#1 BEST Time To Eat Fruit For Fat Loss

Inside this video,
I'm going to uncover how eating more
banana splits can help you metabolize
more fat cells and reset your weight
management hormones. Now, this is
specifically designed for the metabolism and the
current hormonal condition of people who are
over 40 years old. Now, all you have to do
is follow along with me and use these three simple steps
I'm going to share with you. Now, this is all part of a
brand new, innovative, one-day hormone-resetting diet
solution that I've created, that you can learn
about by clicking or tapping the link around this video. When you go over
to my website, I want you to take note of
all the scientific research. That way, you know everything
that I'm educating you about inside this video
is actually backed up by real published studies. And it's designed for the
current hormonal condition and metabolism of people
who are over 40 years old. My name is Shaun Hadsall.

I'm a 47-year-old
fitness professional. You can call me the Blessed Papa
because of my six grandkids. One thing that I've learned over
the last 20-plus years of being in the health and
fitness industry is that people who
are over 40 years old have declining hormones. So they must approach dieting
and eating differently than younger people. In fact, the most popular
diets– keto, paleo, plant-based vegan and
vegetarian diets– every single one of these cause
deficiencies for people over 40 and can wreak havoc
on your hormones. Now, you can learn about all the
scientific research behind this by going over to my website. But, first, let's talk
about how to consume bananas to accelerate your results,
to boost your metabolism, and to help you reset
weight management hormones. The first step that you'll
learn about over at my website is timing. You see, simply by waking
up just three or four days of the week and timing
your meals the right way– whether they include bananas or
they don't– just by timing it the right way, you can actually
increase growth hormone over 1,000%.

There are several studies
that back this up over at my website. Now, when it comes to
bananas, the best time is pre and post exercise. You see, bananas will provide
your body not only with a bunch of vitamins
and minerals, but they'll provide your body
with healthy carbohydrates. This puts the body
in an anabolic state. So when you're dieting
and exercising, this will prevent muscle loss
and promote muscle gains. Now, believe it or not,
one of the next best times to eat a banana is
directly before bed. I know this sounds
counterintuitive. You just have to make
sure it's a green banana. You see, as a banana ripens,
the sugar content increases in that banana. But when you eat a green
banana, there's no sugar, it doesn't raise
insulin levels, and it's loaded with something
called resistant starch. Now, resistant starch
actually bypasses digestion and feeds your gut, which is
where 80% of your immune system resides– healthy prebiotics. So this is amazing for your
immune and your gut health. Now, when you do
eat them before bed, you just want to make sure that
you combine them the right way.

And that is step two that you'll
learn about over at my website is food combinations. Now, when you eat a banana,
especially, a ripe one that has more sugar in it, you want
to keep fat intake a little bit lower. So I have the fats
crossed out here. So, for example, one of people's
favorite snacks is eating raw nut butter– like an almond
butter, peanut butter, or cashew butter– with a ripe banana. Now, this seems like
a healthy choice because they're
two healthy foods. However, you're combining
sugar and fat together. Sugar raises insulin. Insulin's a storage hormone. So if insulin is present in the
bloodstream at the same time fat is, the body is more likely
to take that fat and store it. So the solution
here is to make sure that you eat a protein
in every single meal, including the ones that
you had bananas with.

You see, protein should
be included in every meal for people over 40 because it
has a 30%-plus higher thermal effect. In other words, your body
burns over 30% more calories digesting protein
than it does digesting fats or carbohydrates. So it'll help boost
your metabolism, help you burn more calories. Most importantly, protein
is muscle sparing. So it helps prevent sarcopenia,
which is muscle loss, for people over 40 years old. Now, again, try not to
eat a ripe banana solo. You can go ahead and
eat a green one solo. I still recommend that you try
to include protein with that. But since a green one
does not spike insulin, you can go ahead and eat
a green one by itself. Any time it's ripe, you
always want to combine it with a protein source. Now, the third step that you'll
learn about over at my website is to eat more banana splits. And this is strategically-timed,
high-carb cheat meals.

This is critical to help you
manage your hormones if you're over 40 years old. Now, I know it sounds
counterintuitive. But by strategically eating
a few high-carb cheat meals each and every week,
you reset two very important hormones. So if you go on a
low-calorie diet, you go on a low-carb diet, it
only takes about seven days before thyroid and leptin
sensitivity decrease dramatically. And there is an easy
way to prevent this, and that is eating more banana
splits or more cheat food. You just have to do it at
the right time each week.

Now, when you do this,
what ends up happening is you provide your
body with glucose. Glucose is the primary
building block of TSH– thyroid-stimulating hormone. So it increases
your body's ability to convert T4 into T3, the
active thyroid hormones that your body can use. Remember, the thyroid
gland here in your neck is the master gland
of the metabolism because it controls the
speed of your metabolic rate, and it controls
your body weight. So it's very important. The other hormone is
leptin that's suppressed. Leptin is also considered
a master weight management hormone. And by eating this
glucose through these strategically-planned
cheat meals– like banana splits–
at the right time a few times per week, you
also reset your body's leptin sensitivity. Now, all three of
these steps are part of this brand new,
innovative one-day diet solution that I've created
over at my website. It's called the Over 40 Hormone
Reset Diet, specifically, designed to help people
over 40 years old reset their weight management
hormones, boost the metabolism, and fight the aging process. Time is our most
precious commodity. So I want to thank you
for taking time out of your busy day.

Hopefully, you learned
something about this. I see some likes are coming in. So thank you for liking this. If you want to watch this
video in detail again– because I know I provide a
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this and God bless..

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