My Brother’s Korean Skincare Routine for Oily & Acne Prone Skin

Nothing like awkward elevator music to set the mood am I right? Welcome back to the channel. It’s me Abe. After literally zero requests for me to come back. I am finally back in the flesh talking about my skincare routine This is sponsored by no body. My sister is not even paying me Let’s get the show started with these money making bad boys Honestly after a long hard day at work Sweat, tears, and all of the above you want to start your routine by putting this pad all over that ugly face of mine Honestly guys this pad really just gets rid of all the dirt and bacteria that you can’t even see on your face All you got to do is just rub it all over your face, switch it and After you’re done, throw it on the ground Moving on to the cleanser.

Look at those ugly hands these are the cleansers that I use every single day In the morning I start with this, but at night I will go to the boss of all cleansers. The Salicylic Acid Cleanser by Cosrx Just look at it. Yes~ That little tiny speck is going to get rid of all the bacteria and makeup that I don’t even wear Problem with my morning cleanser is it just doesn’t come out because this is like literally my fifth empty and Honestly, I do recommend it because it really gets the job truly done Moving on to a-sol.

Wait these hands. Can we move? Can we get rid of these? Moving on to my beautiful hands on a-sol. Let’s talk about this product I just picked this up very recently I haven’t really been using this from the start But because of a-sol I think I became a better stronger and beautiful-er man BHA Blackhead power liquid. What to say? What to say honestly? It’s just better than any Up-and-Up product.

I used to use before coming to Korea. That’s all I gotta say Next question Ugh. This I’m speechless talking about this product I use it so many times That there’s literally no product left for me to even use And I even use it after my shaving. You get a lot of cuts and bruises and you get knife burn but this lotion Amen the J one black Jelly Pack is the only non Cosrx product I use in my routine So you know it’s fire. This gel is good for oily and acne prone skin.

So literally me Please welcome the MVP of all skin care routines. Wait, what is it even called? Oh, yeah the Centella Blemish Cream Empty and beautiful. After putting heavy thought into what I should say about the gorgeous of a product I just want to say that this is a centella creams all centella creams Making your face super dry, but super effective I probably emptied this product as much as hulk emptying his anger toward Loki in the first avengers Ah. The cherry on top This product basically is like that perfect concluding paragraph to your essay you worked on for days the concluding paragraph is what your audience/what readers will remember the most Therefore this product is what will destroy those darn pimples over a couple hours. So that your date will remember how much your face Shines Look at my face Marvel Marvel Marvel

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