[EN] Axelor : Open Source ERP, CRM and BPM

Axel o is the new open source business suite that is transforming business management over 20 apps to ease all of your business processes apps to manage your customers optimize your sales cycle from marketing campaigns management.

All the way to the customer portal apps to manage your supply chain manage your supplier’s photo made your inventories and plan your manufacturing apps to manage Human Resources report expenses from any connected device plan all resources and projects in real-time apps to manage your finances automate the whole billing cycle.

All the way to the online payment of the invoice visualize in real-time your financial data your projections and even your cash flow all of these apps are natively integrated it prevents double entry and gives you an accurate vision of all your data and processes axel o is different from traditional ERP.

You’re free to start with just one app which will evolve along with your needs but that’s not all for the same process you can activate new features with just one click of excel o integrates for a large number of features that will fit just what you need thanks to the integrated enterprise social network employees can discuss all business processes in real-time.

Within the application itself further increase your productivity by integrating document management to all your business apps including the enterprise social network even for your most specific requirements there is no need for custom development anymore.

Create your own streams customized graphically your processes and generate powerful reporting what if your apps could adapt in real-time to the evolution of your business what if your information system could accelerate your growth rely on the most innovative open source business platform as many customers already did

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