put it on your skin, it smells really good and this brand is amazing, they are changing all their packaging from plastic to sugarcane. Packaging from natural ingredients are better for the planet, so better for you.


Thank you guys for watching this video, I hope you liked it.


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