What is PABX, the High Quality Tutorial that you Must See about Private Automated Branch eXchange

What is PABX

PABX is a telephone switching station that works automatically as a telephone call center the PA BX is centralized around the local network as a server and the system provides a single access for users PA we have switches together different phone lines between communication devices as you can see in the picture as a key phone system access avoid PBX that is in the center of the network.


It controls and manages cause to build up the channel between the stations and internal IP phone C protocol is used very for T they refer to internal phones as extensions in the connection as you can see in the picture the PBX is capable to connect the IP network and the public switched telephone network as well now.

What are PBX types?

Let’s see the PBX types in case you use an analog PBX your conversation will not be digitalized but it is sent as an analog signal the digital PBX works with digital signage or tankards analog signals into digital wants an IP PBX transmits voice a voice data through the IP network.

Audio date is converted into digitalized packets and then these packets are encapsulated into other packets according it to the IP network finally the hybrid PBX can have all these features you can use it for both analog digital and web connections as a key phone system extra can handle several phone expansions.

When you would like to make a call from one phone to the other the session between the two systems will be created by the server at the end of the conversation participants notify the PBX with a sip message so the PBX terminates the call it is easy to add new extensions there as a key phone system AXI if you connect an IP phone to the system you do not need to reconfigure it from the start after some basic settings the IP phone will be ready to use another feature is that you can manage users and groups effectively you can create and assign these users and groups in other key phone system.

It acts easily it is also possible to save the conversations in a server as a data record in this case the conversation runs through the server and later you can listen it again voicemails are also available if you use as a key phone system XE as I said that in the center of the phone network there is always a phone system for example as a key phone system AXI.

It is a flexible system operating lots of client types as you can see in the picture as a key phone system XE can operate soft phone smartphone and tablet VoIP phone or PDAs as well these devices are software based solutions but of course uzuki phone system actually makes it possible to use the VoIP network with traditional phones as well you can connect them to the VoIP server to through a wired or wireless network.

You can connect analog phones with an analog telephone adapter as a key phone system ax C is a market leader new generation IP phone system that offers efficient VoIP solutions for all types of organizations and provides enough flexibility for IT developers to customize it if you are interested in more work that work topics and as a key phone system XE please visit our website at as a key founders comp or send us an email info add as a key phone that come thank you for your attention

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