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Special thanks to carol’s daughter for sponsoring this video so as you guys saw in my previous video I finally decided to take the plunge and cut all of my hair off and yes I did it myself because I did not want to wait for salons to open back up I was just super impatient.

So cut me some slack I know it’s not perfect I am going to be going to a salon at some point and getting it professionally fixed up and trimmed up I also originally wanted to go a little bit shorter than this but I left it a bit longer just to play it safe for now so this is just kind of like phase one of my short hairstyle.

It will change over time but while I’m here at phase one I wanted to go ahead and of course, wash and style my hair right after I cut it so I got it to a pretty decent length and then, of course, I jumped in the shower I had a whole bunch of hair all over me it was so itchy and this was my first time wetting my hair down and feeling.

What it really feels like to have no hair it was a wild feeling to be able to like wet my hair down so easily and run my hands through my hair and I’m like I have no hair so first, I’m going in with the carol’s daughter wash day delight water to foam shampoo if you guys remember I talked about this product a few months ago.

I’ve been using it for a while now I really really like it this is actually water to foam shampoo that uses micellar technology so it’s very similar to like micellar water that you would use to remove your makeup it just attracts the dirt like a magnet and it’s more of a thin consistency in this bottle with a little nozzle so that you can get directly into your scalp and really saturate your hair really easily and it just cleans your scalp and cleans your hair.

So well this shampoo is also made with aloe so it’s very soft and gentle on the hair it’s also not made with any sulfates parabens artificial colours or anything like that so I really loves how nice and soft and cleans it leaves my hair feeling with none of the bad stuff next I’m going in with the carol’s daughter coco cream creamy conditioner to of course condition my hair after shampooing and I’m also just trying to bring my curls back to life after having my hair straightened and then I decided to actually double up and also apply.

The carol’s daughter cocoa cream curl quenching deep moisture mask just because like I said I was trying to kind of revive my curls after having them straightened and i just wanted to make sure that my hair was going to be as moisturized and as juicy as possible with this new haircut i just wanted to do all i could to make sure i was going to get a really nice result so i had both those products in my hair and it literally took me like 10 seconds to detangle and brush through my hair which was absolutely crazy.

It’s so weird having such little hair and being able to do everything so fast but it’s actually really nice so I kind of slicked it down just to kind of get a sense of what it might look like if I wore my hair slicked down like this maybe with some finger waves so then, of course, I just rinsed everything out and when I got out of the shower.

I’m like okay okay it’s really happening I have short hair now let me see about styling it so I knew I wanted to just wear it naturally curly at least for now while it’s a little bit longer you know I’m kind of just going through different phases of how I can style it so I first went in with just a spray leave-in conditioner this is the carol’s daughter black vanilla one the black vanilla line smells so good by the way.

So I’m just kind of spraying this and add some extra moisture to my hair and then I’m also going to apply an actual leave-in cream this is carol’s daughter goddess strength leave-in cream both of those products help with detangling so I’m just going to go ahead and comb through my hair one more time and get it going in the general direction.

I like to part it on this side of my head so I’m just fixing my part and combing through it and then I’m going to add the actual styling product i wanted to use a gel just for this first go-around just to kind of see what would happen so I’m going in with this carol’s daughter gel and applying that pretty generously all throughout my hair and then from there i’m just kind of styling my curls of course you know.

I had to do my little baby hair swoops and it was so exciting to be able to do like the little curls and coils around my face as I have just been wanting this hairstyle for so long so I had a lot of fun kind of styling the front of my hair and just getting my curls situated now the back of my hair is definitely not like cut or blended or like faded properly but you know it’s fine for right now.

I think I got it together for the most part but remember I will be cutting it some more at some point this is just kind of for right now so I did want to go ahead and spray the front of my hair with some extra hold hairspray just to make sure my little swoops were not going to go anywhere for like multiple days and then I got my blow dryer with the diffuser attachment to dry my hair and voila I diffused it until it was about 80 dry so it’s not fully dry in these clips but I really like it

I’m so glad that I cut my hair I was just so glad to get it over with even though it’s not a professional cut and I didn’t know what I was doing and we’re not fully there yet I’m just so glad to at least be at this point and it literally only took me maybe like less than 10 minutes to style.

I mean even from just washing conditioning detangling styling and drying I feel like is a 10-minute process now which is so amazing because that is what I wanted I wanted something low maintenance and easy I to feel like my curls are popping I feel like my hair looks really healthy it’s like an actual style rather than just like a messy bun I’m super happy with it so far.

I’m excited to experiment with accessorizing and different outfits and different makeup and then moving on to cutting it into an even shorter style and wearing finger waves and then dyeing it bleaching it colouring it I’m so excited for all the things I can do from here on out you guys will just have to stay tuned to see what the next look is going to be but for now, I’m super happy with it

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