Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Food Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed  Food Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – (L-2600) Review

Waste King Food Garbage Disposal                                                           

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About Waste King

Anaheim Manufacturing Company (AMC), a division of Moen Incorporated, offers an extensive assortment of food waste disposers, disposer accessories and hot water tanks with faucets. Anaheim Manufacturing Company’s product portfolio includes domestic and international product brand labels.

For more than 50 years, AMC has delivered superior products to fit the unique needs of its customers. AMC is committed to leveraging this experience to design products with a focus on combining exceptional quality with great value.

It provides household and commercial products. In the household, they provide Domestic Domestic Disposers, International Disposers, Water Products, and Accessories. And Commercial products they provide Commercial Disposers, Water Controls and Accessories.

Why Buy WASTE KING Food Garbage Disposal or Garbage Disposal

Before to dive see features of Waste King food disposal we first see the why Waste King is buyer choice. Or why buyers purchase this company product for grind leftover.
Revolutions per Minute: These amazing garbage disposal units operate at 2700 rpms vs. the other brands at 1725 rpms.

Save Time: Waste King disposes of food waste faster and it saves precious time and electricity cost.
Save Water: Because it grinds faster, therefore, it uses less water. And therefore water consumption is less.
Save Electricity: Because it finishes work faster and save electricity and consume less energy.
Extra Twisting Power: Waste King Legend motors have 30% more torque. Therefore twisting power of waste king legend series is more as compare to other products.
Never Jams: By using Waste king legend series not need auto reverse to prevent jams and a un-jam key to prevent jams.
Big Warranty: Waste King Legend offers the longest Warranty in the business because they are so trouble-free.
Electric Cord & Plug: It consists of an electric cord and plugs with all models, therefore, they charge $10 extra as compare to other brands.
Big Manufacturer: Waste King Legend is one of only two major manufacturers that make 95% of all garbage disposers.
Rated No.1: Waste King Legend was Rated #1 because they grind finer and don’t jam.
SEPTIC SAFE and DESIGNED: Waste King Legend Series disposers are SEPTIC SAFE and DESIGNED to be used in SEPTIC SYSTEMS

Features of Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

  • 1/2 Horsepower Disposer
  • Continuous Feed Unit
  • Professional 3-Bolt Mount System
  • 5 Year In-Home Service Warranty
  • High speed 2600 RPM Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Longest warranties in the industry
  • Power cord included
  • LIFETIME Corrosion Warranty
  • Stainless Steel Grinding Components
  • Safe for properly sized septic tanks


Waste King Food Waste Garbage Disposal                        View on Amazon : $63

What Benefits You Can Get By using Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Food Disposal:

Stainless Steel Grind Components

High strength, corrosion proof polymer grind chamber with stainless steel grind components resists rust to extend the life of your Waste King disposal.

Manual Reset Button

The Waste King disposal features a manual reset button – a safety feature that will shut it off in the case of an overload or the rare jam. Easily revert to running status by pressing the manual reset button.

Sink-Mounted Air Switch

The Waste King continuous feed disposal activates via a wall switch or sink-mounted air switch and runs until it is turned off.

Easy To Clean Disposal

The removable, replaceable splash guard makes it easy to clean the disposal and retrieve dropped items.

Septic System

Using a septic system? Waste King Disposals are perfectly safe to use with septic tanks that are properly sized for your home.

Impressive Grind

Tackle everyday food scraps with the energy-efficient, high-speed motor that offers an impressive grind.

Simple to Install

It is a durable disposal that’s simple to install and always reliable.

Shorter Runtime

The powerful Waste King motor allows for shorter runtime, further reducing your footprint and lowering your electricity bill.

Saves Space

This sleek design saves space and provides more storage under your sink.

Easy To Install

Waste King’s EZ Mount twist-and-lock design provides a fast and easy way to install or replace the disposal in your kitchen sink.

Extra Trip To The Store

It provides all the necessary hardware, including a 32-inch power cord, saving shoppers an extra trip to the store.

Reducing The Possibility Of Jams

Its permanent magnet motor achieves full speed nearly instantly, reducing the possibility of jams.

Reduces Bio-Degradable Waste

Garbage disposals grind up food waste to be processed at water treatment plants, which reduces bio-degradable waste sent to landfills.

Limited Mechanical Warranty

The Waste King Legend 2600 is backed by a limited mechanical warranty.


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