How To Learn English – 6 ways to speak more fluently in English


Learn English – 6 ways to speak more fluently in English

Six ways to speak more fluently in English I’m going to share with you my six tips to really take you to the next level first tip read aloud find a book that you really like say Romeo and Juliet and practice reading.

It aloud in English it will really help you second tip fine and copy famous speeches say if you like American presidents find an American president and copy one of his famous speeches third tip talk with anyone in English you Skype or anything else on the Internet.

Where you can really speak to people in English and practice practice makes perfect fourth tip do not be afraid of mistakes keep speaking keep talking forget about grammar what you need is to be reactive able to speak about anything.

Bit tip talk about topics that interest you this is so important say you like football talk about your favorite football team say you like cooking talk about your favorite dish make the language real last step six step talk with yourself in English so in the morning say you’re putting on your clothes say you’re cleaning your teeth in your mind again it’s all about making

English a part of your life thank you those who my six tips and tricks this is Charles wood English teacher subscribe for more English videos


How to learn english
How to learn english



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