Side-Effect of Fenugreek Consumption

Side effect of fenugreek consumption

Cancer prevention is good and desirable, but consuming fenugreek seeds also has one side effect: sweat in your armpit will smell like maple syrup. “Analysis of male sweat from the armpit after consuming fenugreek.” And yes, it happens to women too. “In this study, after consuming fenugreek a strong odor resembling maple syrup was recorded. ” The men glued gauze pads to their armpits and carried them before and after consuming one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds.

Sweat was collected for 24 hours. They were then evaluated by a group of eight odor assessors. They smelled sweat like cocoa, roast beef, carrots, spicy food, meat sauce, but also with honey, rose, lilac, peach and raspberry. I think it could be worse. Among the judges was one who could smell reminiscent tones in the smell “Musty, onion, something sweet and socks.” Another judge agreed with him, but specified it as “fruit, flowers and socks.” Of course, there was one among them who evaluated the sweat in lifeless words: is smelling of fenugreek.

In any case, it is a harmless phenomenon. The only reason I wanted to tell you is that there is a serious congenital disorder Nicknamed Maple Syrup Disease, it is a type of organic aciduria called leucinosis.

It is not related at all, but breastfed children, whose mothers use fenugreek to increase milk production could thus be misdiagnosed. So if you are pregnant or breast-feeding while taking fenugreek, make sure you tell your doctor not to worry about it.

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