How do you naturally make your skin lighter?.

Having a balanced diet also helps you to have a healthy glow on your skin. Since everyone has to eat no matter how busy you are, the solution lies in the food you eat. Bananas The Vitamins A, B and E are present in bananas which are the perfect food for skin whitening. It does not matter if you mash bananas to use as a mask on your face or have one each day in a fruit salad or on your way to work This fruit does wonders for your skin because it improves the skin tone by reducing dead skin cells on the face.


Soybean The best anti-ageing solution is soybean due to the isoflavone present in it. Soybean helps fight ageing by acting like a phytoestrogen It helps maintain the radiance in the skin. Soybean can also be derived from soybean milk and tofu. Dark Chocolate By consuming this spectacular treat, the texture of your skin can improve and help against UV radiation. Flavonoids and cocoa polyphenols in dark chocolate are antioxidants that help whiten the skin. By taking a few pieces of this delight you can see better results for your skin; the process might be slow, but it is effective.

Tea It has been stated by a U.S. research that consuming tea can reduce roughness in the skin along with skin burn. Tea lowers peroxides because it acts as a tough antioxidant. Tea lovers out there will be overwhelmed; however you must be very careful about the amount of tea you consume each day; too much of it can have adverse effects Milk One of the best home remedies for whiter skin is milk.

It doesn’t just help increase calcium for stronger bones, but it also moisturizes the skin and exfoliates it. Carrots t is known that carrots increase beauty by bringing out lighter skin and better hair. The carotene and Vitamin C present in it helps give you flawless skin You can either eat carrots or enjoy its juice. Fresh carrot juice in the morning can help you get a brighter complexion.

Tomato Lycopene is present in tomatoes which is a type of carotene. This fruit not only helps in preventing cancer and weight loss, but also gives better and whiter skin It helps smooth out skin tones thus removing dark spots on the skin which may occur due to sun burn or diseases.

Beetroot The potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, fiber and multiple vitamins in beetroots make it one of the healthiest and most beneficial vegetables for the body The vitamins A, B and C help in whitening the skin and cleansing the skin pores.

Another plus point is that it gives the cheeks a natural pink glow when consumed. It can be eaten in a salad for lunch or you may even drink a glass of beetroot juice every day. .

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