Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

Take personal responsibility for your health

Only one diet has been shown to reverse heart disease In the vast majority of patients a diet based around whole plant foods So anytime anyone tries to sell you a new diet Do me a favor, I ask them one simple question: “Has it been shown to reflect heart disease?”

You know, that’s the number one reason for your death and all your loved ones If the answer is “no”; why do you even consider following it? Only one diet has proven to do so This is not a cherry type selection There is only one type of cherry In fact, if this is all a vegetarian diet can do Reverse number one killer for men and women Shouldn’t this be the default diet until proven otherwise?

And the fact that it can also be effective in preventing, stopping and reversing Other leading killer diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure It simply shows the great truth of the vegetarian system So why not so many doctors prescribe? How can there be such a disconnect between science And the prevailing practice of medicine? See, it took 25 years Before coming to the public the first public garage report against smoking It took more than 7,000 studies; and the death of countless smokers Before being officially recognized by the responsible forces (I would have thought that after the first 6,000 studies That they can warn people a little or something?).

Strong industry, right? In fact, even after the general surgery report came out to the public The medical community is still dragging their feet American Medical Association actually She refused to endorse the general surgery report Why? You can have it because they just received it $ 10 million check from the tobacco industry? Can.

We know why the American Medical Association has overlooked the tobacco industry But why didn’t some doctors talk publicly? There were some valiant souls superior to their time writing openly about it, and there is also today They stand against industries that kill millions but why not more? Perhaps because the majority of doctors themselves smoked cigarettes; Just like most doctors today continue to eat foods That contribute to the spread of food disease epidemics What was the appeal of the American Medical Association at the time?

“Everything in moderation; “Extensive scientific studies have shown that smoking in moderation “Oh, that’s good.” May cause consumption of animal and processed foods 14 million deaths worldwide every year 14 million people die;

We are involved in this evidence-based nutrition revolution Of movement with 14 million people at stake each year Diets can now be considered plant-based Dietary analogue of smoking cessation How many people must die more before the CDC To encourage people not to wait for open heart surgery to start eating healthy? Until the system changes, we must Take personal responsibility for our health, for the health of our family; We cannot wait for society to catch up with science again Because it is a matter of life and death; Last year, Dr.

Kim Williams became president of the American College of Cardiology He was asked in an interview Why follow his advice on eating vegetarian food? “I don’t mind dying,” said Dr. Williams. “I just don’t want it to be my fault.” .

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