Whole Beets vs. Juice for Improving Athletic Performance

“Total beetroot or beet juice to improve athletic performance” translation: Ghada Khalil The nitrates, which are concentrated in leafy vegetables and beets, To major transformations several years ago From being passive and inactive to other with severe effects On the energy centers in our cells. It reduces oxygen consumption during training, That is, we can do the same, but with less oxygen. Consequently, a small cup of beet juice allows free diving practitioners to hold their breath For more than four minutes, they spend about half a minute longer under water. For others, this is an improvement in muscle efficiency Athletes are allowed to work out and work harder. Or increase the speed of running at the same rate as breathing I explained this discovery in an unprecedented series Of the 17-part videos, I think it’s the longest I have done.

It was really amazing. But that was in 2012. What happened from that time? Well, all of that led to a lot of athletes eating, Professionals and amateurs alike, for beet juice before any competition. But what does the modern science think about that? Well, most of the studies were done on men It turns out that it applies to women, too, even African Americans. It is a category that is often neglected while conducting research. The result was the same amount of effort by consuming significantly less oxygen After eating beet juice. But let’s put the beet juice aside. What about whole beets? They are cheaper, healthier, and we can find them in any vegetable store. However, no studies have ever been done before. Consuming whole beetroot greatly improves the running performance.

Physically fit men and women were given A cup and a half of baked beets, the equivalent of a can of beets, 75 minutes before running for five thousand kilometers. They all started at the same speed, but during the last mile of the race, The beet group advanced compared to the other group, That were given some berries instead of beets. Although they were running faster, their heartbeat never increased. Moreover, the beet group reported that they felt less tired. More speed and less effort? So the title of the amazing beetroot did not come out of the blue. But as long as nitrates are so useful, why don’t we take them as tablets, Or nitrate supplements like those from brands like Hellfire? Although they may be effective, whether or not they are safe in the long run is questionable.

Non-plant sources of nitrates may have an adverse health effect. So if we want to improve our athletic performance, We have to get nitrates from whole vegetables. The pharmaceutical industry knows this, and instead markets it A group of nitric oxide-stimulating supplements. However, there is almost no scientific evidence Improve the sporty performance by consuming these supplements Which are called nitric oxide catalysts.

While scientific evidence supports vegetables. But how much will companies earn from profits if they sell beets? What about a new product that is rich in beetroot? We tried to persuade people to eat fruits and vegetables We did not reach any result. But many people eat white bread. So why not try to give them red bread? Of course it worked. Red beetroot reduced blood pressure, And naturally improving the ability of arteries to stretch and stretch. Therefore, baking may be an effective method To increase people’s consumption of vegetables without changing their diet.

Because, God forbid, that people change their diet To improve their health.

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