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As obviously I have curly hair, but now also my hair is dyed. A lot of it is the same, but also some things have changed. Including, like, how often I wash my hair as now I’m sick and it’s harder to wash my hair, and so that’s obviously effected what I do. New product have also come out since then. So yeah, lets get into. So lets go back to this morning before I washed my hair! Um, a lot of things have changed, it’s obviously been 2 years. But I still sleep with my hair in a bun, albeit this bun is messier. The other thing that has changed in terms of just how I sleep in terms of protecting my hair is now I have like a silk pillow-case.

Cause if you sleep on silk or satin, like cotton absorbs moisture from your hair and silk and satin don’t so they’re better for your hair and skin. Now I was my hair like twice a week typically. Yeah, every other time I use this typically which is olaplex step 3. Which basically you use if you have colour treated hair. My hair had to be bleached before it was coloured. So I just went and I dampened my hair, and now I’m going to use some of this. I normally use just about that much. And I focus on the part of my hair that is colour treated- so in my case that is the ends of my hair.

So I focus it on the ends. And then I’m just going to leave this in for probably 15 minutes before I go and shower. So I’m going to do that, and I’ll come and show you what I do after that. Okay, so now I’ve obviously showered. And the first thing that I did while I was in the shower was I used my shampoo- I use a co-wash- this is devacurls no-poo. Its what I use. I basically just use this on my scalp. I don’t pull it down anywhere else into my hair. Its solely on my scalp. The next thing I use is also a co-wash. I just like using this on my scalp as it has I think mint in it.

Or eucalyptus and it makes my hair feel really clean without stripping it of natural oils so that is good. And as I mentioned the next thing I use is also a co-wash. Everything else that I use from now on is bridged. So the first thing that I use is bridges be gentle be kind avocado and quinoa co-wash. This I use to de-tangle my hair and also to, like, cleanse my hair. So I put it all through-out my hair- I use quite a bit of this and I probably spend like 10/15 minutes detangling my hair with this in it. And it really helps- my hair gets super tangled and this product is great at helping detangle it. And it also just feels really conditioning- it has a lot of glide. So I really really enjoy this product. The next thing that I use I know that I definitely used back then as well as this is the first product I tried from the brand.

Its Briogeos don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask. I really like this product I leave it in for probably at least 5 minutes and I detangle my hair as well with this in it. Sometimes I leave it in for longer. I love this stuff, its great. Last time I made a video I think I used it like once a week or twice a week- now I just wash my hair twice a week so I use it both times. Unless my hair is really not tangled and I’m like short on time in which case I won’t use it but I typically will. I just use a very generous amount of this and I coat my hair with it.

And I comb through my hair with it in. I just finger comb, I don’t use an actually brush of a comb on my hair ever. So obviously in between all those steps I rinse out my hair but the next step I do not rinse out. Talking about just rinsing my hair out- when I first got my hair dyed I would only rinse my hair with cold water. Cause I wanted the colour to stick. But it’s been since November that I’ve dyed my hair and it’s still super bright.

So at this point I’ve just given up and Ill normally just wash my hair with warm water or like hot water I don’t really care. The last time I rinse my hair though I tend to use cold water because cold water closes the follicle and is hence going to make your hair frizz less. So I rinse my hair with cold water, I don’t squeeze out any of the water, and I then put in bridges curl charisma rice amino and Shea curl defining conditioner.

That is a really long name. But I use like maybe a quarter sized amount of this and I shove it into my hair while my hair is still soaking wet. And then I get out of the shower and I do the next step. The first thing I do is I flip my hair over and I start squeezing out the excess water and the excess, like, conditioner. As a towel I use a cotton towel, you can always use a t-shirt but you do not want to use a normal towel on your hair if you have curly hair as it will cause your hair to frizz. So I use a cotton towel, I flip my hair over and I start to scrunch it in an upwards motion. And that really helps define your curls. And so I do that for a bit before I put in the product. And the two products that I use in my hair are the bridges curl charisma rice amino and avocado leave in defining creme, and I use more of this, and I use just a tiny bit of the curl charisma rice amino and quinoa frizz control gel. And I just throw this in my hair, I mix it together and I scrunch my hair until I’m happy with how my hair looks in terms of volume on the top of my hair and curls throughout my hair.

And I do that both with my hands and with the towel. And then on days that I do not wash my hair I just throw in the curl charisma leave in defining creme by itself. And I’ll wet my hair a little bit and Ill through this in it and that helps revive my hair and make my hair look a little better if I’ve not washed my hair in a couple of days.

That is pretty much my haircare routine at the moment. I hope you liked it, if you did give it a thumbs up. If you’ve never seen my channel before I make videos- occasionally about sort of beauty stuff, occasionally sort of just about my life. Occasionally about medicine, this an IV pole. I have chronic Lyme and bartonella so I make videos about that, and about having a PICC line, I might have a port soon, occasionally Ill make videos about veganism.

So yeah if you’re interested in any of that sort of stuff, subscribe. And until next time, bye!.

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