Jocko Podcast 130 w/ Echo Charles: Guidelines from 430 A.D. “Concerning Military Affairs.”

this is jaco podcast number 130 with
EKKO Charles and me Jocko Willing good evening echo good evening
Ceasar when he perceived that the seventh Legion which stood close by him
was also hard pressed by the enemy directed the tribunes of the soldiers to
effect a junction of the legions gradually and make their charge upon the
enemy with a double front which having been done since they brought assistance
to the one to the other nor feared lest their rear should be surrounded by the
enemy they began to stand their ground more boldly and to fight more
courageously in the meantime the soldiers of the two legions which had
been in the rear of the army as a guard for the baggage train upon the battle
being reported to them quickened their pace and were seen by the enemy on top
of the hill and Titus having gained possession of the camp of the enemy and
observed from higher ground what was going on in our camp sent the tenth
Legion as a relief to our men who when they had learned from the flight of the
horses and the sutlers in what position the affair was and in how great danger
the camp and the legion and the commander were involved left undone
nothing to dispatch by their arrival so great a change of matters was made that
our men even those who had fallen down exhausted with wounds leaned on their
shields and renewed the fight then the camp retainers though unarmed seeing the
enemy completely dismayed attacked them though they were armed the horsemen too
that they might by their valor blot the disgrace of their flight's thrust
themselves before the legionary soldiers in all parts of the battle but the enemy
even in the last hope of safety displayed such great courage that when
the for most of them had fallen the next stood upon those who were prostrate and
fought from on top of their bodies when these were overthrown and their corpses
heaped up together those who survived cast their weapons against our men as
from a mound and returned our darts would hit which had fallen short between
our armies so that it ought not to be concluded that men of such great courage
had in judiciously dared to pass a very broad River ascend very high banks and
come to a very disadvantageous place since their greatness of spirit had
rendered these actions easy although in themselves very difficult so war is eternal and some things do not
change and in war we see the brutal examples of savagery and we also see the
courage and sacrifice that's hard to find anywhere else like in that passage
right there unarmed men attacking the enemy and even the enemy showing courage
climbing on top of stacked bodies of their brethren to gain a little bit of
high ground think about that gaining the high ground
by climbing on the backs of your fallen comrades now that is war and that account of war
is from the book the Gallic Wars which was written by Julius Caesar himself
although he refers to himself in the third person and that war lasted from
around 58 BC to 50 BC eight years of fighting between the Gauls who were a
Celtic race of people in what is now France and Belgium I guess you'd say
Celtic and of course the Romans were known for their military strength and in
the future I'm sure we'll go a little bit deeper into some of Caesars writing
but today we're gonna look more at an overall assessment and instruction
really about the road Roman legions which as I said are known as an
incredibly powerful military fighting force that conquered much of Europe and
parts of Africa and the Middle East over time and the writing that we're
looking at today comes from a guy by the name of veggetti as' now his full name
was Publius Flavius baguette iasts Renatus but thankfully we can just refer
to him as veggetti as' not much is known about him it's actually not even known a
hundred percent if Acadias was actually in the military it it seems as if he was
and even if he was it's likely that he didn't have any great stature or rank
inside the roman military but he did capture some incredibly important
information and he called the epididymal rey militaries which translate it's
basically into the epitome of the art of war sometimes it's also called the de
rey militaria which means on matters of the military and the book is estimated
to have been written around 430 ad so it's several hundred years after Caesars
reign but this book that he wrote became a guide for warfare throughout the
Middle Ages and and interestingly this is even it stayed even after we had
gunpowder and it was carried oftentimes by general officers and their staff
throughout Europe and there are even reports that George Washington carried
an annotated copy with him which as I dug into it may or may not be completely
true but at a minimum at a minimum he paraphrased veggetti is's book in his
first address to Congress in 1790 when he said to be prepared for war is one of
the most effectual means of preserving peace
so veggetti has put this information together through at a minimum keen
observation of how the Roman legions and the Roman military worked and the book
has stood the test of time so I think we might as well see what we can get out of
it what do you think yes sir agree check it starts off strong will
say that starts off right here victory and war does not depend entirely upon
numbers or mere courage only skill and discipline will ensure it that's a
common theme mm-hmm we find that the Romans owed the conquest of the world to
no other cause than their continual military training exact observance of
discipline in their camps and unworried cultivation of other arts of war does
this mean I'm just gonna be talking about discipline for the next as long as
I'm alive yes it's it's entirely possible isn't it yeah it's interesting
that he says it's it's important than just mere more important than just mere
courage courage is important mmm but there's something more important
discipline is and skill and skill scale were you like that part yes okay
Romans okay they thoroughly understood the importance of hardening them so he's
talking about what the Romans do talk about the Romans that's the day they
thoroughly understood the importance of hardening them by continual practice and
of training them to every maneuver that might happen in the line and in action
nor were they less strict in punishing idleness and sloth see sometimes I stick
up for like our generation or being modern mmm saying like no you know we're
kind of hardcore too so then I read stuff like that I kind of wonder
I kind of wonder if the courage of a soldier is heightened by his knowledge
of his profession and he only wants an opportunity to execute what is he is
convinced he has been perfectly taught so that makes sense I didn't interview a
little while ago and he hasn't come out yet it was with MPR NPR National Public
Radio but he was asking me he had heard me say in an interview that like I
wanted to go to war and he was kind of surprised about that but that's exactly
what this is talking about you train and you're convinced that you've been taught
well and then you want to go get after it especially when you're young yeah and
you have nothing to lose back to the book a handful of men a nerd
to war proceed to certain victory while on the contrary numerous armies of raw
and undisciplined troops are but multitudes of men dragged to this
slaughter no big deal yeah multitudes of undisciplined men
you're just getting dragged to the slaughter That's Life that's life oh and
here's another point for it is certain that the less a man is acquainted with
the Suites of life the less reason he has to be afraid of death it's
interesting hmm the young soldier therefore ought to
have a lively eye oh this is he's just talking about what what the young
recruits should be like what kind of qualities they're supposed to have the
young soldier therefore ought to have a lively I should carry his head erect his
chest and shoulders be broad his shoulders muscular and brawny his
fingers long his arms strong and his waist small going back to posture mmm I
brought that up with Jordan B Peterson yes he's got that chapter in his book
stand up straight with your shoulders back on like that's how you get
indoctrinated in the military that's been going on since the Roman times
there's something to it I'm here to tell you talking more about the recruits he
says they should be taught the use of their
arms by constant and daily exercise but this essential custom has long been
abolished by the relaxation introduced by a long piece I can't accept that
when things get easy and you know again working with businesses all the time
it's it's real easy when the times are good like the economy is good right now
the economy is good right some people are just kind of making money and
everything's good and they don't train as hard they don't prepare as much yeah
happens in everything yeah because we kind of subconscious well it seems like
you anyway subconsciously rely on that kind of push like the you know the
stress will push you you know like if the economy is not good it's like oh it
kind of pushes you to like oh we got our shirt go to work or whatever any kind
okay do you you know some people I think you actually do this
some people perform better under pressure yeah the reason I say you cuz
you'll you'll have a video to make let's say and if there's no deadline let's
just say there's no real there's no real emergency like I'm not I'm not expecting
to see that but then sometimes there's a deadline like for a monster video yeah
and and there comes the deadline and boom there's the video yeah midnight
1:00 o'clock in the morning yeah into my email yeah you need that you need that
structure and discipline yeah it does help yeah yeah even even
times stuff like if you're like hey meet me at around 7:00 well that's not you
know yeah well it'll be more it'll be around whatever time you might as well
said show up when you want yeah I labeled ice a little bit today cuz I
said 12:30 ish did you notice that yes to me when you put a number that I just
assumed that's one yeah yeah that's how this is huh yeah that's probably good
yeah you're right I think you're right you're right I think yeah you do you do
pretty good with being on time for me actually yeah yeah well I mean say
you're batting a pretty good average yeah did you see someone asked how they
could get your job yes yeah yeah I told to kill me kill you yeah
there you go I guess we know the price on your head yeah someone else maybe
they can be on time really that's all I require fast record the entire you go
money right now he's talking a little bit about initial training going back to
the book the first thing the soldiers are to be taught is the military step
which can only be acquired by constant practice of marching quick and together
nor is anything of more consequence either on the March or in the line the
neck should keep their ranks with the greatest exactness for troops who march
in irregular and disorderly manner are always in great danger of being defeated
and I read that part so I could read this part they should march with the
common military step twenty miles in five summer hours and with full step
which is quicker 24 miles in the same number of hours so these guys can March
you guys can march and we've talked a lot about foot patrols and in the if
it's in the SEAL Teams there's something called a forced march which is like
you're on a road there's no threat you're just marching yeah and you're
trying to move from point A to point B don't do a lot of that in the SEAL Teams
you don't even do really much in them well I can't say that but there's a
difference that's a forced march we called it a force Road March and then
there's patrolling where your tactical and you're scanning your field of fire
these guys are talking about a forest road march you're just on the road it's
basically you're you're going as fast as you can so yeah it's just like maybe
what you don't have a rider I mean in your case yeah yeah will never ride for
whatever reason mmm well in the SEAL Teams we usually add a ride oh here's a
good one learn to swim every young soldier without exception should in the
summer months be taught to swim for it is sometimes impossible to pass rivers
on bridges but the flying and pursuing army both are often obliged to swim over
them a sudden melting of snow or fall of rain often makes them overflow their
banks and in such a situation the danger is as great from
in swimming as from the enemy its I kind of take it for granted that people know
how to swim but it is not true and when I figured that out when I went to Navy
boot camp because you'd think if you were joining the Navy you'd know how to
swim no not true yeah not true at all people did not know a decent amount of
people did not know how to swim yeah I'm with you I'm shooting I come
from Kauai where you know everyone knows how to swim
yeah even at like two years old yeah you know you know how to swim because you're
on the island yeah that's all but yeah man there's people straight up some
people haven't even seen the water you know it's the ocean or whatever well
there's definitely people that haven't seen the ocean
yeah I mean when I went to when I went to SEAL training there was guys that
didn't never been to the ocean before yeah Iowa yeah you know no they're just
salt why is the water taste salty yeah yeah so yeah parents teach your kids how
to swim they have those good programs now where they do the little floating
program so like even a little baby can float themselves and stuff but you can
look that up on YouTube and learn how to teach you you're like baby to swim yes
and incredibly effective yeah I'm throwing the UH what's that call the
safety yeah the safety tip yeah that's that's you gotta you know when you're
doing anything in the water you got to be careful really careful even when
you're training in the water you got to be really careful one up one down is the
rule like if one person is doing some training someone's got to stand there
and watch them make sure that they're safe yeah but yeah you don't know this
one load no this one back to the book no state can either be happy or secure that
is remiss and negligent in the discipline of its troops for it is not profusion of riches or
excess of luxury that can influence our enemies to court or respect us this can
only be affected by the terror of our arms it is an observation of Cado that
misconduct in the common affairs of life may be retrieved but that it is quite
otherwise in war where errors are fatal and without remedy and are followed by
immediate punishment for the consequences of engaging an enemy
without the skill or courage is that part of the army is left on the field of
battle and those who remain receive such an impression from their defeat that
they dare not afterwards look the enemy in the face that's powerful stuff right
there this can only be affected by the terror of our arms its underlying
there's little underlying threats of violence and everything that pass didn't
say everything but they're just awful let me let me let me break down a little
bit more because I don't want to make a broad statement about the whole world
but when I was a young guy on suo platoon it was definitely underlying
threats of violence I mean even with a big smile on your face even though
amongst total bros like the thing that's underlying it's like well you know we
know how that could go so ya have the discipline train I I don't know why I'm
finding this book like almost comical in how just on point it is with everything
I think about I could have noticed that yeah I'm just I mean the whole opening
thing the whole opening the opening onslaught of discipline you know I was
straight-up into it so back to the book to accustom soldiers to carry burdens is
also an essential part of discipline recruits in particular should be obliged
frequently to carry a weight of not less than 60 pounds exclusive of their arms
and to March with in the ranks this is because on
difficult expeditions they often find themselves under the necessity of
carrying their provisions as well as their arms nor will they find this
troublesome when a nerd to it by custom which makes everything easy boom there
you go wear the gear that you're wear the gear that you're gonna fight with
get used to it you said I used to talk about this with like discipline equals
freedom the whole idea of it I'd say if you have the discipline to wear your
gear all the time then you'll have freedom of movement when you need it
right you know and I kind of felt like that was a stretch that seemed like a
stretch well-known anymore and anymore this kind
of yeah back into the non stretch zone yeah yep for sure because like yeah okay
so you have all your gear on right and Jody medic was kind of talking
about this I think when he was like oh man you know like he was just a pain in
the ass to wear and all this stuff that feeling that's a real feeling man this
is a penis all these gears is digging into my you know I'm not used to it or
kind of thing but man you get a guy who's really used to it but that's not
even a factor factor you know he's free there's two things that happens number
one you get used to it number two you figure out your gear so your gear works
properly yeah so it's like yeah you can cuz cuz
your gear when you first put it on no matter you could go to the best gear
store in the world then you buy gear and it's not gonna fit you – quite right you
have to make little modifications you have to adjust it you have to put the
weight somewhere else now in football you wouldn't always wear
your gear in practice right it was pretty designated like depending on the
day you know so you know two days you have full gear you know two days you
have just helmets and shoulder pads or whatever but yeah you were you were you
were supposed to some guys would like maybe not wear their mouthpiece or
something like that but it'd be rare I think in the NFL like they won't wear
their thigh pads or their hip that's just because of the pain I don't I don't
know I can't really speak for I think I know that guys who run a lot and if you
take out your thigh pads and you're like hip protectors and stuff it helps you
run for sure but you run that risk and you should train with it you should
train with it but here's the thing though if if there's a rule because some
guys even in the game they just won't wear it they just simply won't wear but
you do run the risk of like if you get
what's called a hip pointer there's an injury called a hip pointer is basically
your external obliques they kind of overlap your hip bone right and when a
helmet or somebody hits that and crushes your X or oblique against your hip bones
called a hip pointer and it's talked it's a debilitating painful injury that
kind of where even in everyday life you were out of the game out of the game and
I've had it before so your protectors will help against that so you run that
risk you know so it's up to you man I mean I think in college I know in high
school it's a it's a rule you gotta wear hit Burt but I think in the NFL you
don't have to that's good I think the overall point is and it sounds like the
football is on board with it train how you fight yeah we're the gear train how
you fight but it's tough to go in and this goes for any contact situation even
obvi and really in the military but it's almost like so obvious in the military
that's a given where the you can't train exactly how you fight you know yes so
let's shoot each other yeah and then exactly like I said tell guys that I
just be like hey unfortunately I'd you know I feel unfortunately I can't put
guys out here to actually kill you and you do really
same thing for football as it turns out where you can't just have guys going in
life my kids a week you don't somebody hit pointers all day yeah actually so he
goes on to talk about what talks about some slacker going back to the book but
negligence and sloth having by degrees introduced a total relaxation of
discipline the soldiers began to think they're armed are too heavy as they
seldom put it on they first requested leave from the Emperor to lay aside the
curiosity in consequence of this our troops and their engagements with the
Goths were often overwhelmed with their showers of arrows so there you go
started taking that little shortcut and I like how he says it's by degrees like
no one just wakes up in the morning and says I'm gonna be weaker now yeah
over the flutes they just they just start to decay just a little bit yeah
take a little shortcut you know you know here's here's a here's a here's a
workout a workout tip Jacko's workout tips I'm serious this is this is like
something that goes through my head when I'm doing some exercise let's say it's
squat day and let's say it's it's I'm doing the 20 reps squats which is just
painful yes and I have that thought in my head where sometimes you know my god
man you know what just I'll just do 16 today yeah cuz you know like I mean I
worked really hard yesterday and I'm kind of tired you're still doing it I'm
still at least I did oh you know what oh you know I Baba and when I hear myself
saying that I always think like that's the biggie that's the first step down
down the slippery slope okay and I'm not gonna do it no I'm not gonna do it every
effort that I have you ever skipped it come on be real ever ever what have you
ever skipped it like you know those doubts not doubts but those those
thoughts of a let me let me slack not skipping work out I mean have you ever
given only time the only time where I've been like you know what I'm not
finishing this workout is like I'll hurt something
oh and this way and I've done it where I've done it where I haven't done that
that's a lesson learned like I've been like I remember one time I was squatting
and I like felt a little you know you little twinge in your back yeah I got
one of those and then I kept going and then I was debilitated I was like I was
like not good but generally if ya know when I would cause it's because it's
this that's why I'm saying this like that little conversation right there is
a good conversation to have with yourself because I think about I think
about that little you just give that little bit of slack that time yeah and
it's not good you know it's like that just in my mind I'm thinking that leads
to more slack right there it does that leads to a little bit more sorry next
time because next time you're gonna feel that way at 15 reps instead of 16 yeah
because you've estate if it's subconsciously you established a new
little present of precedent which is kind of just the standard a turtle bit
yes exactly so it's like it's different if you're undefeated right if you're
undefeated you undefeated are you not undefeated kind
of thing once we defeated then you're like okay you know let it sneak in there
yeah it's part of you now yeah I gotta say I'm defeated oh my god
you know I do the metcon at the end you know I live and do that con and it's you
know good and I will also straight up a Beyonc that it doesn't happen very often
I mean I talk a lot of trash matter but it doesn't have them very out there but
oh yeah there's times where I'll be like ah well that workout was pretty solid
every I'll do I'll make deals that makes me know that that makes me mad right I I
don't like that actually hanging with you made me you gave me that mindset
which is a mindset I certainly did not have go deaf girl I know but you know
you how you said it makes you mad I never had that I just never thought of
it that way ever like not even a little bit didn't mean consider thinking it
that way but now yeah when I feel it like oh maybe I'll do tomorrow I really
don't feel I actually have that response where you kind of get mad at it yeah at
yourself yeah and the things like your split into the positive thing is it
helps read help someone that's it alright let's see
going back to the book it was a constant custom among the old Romans to exercise
both cavalry and infantry' three times a month in by marches of a certain length
the foot were obliged to march completely armed the distance of 10
miles from the camp and returned in the most exact order and with the military
step which they changed and quickened on some part of the march they made these
marches not in plane and even ground only but
both cavalry and infantry were ordered into difficult and uneven places and to
ascend or descend mountains to prepare them for all kinds of accidents and
familiarize them with the different maneuvers that various situations of a
country may require the guys put some miles on but again the reason that I
wanted to mention that part is it's not just it's not just about wearing the
gear it's trying to simulate as closely as
to the situation that you're gonna be in mmm same thing with anything same thing
with sports same thing with business when you're training somewhat when
you're training someone for business put them in that situation that they as
close as you can to what they're gonna be in yeah here it continues to
enumerate the different nations so formidable of old all which now are
subject to the Romans would be tedious so he's saying like we beat down so many
people we get what I'm gonna take the time to talk about them all but the
security established by long piece has altered their dispositions drawn them
off from military to civil pursuits and infused into them a love of idleness and
ease again this guy's writing several hundred years after Caesar so he's
talking about the you know the the the slippery slope mmm-hmm
hence a relaxation of military discipline insensibly ensued then a
neglect of it and it's sunk at last into entire oblivion so he's watching the
fall of the Roman Empire and where does it start lack of discipline in the
troops boom I'll get the kick out of this book the necessity therefore of
discipline cannot be too often inculcated as well as the strict
attention requisite in the choice and training of new levies don't you can't
ever can't ever let up the psyche can't can't ever say it's okay not to do that
rap yeah that that's in the book he goes into a long sort of a long long
description of how they were organized like man by man troop by troop not gonna
go too deep into that you know one of the things he does mention in that
section is as about how when they stopped doing a good job replacing the
soldiers that were leaving you know you're not keeping you're not keeping
people coming in and not keeping them trained up
Andy this is a good thing I think this is good for any team situation the
expense of keeping up good or bad troops is the same but it depends wholly on you
so I think that's a good statement mmm no you got you got some good members on
your team you got some bad members on the team it costs you the same to keep
them yeah well you got to decide how you're gonna how you're gonna manage
that situation back to the book in former times the
discipline was so strict that the tribunes or officers not only caused the
troops under their command to be exercised daily in their presence but
were themselves so perfect in their military exercise as to set them by
example nothing does so much honor to the
abilities or application of the Tribune as the appearance and discipline of the
soldiers when their apparel is neat and clean their arms bright and in good
order and when they perform their exercises and evolutions with dexterity no big deal more he's talking about just keeping the
elements organized in a combat situation lest the soldiers in the confusion of
battle should be separated from their comrades every cohort had its shield
painted in a manner peculiar to itself the name of each soldier was also
written on his shield together with the number of the cohort and century to
which he belonged like that I had a note in here about how we we would name our
vehicles so you know what vehicle to get into you know like zombies we have names
so you'd know which vehicle was yours well the one called dev yeah they had
all kinds of new names for him my first deployment to Iraq my first deployment
to Iraq they were named after the movie movie yeah they were moved after a movie
it's about bowling but it's not the big lebowski a kingpin it was kingpin yeah
it was one of the Humvees was called bigger yeah now what's interesting is
the Humvees originally were not named they were numbered one two three four
five six and that seems like a pretty squared away like i jockle would be good
with that just give a number there's a problem with it when you're going on an
operation you go into a building to do a takedown of a building yeah the vehicles
move around they get they got to adjust and when you come back out they might
not necessarily be in order numerically so guys but guys would go
one two three oh that's my vehicle okay so they get in the wrong vehicle which
might not seem like a big deal but then when you're trying to get a head count
and someone's not the right vehicle and the vehicle commanders like I'm supposed
to have eight guys and I only have seven yeah now we're trying sitting on the X
trying to get a head count and that's problematic but if you know what your
name of your vehicle is you confirm it they're written on the side nice big
letters yeah looking for big ern see it you jump in with the numbers because I
think just by nature we assign numbers to things for all kinds of weird reasons
you know like where if there's three things in our own like if I see okay
there's three bottles in a row meaning you don't even have to know each
other and I say hey grab the third bottle it's kind there's a shirt there's
a kind of an ambiguous understanding okay then want the furthest one on the
right you know it's like that so the numbers can jam you know we numbered
this podcast yeah cause it's like chronological yeah so but interestingly
they could have had just names yeah in fact maybe they should have remember
when the UFC's used to be numbered yeah or we lar they're numbered and then
there's all no know what it was this is what I was thinking they used to give
him a number and then they would have like a crazy name yeah yeah the title
like that glory or whatever and then they just started just calling them the
names of the guys that we're fighting yeah which makes sense once you have
that's kind of what I'm thinking right now like someone that's looking for a
certain episode yeah they they would they might not remember the number but
they remember the book or they remember the person yeah that's kind of
interesting so we couldn't but we do kind of do it like that yeah kind of
both but yeah I won what is is there value to having a number aside from
keeping account of how many episodes there well I think I think someone now
can if you know what one you're looking for and then you find it yeah then you
can go and find it easy you know a platform yeah but the easiest way if you
want to know what because sometimes I don't remember what a particularly if
you google jaco podcast and then whatever thing that you're looking for
you know it'll take you to the YouTube video right it'll take you to the
YouTube video yeah cuz the YouTube videos that put the somebody just told
me on on somebody said hey you should review this book Maurice strategic on
strategic on strategic on yeah and I said he said you should review
this book and this guy's like been in the game for awhile and I said you
should check out podcast and I did another one nonetheless I googled Jocko
strategic on and I found 57 bono so now you can say 57 it's easy to go back in
there look right yeah check all right talking about drilling the
troops back to the book the younger soldiers and recruits went through their
drills of every kind every morning and afternoon and the veterans and most
expert regularly once a day length of service or age alone will never form a
military man for after serving many years an undisciplined soldier is still
a novice in his profession by practice only can be acquired agility of body and
the skill requisite to engage an enemy with advantage especially in a close
fight but the most essential point of all is to teach soldiers to keep their
ranks and never abandon their colors in the most difficult evolutions thus men
thus trained are never at a loss amidst the greatest confusion of numbers the
recruits likewise are to be exercised with wooden swords at the post to be
taught to attack this imaginary antagonist on all sides and to aim at
the sides feet or head both with the point and edge of the sword it sounds I
think some of those movies that came out because this is this sound glorious to
me maybe doesn't to you but to me that sounds awesome
and then like movies like Braveheart where they're showing kind of the sword
battles and how just psycho it was mhm I think that's a good reminder yeah Big
Ten back to the book in short both legionary
and auxilary troupe should continually be drilled in cutting wood carrying
burdens passing ditches swimming in the sea or rivers marching in the full step
and even running with their arms and baggage so in their so that a nerd to
labor in peace they may find no difficulty in war for as the
well-trained soldier is eager for action so does the untaught fear it in war
discipline is superior to strength but if that discipline is neglected there is
no longer any difference between the soldier and the peasant the old maxim is
certain that the very essence of an art consists in constant practice yeah discipline is superior to strength this is a solid book the art the very
essence of an art consists in constant practice so whatever it is you want to
be good at yeah that's how you get good at it later I just wrote another book
we've been writing a lot I've been right now a ton sure and you can see the first
draft was probably 5 times better than our first draft of our first book and
you know we both have done a lot of writing in the military you know in
college and all that but you practice you get better yeah
jujitsu guess what you practice you get better yes sir you do pull-ups
you're gonna pull-ups do pull-ups here we go
the last demony ins made war their chief study they affirmed to be the first who
reasoned on the events of battles and committed their observations there on to
writing with such success as to reduce the military art before considered as
totally dependent on courage or fortune to contain to certain rules and fixed
principles as a consequence they establish schools of tactics for the
instruction of youth in all the maneuvers of war how worthy of
admiration are these people for particularly applying themselves to the
study of an art without which no other art can possibly exist boom that's
interesting it's interesting can you imagine it well for me you know actually
I can't imagine when you're a kid you think like war is just like ah just
charge and then as soon as you get into the team's feel like oh there's
maneuvers you can do there's things you need to make happen there's ways you can
get advantaged it's not just what they call it courage or fortune it's not just
that at all whole lot of things involved and it's
also interesting that they were doing they were doing studies and debriefs on
the war on the battles mm-hmm because it sounds like people weren't
who he says Hey look they were the first to reasoned on the events of battles and
committed their observations they're on to writing with such as success to
figure out that there's a military art and how you know what how fired up is it
that to study this art of war without without which no other art can possibly
exist too strong for you too strong I can see that's a bold statement for sure
it's a real bold statement I don't think I've thought about it enough to offer
any sort of the deal but hey man I dig it kind of like kind like exercise in
life right or healthy life yeah that's true no but yeah sure cool
you seem pretty fired up about it and this is where George Washington's
statement kind of paraphrased from back to the book he therefore who desires
peace should prepare for war he who aspires to victory should spare no pains
to form his soldiers and he who hopes for success should fight on principle
not chance no one dares to offend or insult a power of known superiority in
action you get bummed out that unit learned
this in third grade like this whole thing yeah yeah yes right including
jiu-jitsu for sure yeah well yeah I feel like and you can I learn this kind of
from you in the beginning where you know how you have this kind of big picture
kind of mindset and like the long game and always like use always correct me
when I have this like shorter yeah that's what I wish I understood /t but I
don't know if kids even capable really know you're 100% right and I've actually
said this many times that kids have a hard time connecting what they're doing
now with where it puts them in the future yeah and I say kids and by kids I
mean me everyone yeah I mean I'm better now but when you're when you're a kid
like it made it and kids some kids are different you know like some of my some
of the kids that my kids hang around with some of them are dialed where
they've just got a vision they know where they're going they know where
they're gonna be in eight years they know what they want to do that's not a
majority of the kids most kids are you know like well hey I can get this right
now right and that's cool and they don't think about how it's gonna affect in the
future and that's that's that's just really problematic yeah not
understanding that long game is really problematic and I think we do a bad
taught a bad job of teaching it as parents and as teachers and as a society
yeah yeah okay yeah well I mean there's cuz you have you know like JP says this
and Leigh said this word went out they they're like when I was a kid even you
say you wanted to be some sort of a commando yeah at least you had like an
idea you know so there was at the very least somewhat in your mind be like hey
for sure if I do this that was that was a savior yeah so I think some families
just through tradition and stuff like that they'll have that structure like
hey Europe I don't know you're a Johnson so you do this XYZ and it's just a
matter of getting the kid to embrace that
it's really kind of like either they do as a no small task yeah I mean it I
think if you're fair to your kids cuz I think a lot of times like we get caught
up in like our own feelings you know and this thing like well you know I don't
know your kids not listening to you or something like that you're like oh my
kids not listening to me you know you get caught up in the feeling that
emotions yeah you know that rather than hey you know that's the problem it needs
to be solved to kind of thing so I think that's the way you can alienate your
kids real easy and it's a common thing I think where you know will alienate our
kids and then they won't embrace the the pride in tradition of your family
because they're like alienated you alienate I mean one right now sometimes
you don't even know that you a li you know they're like oh he's in a
rebellious phase you know like sure there is such thing as a rebellious kind
of phase because you know kids they gather this or they gain the sense of
like empowerment in certain ways you know so if you want to test it out they
want to guess about you know that I did subconsciously they know they're gonna
break away from their parents that's some yeah and they got to start
practicing that yeah it seems it seems natural but if you have successfully
alienated your kid when that rebellious phase comes they're stepping right
outside the game they're starting their own thing in fact they'll give they're
gonna have some resentment against dad who's this unfair tyrant who's lame he
this is just like the kids never think their parents know anything as a parent
I understand why I totally don't like ice I get it but that is funny did a
really funny actually I mean we just don't it's not just parents like your
teachers don't know anything I'm not speaking for everybody but like when I
was a kid my parents didn't know anything teachers didn't know anything I
knew everything bunch of dorks bunch of idiots I'm stupid so if you're listening
to this and you're you know under the age of 40 you might want to listen here
alright that's good stuff he who desires peace should prepare for war remember
that one back to the book an army to numerous so now he's talking about the
size of the army an army to numerous is subject to many dangers and
inconveniences its bulk makes it slow and unwieldy in its motions and it is
obliged to march in columns of great that is exposed to the risk of being
continually harassed and assaulted by inconsiderable parties of the enemy the
encumbrance of the baggage is often an occasion of its being surprised in its
passage throughout difficult places or over rivers the difficulty of providing
forage for such numbers of horses and other beasts of burden is very great
besides the scarcity of provisions which is to be great carefully guarded against
in all expeditions soon ruins such large armies where the consumption is so great
that notwithstanding the greatest care and filling the magazine's they must
begin to fail in a short time and sometimes they unavoidably will be
distressed for want of water but if unfortunately this immense army should
be defeated the numbers lost must necessarily be very great and the
remainder who saved themselves by flight too much disparity to be brought to
action again and I read that whole thing so I could read this which is saying hey
like do you get too many people I read that whole thing so I could read this
the ancients taught by experienced prefer discipline to numbers like we'd
rather just have a small squared away group
then a ton of guys so where I see this with businesses this is what businesses
is as businesses grow it becomes harder for them to turn right it's harder for
them to pivot oh yeah so so you get big companies that when they were small they
were all agile and they were making things happen and they can change
direction and then as they get bigger and bigger and bigger they lose the
ability to do that and so you got to pay attention to that and what you have to
do there's a couple solutions it's like the solution is yeah you can stay small
but you don't want to spend stay small as a business because you can't just
like you know it's cool to stay small as an army but there's only so much you can
do with limited number of people so what you have to do is you have to start to
become more aware of what's going what's good what's coming down the pipe in the
future mm-hmm because it's gonna take you longer for you to pivot this this
minute monster you've got yeah so you've got to do it you've got to pay more
attention so when you grow in size this is classic
when you grow in size a business if the leaders of the business continue to
focus down and in to the company they won't see what's coming over the horizon
and that's on a good caught off guard and now they don't have time to pivot
because they're a lot bigger but they used to get away with it because they
were a little small company he could run to work on Monday and they could talk to
everyone in one sitting and everyone gets on board and we move forward you
fast forward that you go from 50 employees to 500 that are now you know
spread out over a large geography you can't make that quick move and so what
you have to do as a leader as as you grow you need to adjust your frame of
vision from looking down inside your company to looking up and into the
future if you don't make that transition you can't you you you think you can turn
things quickly you can't you can't it's a big army and a big army has to be it's
it's hard to control a big army and it takes more lead time yeah and so that's
the focus that you have to adjust to as you grow so how do you do it then like
you as the well what you do is a point yeah you have people underneath you if
you're making widgets and I was when we started off we had eight people and I
was in the factory all day checking out your widgets and making sure that they
were good to go and I was testing to myself and I was making little
adjustments that's cool that's fine it worked when we had eight
people but now when we get 40 people I need to start going okay echo can you
can you pay attention the widgets in here and then when I get to 300 people I
need to have four or five echos that are down there that are watching this stuff
so so that's what you got to do you've got to adjust your field of vision you
got adjust your focus or l2 and what fools people what fools people what
catches them off guard is that they think they can still pivot quickly mmm
because they were able to do it when they were smaller when they had 30 or 40
people they were able to pivot quickly they got 300 they can't do it and they
get caught off guard you know watch out for that kinda like a big cruise ship
right come to like a little speed boat like this of course those things take
miles to turn miles those big oil tankers they take miles to stop back to
the book the excellence of their discipline made their small
armies sufficient to encounter all their enemies with success now this is
something else I see a lot in business world and this is very common right you
get the you got the big the big business the big gorilla in the room or whatever
and they can't pivot very quickly well then you get the smaller companies that
are very agile and they start picking away at the big guy that's what he's
talking about right here like just because you're small doesn't mean you
can't you can't take a shot at the title yeah you know you could you could move
quickly and if there's chaos going on that's when you can adapt now are there
advantages to being the big company with lots of money and lots of people and
you're very stable oh yeah absolutely yeah so and are there advantages to
being small yes there are the mistake that people on both sides make is they
view themselves they don't understand what their strengths and weaknesses
aren't and they don't understand the strengths and weaknesses of their
opponents right so they say if there's someone that can move quicker than them
they go all don't worry about them we're bigger and more stable yeah well those
people are maneuvering on you yeah and there's sticky little needles in your
feet and eventually those little needles get infected and there's a problem yeah
got you know situation going on so you have to constantly as a leader and again
this is why leadership is important as a leader need to assess what's the
strength of that group what's the weaknesses what is order our strengths
right we keep hearing this again over and over again throughout all these
ancient military leaders know yourself know your opponent know your strengths
know your weaknesses for sure people fail to do that yeah problematic here we go famine makes greater havoc in
an army than the enemy and is more terrible than the sword you know every
time I have we've read that in the last couple books people talking about how
it's better to starve your enemy just makes me really really thankful that
there's abundant food in this country right now it really does I mean I've
never been starving and can you imagine starving to death it's got to be
absolutely heinous yeah worse than the sword according to
veggetti as' an army drawn together from different parts sometimes is disposed to
mutiny and the troops though not inclined to fight pretend to be angry at
not being led against the enemy such seditious dispositions Prince burly's
principally show themselves in those who have lived in their quarters in idleness
and effeminacy these men on accustom to the necessary fatigue of the field are
disgusted at its severity they're ignorant of discipline makes them afraid
of action and inspires them with insolence so you let your it's one of
those it's one of those dichotomies that's what it is
if you let your people do whatever they want they get soft and then they start
to rebel you want to talk about kids you know let your kids do whatever you want
whatever they want and see how that works out for you know lack of
discipline with your kids you can end up with some rebellious kids yes now am I
saying that you need to beat them like a dog into submission no I'm not saying
that at all because you know what that dog is that dogs crazy that dog will
bite you at some point you know right or somebody or somebody else yeah it's
problematic so you have to find the balance between those two things
he says there's there's several remedies for this evil
let them be constantly employed either in the field days or in the inspection
of their arms they should not be allowed to be absent on furlough they should be
frequently called by role and trained to be exact in observance of every signal
let them be exercised in the use of the bow and throwing missile weapons and
stones both with the hand and sling and then and with the wooden store sword at
the post let them be let all this be continually repeated and let them be
often kept under arms until they are tired let them be exercised in running
and leaping to facilitate the passing of ditches and if their quarters are near
the sea or the river let them all without exception be obliged in the
summer to have the frequent practice of swimming
let them be accustomed to march march through thickets enclosures and broken
grounds to fell trees and cut out timber to break ground and to defend a post
against their comrades who are an endeavor to dispossessed them and in the
encounter each party should use their shields to dislodge and bear down their
antagonists all the different kinds of troops
thus trained and exercised in their quarters will find themselves inspired
with emulation for glory and eagerness for action when they come to take the
field in short a soldier who has proper confidence in his own skill and strength
entertains no thought of mutiny that's awesome
yeah these guys were doing force-on-force training he's saying look
you're not gonna use swords but you're gonna go against each other with your
shields and fight for it and and this is a guy I've answered that question a
bunch of times where people you know how do you build morale and your team it's
like make them train hard make them work hard now the real trick is to make them
train hard make them work hard but at the same time what you do is you give
them ownership of that training so they're running the training yeah they
come up with the ideas and you just respect the hard core training that
they're that they're doing and you do it with them yeah you don't just impose
it's different than just imposing on the team like we're gonna do this hardcore
training the that will create a mutiny if you're not
careful yeah especially if you're not out there doing
it with a more if you don't explain why it's important yeah I read this thing
this is to kind of add to that well I think so anyway
they was it I forget what it was but it said and allow for success so like when
you train you know you train R train R train hard but allow for success for
sure because if there's no success it's like morale goes down after a while yeah
for sure you can't just I just said you can't beat that dog yeah yeah you can't
beat that dog it is much more to the credit of a general to form his troops
to submission and obedience by habit and discipline than to be obliged to force
them to their duty by the terror of punishment so he's making the reason I
pointed that out because it's making a clear a clear delineation between
discipline and punishment like discipline good punishment bad and he's
and those are two kind of opposite things so I think that's very important
I think so to you and it's important to remember that you're treating your
people good yeah you're taking care of them that's what you're doing you don't
necessarily take care of them by making their life soft you take care of them by
making their life disciplined and hard not to beat them down there's a balance
but that's what you got to find yeah back to the book it is essential to know
the character of the enemy and of their principal officers whether they be rash
or cautious enterprising or timid whether they fight on principle or from
chance and whether the nations they have been engaged with were brave or cowardly
so again know your enemy you must by no means venture to lead an irresolute or
diffident army to a general engagement for soldiers unused to fighting for a
length of time must be considered in the same light as recruits so he's saying if
you got people that haven't fought in a while and they're a little bit nervous
then you got to figure that they're just like we're recruits you can't always
trust them then he talks about the general and says
if he finds himself in many respects superior to his adverts adversary he
must by no means defer bringing on the engagement so if you're in a better spot
than the enemy or you can take him go hmm
but if he knows himself inferior he must avoid general actions and endeavor to
succeed by surprises and stratagems this when skillfully managed by good generals
have often given them victory over enemies superior both in numbers and
strength so this is common sense stuff if you think the enemy is better than
you don't fight him head on hmm that's guerrilla warfare if you
think the enemy is bigger and stronger than you you don't fight him head-on
all arts and trades whatever are brought to perfection by continual practice how
much more should this maxim true in in considerable matters be observed in
affairs of importance and how much superior to all others is the art of war
by which our liberties are preserved our dignity is perpetuated and the provinces
and the whole Empire itself exists you don't know like that
your suspect I think you you like you know for both huh okay we'll take that
it's true though yeah I actually I can dig it yeah I mean
let's face the facts here if it wasn't for if it wasn't for war well then you
just be enslaved by someone yeah I mean I'd love for it to not be that that for
that to not be the case yeah but if it wasn't for war you would just be
enslaved by people yeah what else that was someone that believed in war would
you'd be the slave of them yes I would work yeah I'm sorry I'm sorry that's
that's the nature of the world yeah no no you're you're actually right
yeah yeah because it's like it's like the hope or wish that everyone
was just perfect of course that'd be great or actually in a way would it be
great though you know how like sure it'd be great everyone got along and I won't
sing Kumbaya I don't know that but isn't isn't like stress or imbalance or
whatever isn't that the catalyst for any kind of progress of any kind what if
everyone was just happy and it's just all good satisfied no right I don't know
man I think we'd be in the stillness I think it's bad yeah we probably would be
yeah but guess what if we're in the Stone Age and I see that you got a piece
of whatever a piece of meat or a rock that I want guess what
I know Betsy that's good now you're talking reality yeah or so but so I mean
I guess the question is not to go off on too much of a tangent but the question
is would you want it to be all peaceful all the time with no progress would you
want that good theoretical question kind of no right I mean cuz you're kind of
thinking that you're kind of thinking do you like doing graphic design on the
computer which wouldn't exist if it wasn't for war nope point taken
but even like even like competition right you know it's like yeah
competition is good healthy competition is good is there for you makes you be it
doesn't feel like that even when you're in the moment it's like let's say you're
just dominating in whatever I don't know you play tennis I don't know and you're
killing everyone you're number one you're breaking World Records your money
and then you kind of notice this new young hungry guy coming in yeah it's
breaking your some of your records you're like you don't like that that
makes you kind of mad you kind of wish that never happened in but at the same
time that usually is a catalyst for you to start working harder and preparing
for that young I'm all about it yeah so but you're gonna cut and you
like the head you know like you like that yeah I like the competition yeah
you like directly though you know like when you say when I think anyway
wouldn't wouldn't they say healthy competition is good it's the result of
healthy competition is good you get the best product right in the market or
whatever and that's the result that's why it's good that's why it's kind of
empirically good ultimately I agree sure it's not a perfect process you know I
know you're on the fence of I know but but you you like like if I came up and
you could tell I was feeling good that would make you that wouldn't make
you nervous you'd be happy you'd be like you like that head to head
but I thought you were feeling good about what come on let's face it
Oh on the mats of justice yeah if you come up to me and you're all excited
yeah yeah or even give me the echo Charles Cowell but it okay you know I'll
be ready because I just played that through my mind yeah when I see you like
that I'm like yeah it's even more on and so I'll even put it more accurately more
extreme more understandable as far as what I think you're like so let's say we
went in rolled and I tapped you out right for the first time sure you
wouldn't like you wouldn't like that specific thing but when we roll again
that's when you'd be at your happiest right there that's what I think like I
think most of it yeah I mean you you want more of a challenge yeah
like all of it it's really on now that moment to you is a very pleasurable
moment it's what it seems like for some people like from I don't I would even
argue for like a lot of people like that I mean maybe that's a good example maybe
not but that moment usually is a very stressful moment like dang right now I
got to deal with this now you know and sure it'll result in the way better
stuff for sure but the moment is less embraced mental you know what I think
people people should pay attention to to is the thing that bothers people again
topic we've talked about before the thing that bothers people is the
anticipation of the situation yeah but most people like you like we were
talking about you making videos earlier when you know like there's a muster
coming and you're probably oh I got to do this video that I would imagine hangs
over your head more than when you're actually all right now you're doing the
work and you're putting it together it's getting dialed in that's how I feel
about things you know I'll be like there's something that I got to do it
unless it's like ah you know what you do you attack that thing yeah it's jumping
yeah now when you talked to me earlier about working out and like hey do you
ever just call it yeah what I will do which is major weakness is I like I'll
like wait I'll paste I've posted this on Twitter before like Yelp I hemmed in
hard I I read I you know redid the weights i
vacuumed hats whatever I'm taking all kinds of reasons to not start
procrastinating it I'm gonna do it I'm gonna make myself do it but I'm just I'm
just like being such a baby but I do that 200% yeah it's like I'm not talking
hours yeah but it's there wait 20 minutes you know 20 minutes of like you
want a better stretch out yeah that's weak we can do it just do it that's the
thing that you know what you know what that's one thing I'll tell you to little
one this is a workout tip from chaco day that you do you put a stopwatch on stuff
right like you even what I'm doing something that's not really you mean I'm
doing something that's not really focused on the time I at least put a
stopwatch on it so that I just gotta keep you know you just keep it just
keeps it on pace man yeah cuz otherwise that feeling that I just talked about
will we'll start finding itself in between
sets yeah you know that makes it good yeah all um this weird thing I mentioned
this workout that I started long-term never really DVD done much fun it's it
has rest between sets as part of the workout the time designated times
designated time it was always I don't think man it I cannot think of a time
where it ever worked out where the time between the sets was just like ambiguous
or something it was always a specific time so that little procrastination
thing would creep up between exercises or or before my first set warmup and the
first sets are usually the heaviest for me to something all right you know
that'll happen but you're right though like you can watch on it
I have this one workout that I do where I do like it's l-sit pull-ups and then
tuck pull-ups and then dead hang pull ups and then kipping pumps and then
chin-ups so it's like those five and you do as many as you can in each and then
you then I do something else and then I come back and do it again I do like five
rounds of that so they're like burnout set yep okay and like the first time I
did that I thought that was cool and so when the first time I did it I
was kind of uh let's just say motivated to do it
and this was years and years ago and then the next time I did it it took me a
really long time and I realized cuz I just was taking a long time between sets
that's not the purpose of it you know so now I always put a stopwatch on that
thing yeah keep the keep the clock ticking
yeah yeah and that's it and you feel it cuz you feel the clock tick yeah you
know you're like oh my god I guess that would apply to everything huh like you
like if you and you know that's why like when I write I do a thousand words you
know why cuz I get thousand words done in an hour sometimes I'm wishing to see
if I can get another 50 minutes wait wait so you would let's say when you
write unity boom you set the clock you're taught your watch I don't set my
watch yeah yeah I look at look at ago it's uh it's you know 848 okay 948 I'm
gonna be done yeah I'm gonna wrap this because that's even worse you sit there
and stare at a blank screen or you click on that little on that little internet
browsing thing at the bottom then there you go
you don't know that slippery slope don't do it I'll do it
check I'm talking about the general a little bit more if therefore he finds
his army composed of raw troops or if they have been long on long been
unaccustomed to fighting he must carefully study the strength the spirit
the manners of each particularly j'en and of each body of auxiliaries cavalry
and infantry he must know if possible this is good he must know if possible
the name and capacity of every count tribune subaltern and soldier he must
assume the most respectable authority and maintain it by severity he must
punish all military crimes with the greatest rigor of the laws so there's a
dichotomy there he's saying you should know the name of every single person on
your team at the same time if they get out of line you maintain by severity for
troops that have never been in action or of not for some time been used to such
spectacles been used to such spectacles are greatly shocked at the sight of the
wounded and dying and the impressions of fear they receive disposed them rather
to fly than to fight that's again to me is how do you train people and get them
used to what they're gonna be facing in the real world always keep that in mind
as a leader and I was about to say almost keep always keep that in mind as
a trainer but as a leader guess what you aren't you're the trainer having
explained the less considerable branches of the art of war the mill the order of
military affairs naturally leads us to the general engagement so now he's up to
this point he's only been talking about how to get ready for war this is a
conjecture full of uncertainty and fatal to kingdoms and nations for indecision
in the decision of a pitched battle consists the fullness of victory troops
must never be engaged in a general action immediately after a long march
when the men are fatigued and the horse is tired the strength required for
action is spent in the toil of the March what can a soldier do who charges went
out of breath sure Evans gonna hit me up see you need
more rest mm-hmm and he goes on to a little a little get after it right here
the sentiments of the troops should be determined before battle it is necessary
to know the sediments of the soldiers on the day of the engagement their
confidence or apprehensions are easily discovered by their looks their words
their actions and their motions no great dependence is to be placed on the
eagerness of young soldiers for action for fighting has something agreeable in
the idea to those who are strangers to it so he's saying the young soldiers
that have min O'War that are all fired up to fight don't listen to him because
there's some agreeable in the idea of fighting to people that haven't done it
before and then he says on the other hand it will be wrong to hazard into an
engagement if the old expiry and soldiers testify a disk of disk
lenay ssin a disinclination to fight so if the if the old guys are like hey this
boss is not a good idea hmm pay attention a general however may
encourage and animate his troops by proper exhortation x' and harangues
especially if by his account of the approaching action he can persuade them
into the belief of an easy victory with this view he should lay before them the
cowardice or on skillfulness of their enemies and remind them of any former
advantages they may have gained over them he should employ every argument
capable of exciting rage hatred and indignation against the adversaries in
the minds of his soldiers now this is something I disagree with I disagree
with this idea I disagree with the idea of telling the troops that it's going to
be an easy victory of telling the troops that hey they're cowards I don't agree
with that and because when you do that there's a lot of things that can go bad
number one when you go against the enemy and you face them and they start doing
good against you because they're more skilled than you expected that's a
problem yeah yeah I can gem up your morale oh
that can jam up your morale really bad so I don't recommend ever disrespecting
the enemy I recommend you give them written not to mention if this can be an
easy victory what's your mindset going into it yeah I mean first of all you're
not training hard for it you think you're gonna win easy it's called down
don't do that no you you you respect the enemy I think the point that he may have
been trying to make is like don't be afraid of the enemy I get that nothing
be afraid of yeah but respect him mmm-hmm didn't frederick the great say
something like that in last last time like something about remind them of how
lame they are or whatever he did say something like that and
actually it just the thing that he was saying was that he said he was saying no
what he was saying was only talked about the enemy with total score and that's
what he was only talk about the enemy with total scorn and actually he was
also saying like you shouldn't even hate the enemy but don't let anyone know that
you don't hate the prize which was kind of interesting and he's saying the same
thing like rage and hatred and indignation that's how you want them to
be thinking of the enemy so they both agreed on that point but I disagree on
the point of tell the tell your men that this is gonna be an easy fight cuz it's
not gonna be an easy fight you know back to the book it is natural for men in
general to be affected with some sensations of fear at the beginning of
an engagement but there are without a doubt some of them more timorous
disposition who are disordered by the very sight of the enemy to diminish
these apprehensions before you venture on action draw up your army frequently
in order of battle in some safe situations so that your men may be
accustomed to the sight and appearance of the enemy when opportunity offers
they should be sent to fall upon them and endeavour to put them to flight or
kill some of their men thus they will become acquainted with their customs
arms and horses and the objects with which we are once familiarized are no
longer capable of inspiring us with terror it's amazing how good you get at
something like if you've seen it one time yeah you know just just think about
any situation think if if like if you scare someone which I enjoy scaring
people but if you scare someone and then they come back in and you try and do the
same thing like they're not scared at all it doesn't work uh-huh
so so that's what that's how you want to prepare your people you get them used to
those seeing what they're gonna see yeah good generals are acutely aware that
victory depends much on the nature of the field of battle
when you intend therefore to engage endeavor to draw the chief advantage
from your situation the highest ground is reckoned the best always take the
high ground talking about reserves the method of
having bodies of reserves in the rear of the n army composed of choice infantry
and cavalry commanded by the supernumerary lieutenant generals counts
and Tribune's is very judicious and of great consequence toward the gaining of
a battle some should be posted in the rear of the wings and some near the
center to be ready to fly immediately to the assistance of any part of the line
which is hard pressed to prevent its being pierced to supply the vacancies
made therein during the action and thereby to keep up the courage of their
fellow soldiers and check the impetuous 'ti of the enemy as always have reserves
don't overextend yourself the post of the commander-in-chief is generally on
the right between the cavalry and the infantry from for from this place he can
best direct the motions of the whole army and move elements with the greatest
of ease wherever he finds necessary it is also the most convenient spot to give
his orders to both horse and foot and animate them equally by his presence so
position yourself in a good spot an able general never loses a favorable
opportunity of surprising the enemy either when tired on the march divided
in the passage of a river embarrassed into morasses struggling with the de
clarity's of mountains when dispersed over the country they think themselves
in security or are sleeping in their quarters
so just take advantage of your enemy whenever there let their guard down hmm
in all these cases the adversaries are surprised and destroyed before they have
time to put themselves on their guard but if they are too cautious and you and
give but if they are too cautious to give you an opportunity of surprising or
ensnaring them you are then obliged to engage openly and on equal terms so
whenever you get the chance you you sucker punch them right yeah you know is
that the is that am i encouraging you go out and soccer punch people no but if
you're gonna fight take advantage of the situation you've already determined that
the enemy needs to be fought you're going to do everything you can to but
isn't that that's gonna you think I just started a rash of sucker punches no I
feel like you misused the expression that's welcome cuz Sucker Punch is more
of a waging of war or a certain level of war when someone so you're saying this I
mean these are already at war they're already at war so now it's like it's
kind of sucker punches the kind hey we're just gonna go invade this country
they have no idea that we're you know maybe I don't know one of their citizens
said something bad about our president or something like that but if you guys
are in war and they're sleeping or something like that nah man that's good
ok I agree no I actually agree with you very much very strongly I think you're
correct yeah in fact I don't think you should sucker punch anyone yes I agree
you shouldn't sucker punch someone but if you are at war with someone yes then
you're trying to get them at our least prepared situation yes agree
thousand percent all right this is important the flight of an enemy should
not be prevented but facilitated generals unskilled in war think of
victory incomplete unless the enemy are so straightened in their ground or so
entirely surrounded by numbers as to they have no possibility of escape but
in such situation where no hope remains fear itself will armed an enemy and
despair inspires courage as powerful now think about that fear itself alarm the
enemy if you surround them completely when men find themselves oh sorry when
men find they must inevitably perish they willingly resolve to die with their
comrades and with their arms in their hands the maxim that a golden bridge
should be made for a flying enemy has much been commended for when they have
free room to escape they think of nothing but how to save themselves by
flight and the confusion now you might think that you might think by that
statement he said hey like you build a golden bridge for them to get away you
know you might think that that's sort of a a merciful thing to do but check out
this line and the confusion becoming general great numbers are cut to pieces
the pursuers can be in no danger when the vanquished have thrown away their
arms for greater haste so their guys are dropping their swords they see an escape
they drop their swords and they run for it but you got him you're waiting there
for him in this case the greater number of the flying enemy the greater the
slaughter numbers are of no signification where troops are once
thrown into consternation are equally terrified at the sight of the enemy as
their weapons so that's good advice that's this is something as well
you know it's not the same thing but man when you when you when you're dealing
with another human being and let's say let's say you and I are talking about
something and I know I'm right and I know you're wrong but you kind of
planted yourself into it you kind of painted yourself into a corner yeah I'll
give you a little out you know no I don't want to like I want to do that to
you yeah I don't want to do that to my work with no no let me give you a little
out like oh yeah it's probably the way it used to be but you know what hey you
know we go yeah yeah you know definitely I've done it before
like all that's cool it worked yeah we think of this a little out that actually
is very very it's not it's a nice thing to do but it feels very smart it's the
way very it's very smart to give people a little out yeah I leave that with I
have to do that with a few with my kids you know yeah out because they'll paint
themselves in a quarter cuz they're kids that's what they do
yeah yeah it's a when you embarrass someone cuz that's kind of embarrassing
especially when you get into some argument where it turns into a median so
you kind of think that you realize you're wrong and you're like oh man I
have to basically Wow I got ya give them to get out so we're kind of we're both
winners because my egos not involved over here I'm just happy that working it
along moving forward yeah good with it back to the book in the first place your
men must not imagine that you retire to decline in action but believe you
retreat an artifice to draw the enemy in to a more advantageous position for you
where you may more easily defeat them in case they follow you for troops you
perceive their general despairs of success are prone to flight so what that
saying is and I should have given this introduction before is that if you feel
like you have to retreat you don't say hey we're we're getting crushed here and
we're gonna retreat what we say is hey we're gonna bait them we're gonna move
back we're gonna draw them in so the guys go
oh okay I get it if you just like hey we're getting our asses kicked and we
need to get out of here you're gonna lose your people gonna run away but if
you're like hey we're doing this maneuver gonna fade back a little bit
we're gonna set them up and you go oh cool we get an opportunity for payback
yeah so that's a good point yeah very good point it seems like their mindset
would still be in the fight in that case you're and then versus you keep them in
the fight exactly now once the people once once the enemy
is fleeing and you chase them you got to be careful
back to the book a ration inconsiderate pursuit exposes an army to the greatest
danger possible that of falling into ambush ambushes and the hands of the
troops enemy troops ready for their reception for as in the term temerity of
an army is increased and their caution lessened by the pursuit of a flying
enemy this is most favorable opportunity for such snares so when you get somebody
running after you that's when you can catch him the greater the security the
greater the danger troops when unprepared at their meals fatigued after
march when their horses are feeding and in short when they believe themselves
most security most secure are generally most liable to a surprise all risks of
this sort are to be avoided carefully and all opportunities taken of
distressing the enemy by such methods so that mindset that
people get like you just said when they're running away is one thing but
also when they think they just won mmm they get the mindset of like oh we don't
need security in here anymore right now we don't need it we're good there is
that one little line the greater the security the greater the danger that
that line right there it doesn't make any sense the greater the security
degree of danger what he's saying is when the the greater the security is the
greater the danger of being susceptible to letting your guard down mmm yeah like
if like mmm a situation we got that I did verifying right we talked about
before but yeah you got um deeds days and they're like oh I'm gonna go in
there to finish all crazy not like as cautious as maybe they should be kind of
that situation yeah the greater the securities are the
better you feel right does your said look I keep losing that line the greater
the security the greater the danger then you're a the security the greater the
danger that's what it is so when you're feeling secure watch it watch yourself
resources in case of defeat if while one part of your army is victorious the
other should be defeated you are by no means to despair since even in this
extremity the constancy and resolution of a general may recover a complete
victory so just because you take a little loss doesn't mean you're gonna
lose completely yet notwithstanding an entire defeat all possible remedies must
be attempted since many generals have been fortunate enough to repair such a
loss so you can always come back an army after a defeat has sometimes rallied
returned on the enemy dispersed him by pursuing an order and destroyed him
without difficulty nor can men be in a more dangerous situation than when in
the midst of joy after victory their exultation is suddenly converted into
terror so same thing your joyous cuz you won
and all of a sudden you're the table's turned whatever be the event the remains
of the army must be immediately assembled reanimated by suitable
expectations and furnished with fresh fresh supplies of arms that's what you
do when you get a good victory you're like all right reload that's we're doing
right now and in this last section of the book he kind of just breaks down and
sums up the rest of the book that we just read so these are all pretty
familiar most of them cuz we I covered most of
them it is the nature of war that what is beneficial to you is detrimental to
the enemy and what is of service to him always hurts you that seems that common
sense yes the more troops the more your troops have been accustomed to camp
duties on frontier stations and the more carefully they have been disciplined the
less danger they will be exposed to in the field train them hard men must be
sufficiently tried before they are led against the enemy train them hard it is
much better to overcome the enemy by famine surprise or terror than my
general actions for in the latter instance fortune has often a greater
share than valor I like the idea of overcoming the enemy just by terror just
just I I wish there was like a full chapter about that that's legit those
designs are best which the enemy are entirely ignorant of till the moment of
execution opportunity in war is often more to be depended on than courage to depart
to debauch the enemy soldiers and encourage them when sincere in
surrendering themselves is of a special service for an adversary as more hurt by
desertion than my slaughter so if you can get the enemy to like come over to
your side mm-hmm that's even worse to the enemy then when
you're just killing them because you think about when you you're getting your
friends killed you have some kind of vengeance yeah but if they just take
your friends and like all in the back room having them have a glass of wine
would you know yeah you know what that sounds a better than the deal I got it
is better to have several bodies of reserves than to extend yourself too
much to the front there you go a general has not easily overcome who can form a
true judgment of his own and the enemy forces we've been hearing that one since
sunsoo art of war valor is superior to numbers the nature of ground is often of
more consequence than courage these guys talking about terrain that's what he's
talking about so everyone that's in the military listen this right now terrain
terrain terrain learn to read the terrain this is a good one
few men are born brave many becomes so through care and force of discipline
great dichotomy there care for your people and through force of discipline
is what makes people brave an army is strengthened by labor and weakened by
idleness don't sit around don't sit around keep
moving troops are not to be led to battle unless confident of success
novelty and surprised throw an enemy into consternation but common incidents
have no effect learn new moves that's some advice I need to take I always do
the same moves not good he who rashly pursues a flying enemy
with troops and disorder seems inclined to resign that victory which he had
before obtained so if if you go pursuing the enemy when your troops aren't
organized you're basically trying to give away your victory mm-hmm so be
careful when you pursue an army unsupplied with grain and other
necessary provisions will be vanquished without striking a blow
I need windy fines I looked around a bit looking for like a like a Roman soldier
and they find some letters and stuff but these guys must have been hungry on
finding the enemy has notice of your designs you must immediately alter your
plan of operations check consult with many on proper measures to be taken but
communicate the plans you intend to put an execution too few and only those of
the most assured fidelity or rather trust no one but yourself but
interesting consoled many people get some feedback from everyone next
punishment and fear thereof are necessary to keep soldiers in order in
quarters but in the field they are more influenced by hope and rewards dichotomy
for you good officers never engage in general actions unless induced by
opportunity or obliged by necessity to de-stress the enemy more by famine
than the sword is the mark of consummate skill and this is actually the last one
here dispositions for action must be carefully concealed from the enemy lest
they should counteract them and defeat your plans by proper expedience so those
again I didn't cover all the Maxim's and the reason I didn't is because some of
the maximum said he talks about our legitimately ancient or tactical warfare
but it's worth getting the book so you can read those and understand them and
he he kind of ends this book with a little note to the emperor of Rome at
the time and this is how he wraps it up how glorious it is therefore for your
majesty with all these qualifications to unite the science of war and the art of
conquest and to convince the world that by your conduct and courage you are
equally capable of performing the duties of the soldier and the general I think
that's actually a cool statement to end on capable of equally performing the
duties of the soldier and the general so he wraps up the book with that last
dichotomy and I think that's one of the really one of the most important
qualities for a leader to have and one of the most important qualities to be
able to balance and that is feel to maintain and lead from the highest
position and at the same time never forget where you came from right you've
heard that expression you don't forget where you came from that's what he's
talking about and I think for every leader what that
means is recognize that you still have more to learn that
you can still grow you can still try and get better and obviously that's what
we're doing here is trying to learn and trying to keep learning sure and I think
that wraps this up and obviously we make this podcast so that we can mark and
other people can learn if they want to join in but if you learn anything and
you want to you know give this podcast some support there's a great ways to do it
and the goal just when you support the podcast is that you also support
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tests UCLA curcumin is awesome for you
hmm and but do you remember like what yes but you know this is this is the
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it's a huge deal yeah that's one of the reasons enjoy warfare yeah but then they
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all that is there oxidation of metal so when you cuz some peopie well I knew
this for a long time but before I knew it this was you know this is well how my
brain was as far as antioxidants go my mom's like hey antioxidants I'm like
wait oxidants oxy oxy oxygen oxygen is good like why is it anti oxygen kind of
thing no it's not anti oxygen actually oxidant meaning it fights oxidation
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antioxidants keeps it from rusting so now that you when you hear
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straight up so krill oil omega-3s better uptake than
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super krill oil that's what makes it super then joint warfare as we mentioned
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joint work get some discipline too but yeah by the way and so now what we have
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Rhonda Patrick is we have so they play into
each other yeah after it so joint work for krill oil is the joints but joint
warfare also has cognitive enhancement which as does did the discipline so he
you know discipline is like would you call it a powdered drink that's what it
is right yeah you know that's I mean I mix it up you put a little in your water
bottle and then and then it gives you a little bit about you know that mental it
mental advantage Dave Burke sent me a text he said quote best quote from the
last podcast Dave Burke he's like a crackhead or something like that
sorry Dave no offense yeah I know you just like the disciplined yeah amen did
you see someone posted a picture of like a guy with like cocaine powder all over
his face yeah that's a good works on the also monk okay so that's a little bit of
shifting gears scenario in regards to supplements
monk okay I'm gonna say the word proteins I said to perform said again
because to me it's appropriate I'm gonna say the word protein powder but I'm not
gonna say heimo protein but I'm not gonna say that it's not it's not
appropriate cuz it's different this is how it's
different it's Mulk is that a guy he said I don't drink
protein powders but it sounds like this is just dessert yeah and I hate to say
it it's kind of true but dessert kind of has this like kind of guilty kind of
feel to it this is guilt-free dessert here's what I
did though I was pushing now I know and I was gonna kind of let you know but I
was like here you know just let me just have it be funny for me so I'm thinking
literally thinking of mah kwahm shopping yeah so when I shot you know you I don't
know how much you shot butter off go ahead next question I have my go-to
trying to get red leaf lettuce eat a lot of red leaf lettuce for whatever and I
get milk but this time I'm thinking of the monk I don't know why it was just in
my head I was gonna go drink some oak at that time it was just my head for
whatever and I shifted to chocolate milk so I'm like hey what if I mix the
chocolate milk with the milk I know right it might be too much we do it yeah
you don't need to then again why would I knock it before I try it because what if
I discover something seems saying I didn't do it yes I'll report back but
nonetheless it is like a dessert but it's one of those beneficial desserts
that let go that's like a dark chocolate you know you even consider dark
chocolate right I mean it's a certain percentage right or something where it's
like good for you yeah good drinking though it's kind of like that it's like
a big milkshake put an egg in there you really want to get home well we'll have
some milk for sure at the immersion camp yeah which is by the way August 26
that's what it is last year we didn't have more cleaning
Moke wasn't even invented yet yeah it was like straight up didn't it didn't
exist it was like then all of a sudden you cracked an atom open and they had to
add milk to the periodic table this happened last year I had to drink try
drinking the juice – chocolate milk because they had it at the camp all
right yeah like the old school cafeteria chocolate milk just it's just not it's
just horrible you don't like it no I mean I think I'm actually experienced
because what it happens not good it's not good
so yeah immersion camp August 26 in September second that's the last day
about these two sessions in there I would say you know I can't speak for
anyone else I would say yeah go to both cuz that's good but you know good one
for the two whatever for those that are wondering and I well this isn't
confirmed yet but we pretty pretty much had the talk Pete me and and belittle
and the conversation is looking like what morning G afternoon
nogi evening whichever insurance yeah that's like a dream isn't it I think so
too and I don't have any complaints from the last one yeah literally have no
complaint yeah but I do remember thinking if there was some no gimmicks
in here this really this would make me kind of not really want to leave to ever
yeah yeah this is worth pointing out this is the kind of thing that I you you
ever think about like people that are OCD yes I think about that all the time
right obsessively yeah both of them so sometimes I have a little bit of that me
but one of them is is like I want things to be squared away right and so when I
was going to the camp I was kind of like how is this whole laundry thing gonna
work like what's gonna happen this was before yeah okay well the thing is just
to let everyone know if you come to camp they they do laundry there's like a
laundry service they pick it up they pick it up and they wash all your
clothes and then they bring back in all your clothes nice and game and that's a
huge you think you could basically get away with to geez
yes thank you yeah well maybe three I yeah I would say that we I only had to
probably three geez I didn't bring any geese I got an Origin well you know to
embody like empty it there yeah yeah I'm saying to rotate them through properly
but they're pretty fast on the turnaround anyway so that's the deal but
that's a that's a that's kind of a big deal the longest case cuz there's a
difference between hey does the laundry service walk across camp to laundry mat
and go handle your business well I'd actually the camp
that a different same Lake Echo Lake but it's a different Lake but and I don't
know what the exact laundry service I think it's gonna be the same exact thing
though because the service didn't come from Camp blossom it's somebody that
does laundry from these yeah yeah make sure there should be people in the world
that just Dookie laundry yeah they come and grab it though they knock any door
like room service yeah really it's huge gym I think it's very convenient very
nice but yeah immersion camp august 23 august 26 through september 2nd two
sessions of either Jacko's gonna be there rolling yeah
rolling to fulfill your curiosity of how it is to roll with jungle I'm not gonna
say it'll be a good time rolling with Jacque I'm not gonna say that let me
down my yeah you might get down as far as pleasurable experiences go no no no
might let you down minder bees everyone thinks all he's got to be strong and
believable no it's like I'm not that good at jujitsu yeah I wasn't really
thinking that I was thinking more oh yeah it'll be fun and pleasurable
meanwhile I would be like like 90 percent painful and then like five
percent embarrassing you know various other if you wonder about that consult I
don't know maybe you don't but yeah that's in origin also we have a store
actually Jaco has a store and it's called choco store
we made that name up I did keeping it simple anyway this is where you can get
the rash guards that we make get after it little trooper rash guards or your
kid rash guards too by the way for youth or your kids getting into jiu-jitsu boom
and for surfing and for whatever running cycling all that stuff and – yeah stand
by to get some rash guard that's what I'm gonna make extend my to get so Jack
I was gonna make a good rash guard but then I thought hey what's the message of
good business anybody get something too close to get after it
no okay because damn but no you stand by to get some is when you're standing by the
get some getting after it is when you're actually getting after it so when you're
standing by are you getting after this two different things completely back to
the good ration card is important I think as far as the layers go
okay good is like when something quote-unquote bad happens
mmm it's always something good to come from it so what you see it's a direct
quote so you can't make and put on a rash guard that's based on something bad
happening as far as losing goes or something like that all right okay I
guess you could technically if it looked dope I don't know
jury's still out anyway back to the t-shirts there's some cool ins on there
right yeah I just put that deaf core on the t-shirt
definitely yeah good idea I think you're you're right about dog no hats on
there's well two kinds of hats as Aranda actually three technically three types
of headgear trucker hats flex fit hats be nice just in time for summer actually
beanies been out for a while don't give yourself too much credit but negative
summer and winter hoodies you get hoodies on there too legit hoodies
non-hawaiian hoodies we're gonna make you're gonna make a Hawaiian hoodie
apparently yeah I think technically there's no such thing as a Hawaiian
hoodie but I will have a lighter-weight hoodie for when you go to Hawaii and it
turns nighttime and the wind breeze kind of blows and you're like dang how much
handle a long-sleeve shirt you know and it'll look kind of don't that's what I
think that's my whole approach in my opinion it's the women stuff on there
too you know for the lady troopers some tank tops and v-neck type t-shirts made
specifically for the ladies solid just Gringo's freedom go down also other ways
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tree is like four met cons you know and you can do body boom boom boom yeah it's
like it burns a lot of calories get to in a muscular muscular conditioning and
stuff like that but really good I was like after you read it's like you want
to do battle ropes from now on anyway go on it
go I got the mace from Jocko today as far as everything so yeah so and I knew
it was gonna be heavy nothing like I know cuz that's only a 20 pounder if
you're you know that's this one of those things I think you know when we talk
about kettlebells and people say like what size kettlebell do you start off
with it's hard to narrow that down that thing is heavy
yes not too many people that are just getting all over that 20 pounds yeah
this is like too heavy I've never done mace work up here either way this is too
heavy for me to do like a workout yeah I'm like even like it so it looks like a
big what he calls not a bowling pin but you know the juggling pins you know like
people nature so it looks like that but it weighs 20 pounds it feels like it
weighs like 50 literally feels like that it's all big anyway yeah but I'm gonna
I'm gonna work it in and I'm gonna report back and I feel that soon I'm
gonna be a lot stronger than you son yeah I like it that's good yes speaking
of that um if maybe you're thinking oh instead of working out I'm gonna take a
break you can get the psychological warfare album mm-hmm that has tracks
it's on iTunes Google Play mp3 whenever you get mp3's just a little bit of
guidance on how to overcome situations where maybe you're not gonna get after
and you know you should yeah so there you go working on psychological warfare
too at this time so that'll be coming in the future all your excuses are lies
it's gonna be the title psychological warfare to all your excuses are lies
yeah see that yeah that's good I like how you do that I'd call it like a spot
like a spot I'm an exact illogical spot yeah that's what it is yeah I love that
though because not everyone thinks when you say spot you're thinking of 1994
weightlifting bodybuilding sure Oh No Bittan powerlifting yeah I guess you
can't really spot on a power clean like a limp
nonetheless it is a spot nonetheless regretted so what analogy you want to
use I think the band the spot is the best because you don't need a spot
necessarily most of time you don't need it most the time cool but if you got a
spotter there and you need the spot boom there it is he's the spot you and he's
gonna bring you're not gonna let the bar bear you
you understand fair enough also Jocko has some teeth it's called
choco white tea mmm interestingly enough dry tea which is
teabags and in a can which I've been popping every day by the way okay I'm
not gonna say it's an anti-nausea medication I'm not gonna say that but as
it turns out it's kind of an anti knowledge amid medication super
refreshing that they can't by the way it's also anti weakness cuz it once you
drink jakka white tea you can deadlift 8,000
pounds automatically hey it's available in Canada too on Amazon in Canada that's
new hmm so check out Canadian folks up there hanging out with Jodie medic
somewhere Ottawa then you can get it there too you
also got some books way the warrior kid and marks mission those are for children
but I think everyone that reads him gets something out of them you so check them
out you might like them that video you did with Brian rose yeah right the look
everyone um so my brother's watching the video no I don't know why he's all like
surprised like he's impressed okay I get it but like he's all surprised impressed
you know the difference right mm-hmm so the video the you know how you basically
the part where you're explaining where the work here part two where Commission
where you like okay this psychological bully you know did this thing and now
mark wants to fight me fight now knows jujitsu so he kind of wants to fight him
so uncle Jake's like you know comes in and he's all hey cool you can fight them
so like Jake you know getting us whatever okay you can fight them but
first you gotta do recon or Intel right Intel gathering whatever see what up and
so he does and he finds out all this stuff you know and through like finding
the stuff when it regains like a little bit understanding or whatever and so
instead of fighting them maybe you should help him kind of thing so it's
like this little curve ball it's like man it's like kind of taking the high
ground when you don't expect a Charles kind of like that you like down he's all
impressed and ready yet rest with it don't let him eat that
still reading it to my little girl that's Jack it's kind of the ethos right
the way the worry kid ethos you just read it
you just keep read when you're done reading it you really get startled over
yeah yeah she likes it she liked the paper mache pumpkin yeah situation I
really like that part there that was actually pretty fun yeah it was good and
all silver shining through oh yeah also the Field Manual discipline equals
freedom Field Manual best book ever written best book physically to look at
yeah my opinion black on black but when you think of that front cover for the
photograph you like that yeah yeah photograph yeah it's uh it's like woody
call like a manual for if you make it a manual for life in general I think you'd
be on the good path right there I agree I agree if you need a manual for some
leadership you got extreme ownership that's the
book that I wrote with my brother late babban and it's about combat leadership
and how you can apply the lessons that we learned on the battlefield to
everything you do in your business and in your life and relationships with
people and also coming pretty soon actually is the follow-on to that book
that I also wrote with life the dichotomy of leadership it is you know
you you've heard us talk about dichotomy all the time it's actually the last
chapter of extreme ownership and this is the trickiest thing about leadership is
trying to balance this dichotomy so we talk about it and do a deep dive and get
granular on how to balance that economy of leadership in that book which is
titled that I caught a me of leadership you can pre-order it right now it comes
out September 25th if you don't want to get a copy when it comes out then don't
order it now and you won't get because it's gonna sell out and the publishers
are slacking as usual nobody but there's probably a few of these because yeah
their projected numbers are off hmm always and you want to get the you want
to get the first edition that's my opinion
so do that and for all for leadership training on-site beyond the books beyond
the podcast I have echelon front it's our leadership consulting company
we solve problems through leadership also we have the muster which is a
Leadership Conference there's only one more this year it's in San Francisco
muster zero zero six it's October 17th and 18th you have to register for that
at extreme ownership comm every monster we've done is sold out this one will
sell out too and also for current military law enforcement Border Patrol
firefighters paramedics first responders we got the roll call zero zero one
September 21st in Dallas Texas it's a focus one-day leadership training
seminar for people that are in uniform handling stressful situations and you
can also register for that at extreme ownership comm and until we are live at
the muster in San Francisco or at the roll call in Texas or at the immersion
camp in Maine until then if you want to cruise kind of hard with us we are on
the interwebs on Twitter on Instagram and yes echo is at Echo Charles and I am
at Jocko willing and thanks to all the people in uniform out there
military police law enforcement firefighters paramedics border patrol
all first responders really we won't be able to do what we do without you doing
what you do so thank you for protecting us and taking care of us and also thanks
to your families who support you while you support us and to everyone else
everyone else thanks for listening and remember what veggetti as' said that it
isn't just size or numbers or even courage itself that will ensure victory
instead it is exact observance of discipline that is
what it takes that is what you need so go out there and get after it and until
next time this is echo and Jocko out

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