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Hello viewers! In this video, we will discuss filing teeth after braces. We shall also discuss some frequently asked questions at the end of this video. so, let’s start!

After having braces removed, some people choose to have their teeth filed to further enhance their smiles. Even though the teeth are aligned, there might be a slight unevenness in length, or a chipped tooth or an overly pronounced canine. Also, the adhesive used to bond the braces to the teeth can leave a gritty residue that needs to be removed.

There are some minor risks, but the process is generally safe and effective. Give it some thought and make an accurate choice for Filing Teeth After Braces: Ask yourself why you want to have your teeth filed. Most people consider tooth filing because they are unhappy with an imperfection or unevenness of the teeth. But, keep in mind that tooth filing can result in increased sensitivity and also wears away at the surface enamel.

The enamel helps protect your teeth from cavities and helps prevent staining. There is also a chance that filing between teeth may cause them to reset over time.

So take some time and think it over. Discover specific details for Filing Teeth After Braces: Consult with your dentist. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell your dentist exactly what you want. Find out what instruments he will be using and how he cleans them.

Orthodontists usually use a rotary tool with a diamond tip and hand tools for more specific contour work. But wearing away too much of the enamel can damage nerves and promote tooth decay, which might result in a root canal later.

Also, anaesthetic isn’t normally used but your teeth may be sensitive if you just got your braces removed. If it helps, bring a picture of the perfect smile and show it to him to give him something to go by. Probation service for Filing Teeth After Braces:

Any type of dental work leaves your teeth sensitive, but filing will reduce the protective outer layer and could make eating and drinking a little difficult at first. Cold and hot beverages, especially might cause discomfort, so for a while, it would be best to drink through a straw or drink only room temperature liquids.

Be careful, as acidic foods and beverages, like oranges, can also irritate the area. Normal brushing is okay as long as you go easy on the treated areas, but you might decide to switch to a sensitive toothpaste for a little while.

Let’s discuss some important Frequently Asked Questions: After my braces are taken off, do they file my teeth?

Question Number 1: After my braces are taken off do they file my teeth to make them less sharp and also is it bad to use 2 elastic bands per side? And how much does it cost to whiten them and what is better bleaching or laser?

Answer: Oftentimes, the last finishing touches of orthodontic treatment can include polishing or smoothing the edges (biting surfaces) of the teeth.

This can help enhance the way the teeth look, as often teeth can be worn in different patterns from before when the braces were put on.

Not that the teeth are straight, they might need a small touch-up. If you are concerned regarding “sharp teeth”, ask your orthodontist and bring this up with her/him and see if they can touch it up, or round it out for you. Is It Safe to Have my Two Front Teeth Filed Down?

Question Number 2: I had braces, but my two front teeth still look a little large. I also don’t think the braces completely fixed my overbite. I find it hard to bite “how I am supposed to” with my two front teeth how they are. I have heard that filing down teeth can be harmful, but I would only want them filed down a tiny bit. Would this be safe?

Answer Number 1: If the adjustments are a little more than aggressive polishing, taking “just a little” enamel, you should be fine. But, you should be aware that if more aggressive adjusting is done, the teeth may need to be restored (crowns or veneers).

Answer Number 2 There is a procedure that dentists can do called “cosmetic contouring”. When small changes to the shape of a tooth can make a big difference to the appearance of your teeth this is a good solution. The keywords here are “small changes”.

As long as you are just ‘tweaking minor issues so that your front teeth will blend more harmoniously with the teeth around them it should be OK. Be sure that your dentist is experienced in esthetic dental procedures. Answer Number 3 Your tooth is all you have and will not grow again. This may seem obvious but take great care in asking a dentist to file your teeth down.



What will it look like afterwards? Do a mockup with marking a dark pencil masking the edges that may be adjusted. Your teeth and smile and your face all come into play. You have a high smile line with what can commonly be referred to as a rather “gummy smile”.

This can be altered easily enough (and reversibly) and suddenly your teeth look OK without filing them down? An alternative is to make the adjacent teeth a little longer (bonding composite) again without harming them and reversible (remove composite if not pleased with the result).

This can be done as a mockup before commencing any irreversible tooth destruction. Your orthodontic result is great now you need to look after your teeth as best as possible. Veneers/crowns all destroy precious tooth enamel and will need replacement later so do not demand this approach unless all other alternatives are tried and exhausted. Talk to your referring dentist they should be able to help with a minimum of harm to any teeth.

I do not understand how you are supposed to bite and why you cannot bite like you are supposed to. What does the orthodontist do to you when you get your braces off?

Question Number 3: I am just a little curious in advance as to what they are going to do to me when they take them off and if my teeth will hurt after. I also heard that they will file the bottom of your teeth after so they are straight across but I am not sure if that is true?

Answers: Answer Number 1: Taking off braces is really easy and does not take as long as you’d expect. It takes less than 30 seconds to take off all the brackets and they do so with special plyers. After, your orthodontist will take a sanding tool and sand all the glue off your teeth so that they are nice and smooth. If necessary, they may file down your teeth a bit to make them even.

They did this with me because I bite my nails and it made the bottom of my teeth uneven. This is all very easy and it is a relief to get them taken off. After they will take moulds, pictures, and an x-ray and you will be done, ready to come back in a couple of days to get your retainers. Congrats on getting your braces off!

Answer Number 2: First they’ll take off the rubber bands and the wires, then use pliers to take off the brackets. This can sometimes be a little painful, but it’s more like a tug. Then they’ll take off the metal band things around your molars.

After that, they’ll grind off the glue from the brackets. You might get a little wet because they’ll be rinsing your mouth a lot. Then they’ll make a mould of your teeth for your retainer, and you’re done. Your teeth will be so smooth! good luck.

Answer Number 3: First, they’ll use pliers to pull off all of the brackets separately. For metal brackets, this is mostly painless. However, I had ceramic braces, so I was in tremendous pain because they would not come off very easily.

Next, they’ll remove the glue. Unless you have really sensitive teeth, this is quick and painless. Your ortho might file your teeth if they are really uneven.

Then, you’ll take moulds for your retainers! Have fun with your new smile. I hope you have enjoyed watching the video on Filing Teeth After Braces. Share this video on social media sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to spread this information to more people.

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