7 tips to start a healthy lifestyle! How to get Fit and Healthy in 2019?


7 tips to start a healthy lifestyle!


Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle have no clue where to start from?

We’re going to cover seven easy tips to get you on track and start their healthy journey every week we spill out valuable tips tricks and hacks on happy and healthy lifestyle

We talked about baby steps baby steps before you start going to the gym like crazy and prepping all those meals.

So that you could start that healthy lifestyle we talked about seven easy tips that do not cost you anything and help you start this journey effortlessly and seamlessly just like we always try to add complete formula.

What we’re trying to do is change your mindset before you start chasing a healthy lifestyle this is of utmost importance because for any change to sustain you need the help of your good buddy your mind because only deep-rooted values and beliefs can be maintained for a long period of time and maybe even a lifetime .

Another takeaway from this video if you need to remember our body is 100% capable of taking care of itself provided.

Tips Number One:

It’s not overwhelmed with toxins and not underwhelmed with not enough nutrition without further ado let’s begin tip number one clean this up to introduce and maintain a habit or a healthy habit you need to adjust your environment if you want to live healthy your environment should support this all.

We’re trying to say is right through your pantries get rid of your junk food and replace them with her the alternatives may be ranging from organic crystal chips to dark chocolate if you’re a sweet tooth fine so that when you get those cravings for greasy and sugar alternatives.

You have something to go to if you’re not a very big fan of a cool turkey approach keep a healthy alternative next to your junk food such as your Oreos and when you’re just about ready to grab that junk food ask yourself should I be eating this just get yourself questioning that just like with food think about other elements in your life.

Try and introduce a sense of essentialism and minimalism to everything that you have and come across on a daily basis question whether you need the extra pair of shoes or whether you need that extra extra hand bike the less amount of things that you have around you the less amount of thinking process that you need to exert to make those decisions which naturally translates to a lower want of stress and also did you know that you have limited amount of choices per day so for example if you waste these choices on choosing your clothes in the morning.

Tips Number Two:

Naturally you will have them less during the day when actually we have to make important life choices so think about it and actually more thing doesn’t make us more happy tip number two start reading labels and buy food.

We do not contain any additives preservatives sweeteners colorant and flavor enhancers these products unnaturally stimulate your taste buds which automatically makes you crave for more this means the highly processed food is carefully engineered to get you hooked.

So you always grab that bag crisp right as we mentioned in our second video which I will strongly advise you to watch it if you haven’t already this enables the huge food corporation to make food which is low in calories it’s low-fat sugar-free etc but all of these additives distract your hormones alter your gut bacteria trigger cravings and actually the chronic inflammation in our whole system.

Tips Number Three:

Tip number three start questioning the type of foods that you’ve always been eating apply the rule that no food is neutral so do you still think milk and cereal is the perfect choice for your breakfast.

Still do you really think that it provides your balance profile of nutrition to get tracked tackling with your day and don’t get us wrong we’re not telling that you should be complete food Saints or what we’re trying to get at is get you to challenge that next food decision.

Maybe at a grocery store or at a restaurant do make you question yourself whether that is healthy or not healthy and just by doing this don’t ever get into the habit of judging yourself.

When you do something out of line when you want to eat a cookie or a pizza or a burger whatever that may be just enjoy that decision get to get to a state of enjoying your food decisions but make sure that your diet is balanced nourished and moderated so that you feel complete the best way to make your food choices easy is to stick with Whole Foods and always start challenging the alternative.

Tip Number Four:

Tip number four my favorite one Game Changer and absolutely must happen the least morning with him so for us morning routine is waking up she always makes the bed yes may keep the bed after you wake up brushing your teeth before you having a breakfast dry brushing and hydrating yourself with warm water with ginger and lemon you may ask.

Why I’m making bet you will immediately feel feeling of fulfillment it’s a first success of your day so everything after that has to be good as well and of course when you’re coming back home you come back to a clean house, which is brushing your teeth before breakfast there is a huge disagreement.

Whether it should be brushing your teeth before of after breakfast but we of course supported by science will tell you that before breakfast is the way you should do.

It because you’re removing bacteria from your mouth which enhance your digestive system and by removing bacterias and scrubbing your tongue actually stimulate nervous systems which means you stimulate your organs because overnight you go through a hibernation phase and a detoxifying face and mouth is one of the ways that the body excretes all of these toxins.

So it’s a good way to get rid of those dry brushing if you haven’t heard about this before and if you want to have glowy skin remove get rid of cellulite or it can be the brain fog and just feel more energetic and vital this is the answer dry brushing it only takes two minutes and it enable you to take advantage of your lymphatic system.

The role of the lymphatic system is remove the waste all the bacteria and toxins from our body so we just need to stimulate that system by brushing our body and since the morning routine is about cleansing and detoxifying you of course need to hydrate your body why with lemon and ginger and why is warm water usually your digestive system in the morning is very sluggish so you need to help the body wakes up and where the cold water contracts their warm water.

Actually release and relax so it is by warm water and let the digestive system it’s almost like a tear drop so every morning it’s light down when you rush it with cold water it almost forced that where is one more day wakes it up why able to provide electrolytes for your body and first and foremost a lot of potassium and ginger also help your digestion.

So this is absolutely I do it every morning and the ginger boost your immune system as well right to summarize why hydration because you are lying down for eight hours.

Tips Number Five:

Tip number five slow down your thoughts and reflect without judgment take the time during your day to slow down and give your mind a break.

We’ve consistently requested and asked to multitask our atom jobs and rush from one assignment to the other we barely have time to stop and reflect on what’s gone via the day usually at the end of the day we even question ourselves hey what did I get up to over the course of the day so what do we do we start with meditating we start our day with meditating 15 minutes as soon as we wake up and that gives us the clarity and the calmness to tackle the day.

On the other hand when you’re vulnerable to emotions and the consistent judgmental nature of the over an emotion take a step back don’t respond to a email heated don’t get into a conversation aggressively don’t judge yourself if you made a mistake don’t be depressed thinking about something that you’ve done in the past just be in the present let the emotions pass by and reserve your judgment hey don’t get us wrong we’re not asking you guys to be a cold-hearted assassins all.

We’re trying to say is fought the urge when you’re about to judge it reserve it this will help you replenish and strengthen your relationships whether it may be from food to friends.

If you’re interested we’ll link some of the ebooks and some of the material that we found useful to tackle this ourselves me personally I’m still trying to master this myself one simple way that you can assist to slow down your thoughts and bring clarity to your day is to simply start by bullet journaling that’s a fancy way of saying write down a to-do list every single day start by setting out some time to do exactly what you want to do one small tip associated with this.

Always overestimate the time that you expect to spend on something that you want to do over that day by the end of the day you can cross them off and have a self of fulfilment also this is a great place to write down what are you grateful for you gratitude jello yeah or track your water intake or your healthy foods or your work cards everything but we don’t track calories right we don’t track calories don’t track micros and calories.

Tip Number Six:

Tip number six from both of your meals vegetables vegetables as we mentioned before we are taking baby steps that is why we will not advise you to completely change your meals and start to eat completely different food would be actually hydration is good.

We actually want you to advise about is from from loading your meals with vegetables so before you eat your juicy patty pizza just prepare a simple salad with tomato and spinach some salt and pepper it doesn’t really take that long does it yeah yeah just like mix the ingredients and it will slow down the ice and make spike of the food you eat and actually there is a high chance that you eat less of the junk food the same it refers to the sodas you treat for example before drinking a glass of coca-cola just drink the same amount of water before lasted folks.

Tips Number Seven:

Tip number seven introduce activity and train smarter not harder the key here is make it sustainable if you’ve never stepped into the gym don’t start with a five-day 60 minute add a massive workout plan.

Start with very small steps start with working out or doing some push-ups at home or walk to work and let you mind follow and let your body simply adapt and on the other hand don’t over exert yourselves don’t think that doing ten times the same thing would bring you quicker and faster results.

After all folks this is a long journey so why rush it actually guys this was my case before I was running on the treadmill like crazy for 40 minutes and actually didn’t serve my purpose at all I want to lose weight.

I didn’t know that it’s not efficient and let us know if you want us to explain why cardio is not as effective as resistance training or why compound exercises are better that’s okay guys that’s it for this video.

Let us know in the comments below would we be your first 10 minutes what would be your takeaway from this video whether it will be 10 minutes of meditation whether you’re very shopping lease or you would just like go and see the up and as we promised bonus thing remember to measure your success in the journey by dedication to the journey not cheese balls it’s not about 10 pounds 5 pounds is the simply fact that you start meditation that you went to the gym these are any successes enjoy the journey not the destination.

It’s been six weeks 9 episodes we’ve been yapping on about how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle next video we want to make it personal we’re going to talk about what we learned through this nutrition journey and this healthy journey and share that with you and if you like this video please give up this some thumbs up and share this video if you find it useful thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you on the next video


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